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Hier schnell&kostenlos nachschauen.3 Möglichkeiten zur Auswahl. Bestimmen Sie den Wert Ihres Autos. Das gibt Ihnen Sicherheit bei Kauf & Verkau Tl;dr - My 2008 M5 has been a joy to drive and own for the last 5 years and 60k miles. It has had a number of the common problems that are notorious for the E60 M5 over the years but I've had no major mechanical breakdowns. Still on original rod bearings at 130k miles, I average 13mpg and burn through rear tires on a regular basis

r/E39M5: Dedicated to the E39 BMW M5 - For those that prefer a performance car with room for friends Please stop misleading OP, there are plenty of BMW models where even doing all the maintenance results in huge bills. For one thing some models consider a brand new AGM battery at every oil change to be standard maintenance because of an idiotically designed charging system, which is batshit insane. Maybe you think it's normal to spend $800 on a new German AGM battery every oil change but. The biggest downside, though, is that the M5 has never been known as a particularly reliable car. A new study by automotive analytics firm iSeeCars, though, suggests that it's not as bad as you.. However, counting all generations, the BMW M5 is more reliable than some might think according to a new study. The research, carried out by automotive analytics firm iSeeCars, says the M5 is..

When the E60-gen BMW M5 came out in 2004, with its menacing naturally aspirated V10, many thought that sports sedans couldn't get more exciting.. The 5.0-liter engine, which was shared with the. 3. 2012-2016 BMW M5 (F10) The F10 version of the BMW M5 is also a blast to drive, and it was the last M5 that'll ever come with a manual transmission. Back when it came out, it was the best M5 ever, aside from the iconic E39 model — but with the arrival of the new version, it's been pushed into the next position BMW is an expensive car with marginal reliability. While the pricing varies, it's understood that BMW vehicles land at the higher end of the price spectrum. The 2020 BMW 3 Series can run anywhere from $40,000 to $50,000. These same cars, as reported by Consumer Reports, have poor reliability ratings, ranking 11th out of a class of 16 models No matter how unreliable the E60 M5 might be, I will miss this one-of-a-kind V10 BMW ownership experience once it's gone. Advertisement Now I know why someone who recently sold his E60 M5 bought. Joined Jun 11, 2002 Location Nashua, NH, USA TDI 2014 BMW 535xd ///M-Sport, 2012 BMW X5 Xdrive35d, former 3x TDI owne

r/BMW: This sub-reddit is dedicated to everything related to BMW vehicles, tuning, racing, and more. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut Month 11 running a BMW M5: we say farwell to out longterm M5. After 11 months and 16,000 miles - 11,000 of them in CAR's hands - our M5 has finally departed Although BMW makes some extremely desirable vehicles, they haven't always lived up to the German automaker's reputation.Particularly when it comes to used reliability; the E60 M5, for instance, suffered engine failures described by owners as catastrophic. And even well-loved enthusiast choices like the E46 M3 are known for particularly-high running costs The first-gen X3 is one of the best handling SUVs BMW has ever made, with meaty steering and a capable chassis. However, what makes it a great buy, even today, is that it's a relatively reliable.

The BMW M5 Competition is an even hotter version of the brand's super sedan with a supercar-caliber engine and special engineering touches to give it a setting for every driving situation The BMW M5 has enjoyed a similar refresh to the regular 5 Series, but with one crucial difference. While the regular saloon has seen its range swell with a handful of new engine options, the M5. Well he is a BMW mechanic, he says that he starts getting gifts turbo cars like some of the newer 7 series with turbos around the 100K miles period for turbo replacement and he advised me against buying an M4/M3 used if it has the new turbo engines but he said it's fine if it's new and under warranty Never had any significant reliability. The BMW M5 is in the market for around 36 years. This longevity shows the reliability of the BMW M5. BMW is also a reliable automobile brand. Overall, the users have rated the previous BMW M5 8-9 out of 10, which proves the quality of BMW engineering

