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Bankers Cheque Charges: The banker's cheques can be obtained for nominal fees charged by the banks based on amounts. For the value up to Rs 5,000/- (Rs 25/-) For value Rs 5,000/- to 10,000/- (Rs 50/- A banker's cheque similar to a banker's draft is guaranteed by the bank. This is a pay order drawn on bank's own funds and signed by a cashier. Banker's cheques are mostly used for making real estate payments, brokerage payments and institutional payments. The beneficiary needs to deposit a banker's cheque to the bank to receive the. Service charge of RM20 flat rate (inclusive of charges for new banker's cheque issued) Cheque processing fee of RM0.50. Cancellation & Refund of Banker's Cheque/MIDF/MIH Banker's Cheque Reported Lost: Service charge of RM20 (inclusive of stamp duty on Letter of Indemnity and charges for new cheque issued Cheques • USD Cheques Drawn on Free Local Clearing Participating Banks • Other Currency Cheques 1/8% commission (min S$30, max S$100) + and USD Drawn on Postage (if applicable) + Agent Fees (if applicable) Non-Participating Banks Sent for Overseas Clearing: • In Other Currencies 1/8% commission (min S$30, max S$100) + Postage (if applicable) + Agent Fees (if applicable

Banker's Cheque or say pay order is an instrument, generally non-negotiable, issued by the bank on behalf of the customer, containing an order to pay a specified sum to the specified person, in the same city. On the other hand, demand draft is a financial instrument, used by people for the purpose of transferring money from one place to another Cancellation & Re-Issuance of Banker's Cheque: Cancellation charges of RM2 per cheque. Reissuance charges of RM5 and stamp duty of RM0.15 Cheque processing fee of RM0.50. Cancellation & Refund of MIDF/MIH Banker's Cheque: No charge (Payment via cash/credit account) Replacement of Banker's Cheque Reported Lost: Service charge of RM20 (inclusive. Fees / Charges Description Fees / Charges* Banker's Cheque Application: Payable to MIDF/MIH: RM2.00 per cheque: Cheque processing fee of RM0.50: Payable to other parties: RM5.00 per cheque: RM0.15 per cheque for stamp duty: Cheque processing fee of RM0.5 Cheque processing fee : 0.50 sen. RM2.00 . RM0.50 . RM0.50 . RM0.50. Banker's Cheque reported lost. RM10.00 Service Charge with RM10.00 Stamp Duty. RM10. Cancellation / Repurchase of Banker's Cheque EXCEPT TIIH / MIH New Share Issue. RM2.00. Request to replace / refund Stale Banker's Cheque. RM10.00. Banker's Cheque issue for Housing.

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(No charge for Priority Banking customers with Mortgage Loan that is Personal Hong Leong Housing Loan or Shop Loan only) Others . Replacement of lost Fixed Deposit Receipt . Withdrawal by Banker's Cheque . RM5.00 per receipt and RM10.00 for Letter of Indemnity stamp duty . RM5.00 per cheque. RM0.15 per cheque for stamp duty. Cheque processing. 2. No cash Handling charges will be levied in addition to charges as above for issuance of IOI (Demand draft/ Bankers cheque) in case of cash transaction. 3. Courier charges for delivery of IOIs ( for online INB requests) will be charges extra at ₹ 150/- +GST Revalidation / cancellation of drafts / Bankers cheque ₹ 200/- +GS For any other exceptional transactions which are not part of the services offered by ICICI Bank, a charge will be levied as specified by the bank from time to time: Stop Payment charges: Particular cheque - Rs.100 Range of cheques - Rs.200 (Free through customer care IVR & Net banking Banks charge a small fee for issuing a demand draft. This fee is charged as per the amount of the draft. There is a category which defines the minimum and maximum limit of the demand draft fee. Demand draft charges also vary on the basis of mode of payment to the bank, i.e. cash or cheque Savings bank account: Metro-Urban After -30- leaves in a financial year charges @ Rs 4 per cheque leaf. Savings bank account: Rural/Semi urban branches , Senior Citizen and Pensioners at any branch Savings Bank customer of Rural branches, Senior citizen and pensioners Rs.2.50 per cheque leaf Only two cheque books will be issued at a time.

Bankers Cheque in Foreign Currency - Customers US$ 10 - Non-customers US$ 15 MICRO BANKING A) TRANSACTIONAL ACCOUNTS 1. Bankika Business Account Cheque book charges per leaf KES 14.50 Transaction Charges KES 50 Withdrawals against uncleared effects 3% of ad-vance SME BANKING ACCOUNTS A) CURRENT ACCOUNT 1. Business Current Accoun Charges as applicable to cheque return charges for different categories. Funds Transfer through Internet and Mobile Banking Services (IMPS transfer) IMPS Funds Transfer through Mobile Banking and Internet Banking Services : Up to Rs. 5,000/- : NIL Beyond Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 25,000/- : Rs. 5/-Beyond Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/- : Rs. 10/ Banking S$60 S$30 Loss of Cheque Book (USD) US$30 Marked Cheques Charges Direct Marked Cheque1 S$100 per cheque + Courier Charges (if applicable) Foreign Currency Cheques Charges Commission Agent Fees Commission-in-lieu of exchange2 Courier/Postage Cleared Locally: • USD Cheques Drawn on Local Clearing Participating Banks Free N.A. N.A. N.A. Direct Debit Failure Charge 300 CHEQUE BOOKS & BANKERS CHEQUES KSHS Cheque Books - Small (inclusive 2.5 Stamp Duty) per leaf 17.50 per leaf Cheque Books - Large (inclusive 2.5 Stamp Duty) per leaf 17.50 per leaf Counter Cheque (Retail) 300 Counter Cheque (Supreme) 500 Payment Voucher (In-House Cheque Book) per leaf 17.50 per lea