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Reliability: 5 out of 5 stars: Performance: 4.8 out of 5 stars: Exterior Styling: Learn about the 2019 BMW M5 Shop for the M5. The 2018 BMW M5 may have 600 horsepower, but it's a refined and. Asked by Phylum Sep 19, 2013 at 12:08 PM about the BMW M5 Question type: Maintenance & Repair I'm in search of a sporty 4-door vehicle along the lines of S4's, M5's (E60), C63's etc., but I'm really concerned about reliability & dependability

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BACK OVER PREVENTION: SENSING SYSTEM: CAMERA Recall Date: 09/29/2020. Summary: BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain 2020-2021 X3 sDrive 30i, X3 xDrive 30i, X3M 40i, X3 xDrive 30e, X4 xDrive 30i, X4M 40i, 530i, 540i, 540i xDrive, M550i xDrive, M5, 550e, 550e xDrive, and 550e iPerformance vehicles. A small portion of the rearview image may be slightly obscured In the US, BMW offers three petrol engines and one diesel — the 3.0-liter inline six 535d. The petrols are a 2.0-liter four-pot 528i with 242 hp, a 3.0-liter inline six 535i (302 hp) and a 4.4-liter V8 550i with 444 hp. There's also an ActiveHybrid 5 in the offers list Über 7 Millionen englischsprachige Bücher. Jetzt versandkostenfrei bestellen BMW have a poor reliability. Thousand of N47 died by a big fail in the distribution timming chain or ingested the swirl flaps. Only search in google n47 failures and enjoy. BMW M5. Reply.

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  1. BMW purists hated the V8-powered E92 M3 when it debuted and the V10-powered E60 M5, as well. The V10 under the hood might have seemed like a great way to attract attention, but it's gone down in history as one of BMW's least reliable powerplants (which is saying something), no matter whether it was mounted in an M5 four-door or an M6 coupe or.
  2. BMW 3-Series Vs Audi A4 Vs Nissan 370Z Vs Lexus IS The 3 Series is one of the most popular BMW models. We decided to compare its maintenance and repair costs to models from a few other brands: the.
  3. Reliability and servicing. Early versions of this M5 had issues with oil pumps, while there were also reports of failures in the high-pressure fuel system, the pump and sensors supposedly the culprit. The M5 also chews through oil at regular, short intervals, while turbos on high-power engines have a limited service life too
  4. at an M5 and an RS6 but they were many thousands of pounds more expensive and had higher mileages. Examples closer in price had either astronomical mileages or were years older than the R! It would seem that BMW and Audi dealers are not interested in selling their high performance cars at anything below 25k and so I gave them a miss
  5. TBH these things shouldn't happend in 1.5 years. Modern car standard for reliability is nothing, zero failures during warranty period. My 330 is approaching 9 years and haven't got these faults (it has other leaks though). So I can't say BMW reliability has improved (much) over the years

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BMW M5 Forum and M6 Forums. M5Board is the best forum community for information on the BMW M5 E60 (V-10), E39 (V-8), E34 (straight 6), E28, F90 and F10. Discuss performance, specs, reviews and more! Full Forum Listing. Explore Our Forums Audi, BMW and VW ranked in the bottom 10 of a study into engine reliability ] A study was conducted recently regarding engine reliability from many manufacturers in the UK where it turns out the Germans, famous for rock solid reliability, make few of the least reliable engines in the business.. Swap a 3.0d into the M5, have the cool looks and better breaks/suspension of the M5 and the reliability and fuel efficiency of the 3.0d. Might be embarrassing at stop lights in your daily driver 3.0d when somebody wants to race, you rev and instead of the sweet roaring v10, it's a diesel burbl n63 vs s63 reliability. To make a long story short, BMW has agreed to repurchase the car. Once the warranty ran out, I became seriously concerned about keeping the car and decide to sell it. 2012 technical update. Guys I have a E60 BMW M5...is the F10 really worth it

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Via Reddit With a 0-62 mph time of 6 seconds and a top speed of 152 mph, the M5 E28 was one of the fastest four-door sedans of the 80s. BMW produced just 2,241 examples over the E28's production run, making it one of the rarest BMW models BMW's twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 comes in several states of tune in the X5. The M50i's version has 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque, which is slightly more than in the lesser xDrive50i but.

So while the 760Li doesn't have weak copper rod bearings like the V10 BMW M5 and others or similarly devastating failures such as bad timing chain guides or valve stem seals, BMW chose to take its most reliable engine and saddle it with a part that costs the same as tearing apart one of its unreliable engines With its award-winning V10, BMW's M division hasn't left us with much not to love. Save, of course, for the fact that it's not long for this world, pushed out as it will be in the next M5 by the. Used BMW M5. 18 Great Deals out of 620 listings starting at $13,999. Used BMW 6 Series. 78 Great Deals out of 1,271 listings starting at $4,500. Used Mercedes-Benz C-Class. 636 Great Deals out of 17,202 listings starting at $1,398. Used Audi A6. 142 Great Deals out of 4,702 listings starting at $2,820

The V8 engine with BMW M TwinPower Turbo technology generates a maximum output of 467 kW/635 hp and is thus 7 kW/10 hp more powerful than the drive unit in the BMW M5 Competition. Weighing in with 70 kilograms less weight, the BMW M5 CS completes the sprint from a standstill to 100 km/h in 3.0 seconds, beating the BMW M5 Competition by 0.3 seconds BMW fitted an engine into the M5 that was so quiet, prompting the driver to think that the car wasn't working. To ease the driver's stress, BMW linked the car stereo system's digital signal processor into the engine management system, allowing the system to simulate the sound of the V8 engine, according to CNet

No, BMWs have been named as one of the world's most unreliable cars in the world along with Volkswagens, Audis and the other German brands. Toyotas and their luxury brand Lexus are named the world's most reliable cars. From brand new BMW has 1 in. BMW Group and PG&E Plug-In to Leverage Renewable Energy and Sustainably Power Electric Vehicles. BMW Newsroom: 0: Mar 22, 2021: T: BMW '70s reliability: BMW: 0: Mar 22, 2021: Double podium for BMW Team RLL at the Twelve Hours of Sebring. BMW Newsroom: 0: Mar 21, 2021: BMW Team RLL qualifies third and fourth for 2021 Twelve Hours of Sebring. BMW. BMW is giving us a preview of the all electric BMW i4 - it's first full electric sedan. With 523 HP on tap the i4 looks to enter the higher end of the performance sedan market. But as BMW explains in the video and the press release below, the aim isn't just for impressive straight-line speed BMW M5 Forum and M6 Forums M5Board is the best forum community for information on the BMW M5 E60 (V-10), E39 (V-8), E34 (straight 6), E28, F90 and F10. Discuss performance, specs, reviews and more

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BMW specializes in luxury automobiles, motorcycles and engines. It was founded in 1916, which means it has over 90 years of experience. BMW has been named the world's most sustainable automotive company. BMW works to integrate technology, performance and comfort into one fun to drive vehicle. A BMW handles well, and tends to be designed to. Tested: 2021 BMW M550i xDrive Has M5 Envy After naming the rejuvenated 5-series to our 10Best Cars list in 1997 , we ordered a 540i—with the six-speed manual gearbox, of course—for a 40,000. The Similarities. Apart from that, however, these two 3 Series models are about as similar as they come. Or rather, they can be, if you spec the 330i to match the M340i by picking the M Sport package, which includes a more aggressive front fascia, a sport-tuned suspension and variable-ratio sport steering (delivered via the same chunky steering wheel found in the M340i) for an extra $5,200 The Alpina Difference. The M is the car for the track and the Alpina is the car to get you there. Automotive passion, state-of-the-art technical training, the permanent implementation of innovations and a well-blended team of passionate movers produce unique and efficient high-performance automobiles made by ALPINA, which offer perfect every-day usability The BMW 335i Reliability Rating is 2.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 28th out of 31 for luxury midsize cars. The average annual repair cost is $1,030 which means it has poor ownership costs. The frequency and severity of repairs are both higher than the average vehicle, which means you can expect a higher occurrence of major repairs for the 335i

Is The V10-Powered BMW M5 E60 Worth The Maintenance Risk

2010 BMW M5 Project Exkalaber By SR Auto Group ReviewBMW M5 (E39) specs & photos - 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002BMW M5 CS: 626bhp super saloon leaks ahead of reveal | Autocar

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Research BMW before buying or leasing by reviewing expert ratings, in-depth reviews, and comparisons of 2019-2021 models. Get BMW listings, pricing & dealer quotes Portimão. The BMW M Award competition is an integral part of MotoGP™. In 2021, the prize will be presented to the fastest qualifier over the course of the season for the 19th time. The winner of the 2021 BMW M Award can once again look forward to a real highlight, a new BMW M5 CS (fuel.. Like the original M5, the E60 M5 became the fastest sedan in the world shortly after it was launched. Only 4.5 ticks to reach 60mph, and with the 155-mph limiter removed a 2006 - 2010 BMW M5 could reach an aerodynamically-limited top speed of 205.7 mph. The E28 M5 might have been powered by a supercar, but the E60 BMW M5 was a supercar Europe: Few standouts. Relatively few European cars did well. The handful showing average or better reliability are the BMW 3 Series, the Saab 9-3 and 9-5, and all Volvos except the XC90 SUV. But all Mercedes-Benz models were below average, as were all Audis, Jaguars, Land Rovers, and the BMW 7 Series, X5 SUV, and Mini Cooper 1988 BMW M5 (Birmingham, AL) $75,000 You are looking at an extraordinarily clean M5, still equipped with the original drivetrain that is still running strong with only 140,000 miles, performance nor reliability is a concern. Sprayed in a slick black coat of paint and a clean black interior, the black on black look is unparalleled

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The MY19 & MY20 X7 and 8 Series (all variants), MY18 M2 Coupe, MY19 & MY20 M2 Competition, M5 (all variants), MINI vehicles and BMW Pre-Owned/CPO vehicles do not qualify. This offer cannot be used for vehicles previously ordered or delivered before September 10, 2019 and is only valid on delivery of in-stock vehicles New 2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Rumors. New 2021 BMW K1600 Grand America Rumors - The BMW MOTORRAD extends the range in a tour cabinet full of segments with the addition of a specially designed model for comfortable travel. BMW K 1600 Grand America saw the premiere at the world's largest motorcycle trade show, the EICMA in Milan (7 - 12 November 2017) bmw m5 (e39) The E39-generation M5 was introduced to the US market in 1999, and remains one of the best cars BMW has ever made. It has a perfect balance, great looks, and a wonderful V-8 under the. 5. E36 BMW 3 Series - Maybe I'm a bit biased because this was my first car. I spent almost all of my money I had saved to by my 1996 BMW 328i sedan. Loved that car. But the E36 3 Series. Buying a BMW is a dream of many people even if it's a used one though. If you too are about to buy the used BMW, finding out the pros and cons of buying a used BMW is vital. It gives a specific point of view what exactly you would get if you buy the used BMW

No issue thus far w current F10 535er (no more V8's unless its a ///M5). Catastrophic with an E65 (Ugh Failwhale) I guess I can say the E92///M, F10, E92 335i have been my most reliable German. A forum community dedicated to BMW owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about Bimmerfest events, production numbers, programming, performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Bringing the BMW community together 5. They weigh too much. Honda occasionally deletes the sunroofs from a car if the additional weight of that roof screws up EPA fuel mileage testing on the dyno

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