Any charges is applicable for bankers cheque like DD commission. December 29, 2009. Reply. Nims. As far as i know, bankers checkues offer more security. Someone cant just encash your cheque in any branch. 2. Beneficiary is the person who will get the money. 3. Charges are almost same as that for DD. December 29, 2009 Issue of Bill Payable / Local Banker Draft - €5.00 : Use BOV Internet Banking or Mobile Banking to pay someone anytime anywhere. No need to queue at the Branch! Cheque Offences - €30.00 per cheque Charges for Cheques referred/drawn against insufficient funds whether honoured or dishonoured by the Ban General Banking 2-3 Agent Deposit Books • 50 deposit slips $4 per book • 100 deposit slips $6 per book Bank Cheques (Australian Dollars Only) • ANZ customers via ANZ Branch Network $10 • ANZ customers via ANZ Internet Banking $5 • Repurchase of ANZ customer's Bank Cheque $25 • Replacement of lost/stolen Bank Cheque $32.50 (ANZ may require appropriate indemnity Find the charges on our other Lloyds Bank services such as a stopped cheque, returned cheque, CHAPS payment, banker's draft, and more. Accessibility statement [Accesskey '0'] Go to Accessibility statemen

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No charge 5.4 Travelers Cheques As may be advised by the CBN 5.5 Foreign Currency purchases from customers Interbank foreign exchange bid rate Sales: 5.6 Outward Telegraphic/SWIFT and other transfers Swift cost recovery, 0.5% commission on transfer plus associated offshore bank charges (where applicable) 5.7 Foreign currency sales to customer Cheque proceeds advanced for immediate credit of funds (purchased) - cheques in foreign currency and payable overseas: $25 per item: Cheque sent for collection, credit of funds upon clearance - cheques in foreign currency or in Australian dollars payable overseas 2 Where overseas bank charges more than one fee, all overseas fees are to be. We will use the exchange rate and charge you the fees shown within the international Payments page of the app: 0.4% transfer fee + local fees for each currency we support (see country fees). Plus £5.50 for a SWIFT payment. Please also note that your payee's bank and other banks involved in processing the payment may charge additional fees for your payee to receive the payment

ICICI Bank charges a minimum of Rs 100 and a maximum of Rs 750 depending upon the case. For Punjab National Bank, the cheque book return charges are directly linked to the amount of the cheque. See the chart below: The cheque bounce charges mentioned above are as per the official website of the respective banks Type of Charges Amount; 1: Purchase of banker's Cheque. For all types of applications including new Public Share Issue Applications (Account holders and Non-Account holders) RM5.00 commission ; RM0.50 cheque processing fee and; RM0.15 stamp duty; Note Applicable for each banker's cheque issued including new public share issue applications in. CHEQUE RETURN CHARGES INTRA BANK . a . Cheque returned for insufficient funds: Nu. 300 plus 10% of the cheque value for first offence: Nu. 300 plus 10% of the cheque value if a cheque is presented for the second time within six (6) months from the date of issue of the cheque

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Bank Cheque facility is available in all branches to transfer funds within the country at the request for remittor. KeyFeatures Easy to transfer funds from your account to other bank account. Fees and Charges . Issuance Fee - Bank Cheque; Up to $10000: $7.50 + actual stamp duty per cheque: Above $10000: $10.00 + actual stamp duty per cheque Bank of Valletta p.l.c. is a public limited company regulated by the MFSA and is licensed to carry out the business of banking and investment services in terms of the Banking Act (Cap. 371 of the Laws of Malta) and the Investment Services Act (Cap.370. of the Laws of Malta) All charges are inclusive of Financial Services Tax 12.5% unless stated otherwise.Please note that while the Bank makes every e ort to keep charges to a minimum, they are subject to review. The information contained in this brochure does not include all retail fees and service charges, but those considered to be most applicable for standard. *All fees/charges to be paid shall be exclusive of goods and services tax(GST), as may be applicable. The services accounting code would be provided by IDFC FIRST Bank and shall be binding on customer Debit Card. Charges for Rural Banking SO

Third Party Cheque withdrawal charges - (Only if a Third Party bearer presents the cheque on behalf of the entity) AED 60 per cheque *Charges will come to effect on 01/04/2017: Other transaction charges / teller charges (towards Cheque debit and deposit) No free transactions below AED 100,000 balance Foreign cheques sent for collection (plus courier costs and Agent Bank charges - if any) $40.00 Dishonoured due to lack of funds or post dated (plus Agent Bank charges - if any) $35.00. Financial Markets Service Fees International Fax Fee $5.00. Internet and Telephone Banking-A nother person's account (except a credit car Fees and Charges Banking Services Fees Click here to view this document Lending and Credit Card Services Fees Click here view this document International Services Fees Click here to view this document. For more information, please call BSP Customer Care Centre on 132 888 or (679) 3234 300 or send your query through the Contact Us page This is a comprehensive list of Citibank services with relevant individual charges. Banking. Citigold; Citi Priority; Citibanking Account; Citigold Private Client Savings Account Charges SERVICE CHARGES AND FEES . Schedule Of Charges - Garima Savings Account effective 8th March, 2021 New Download PDF; Schedule Of Charges - Savings Account effective 1st October 2020 Download PDF; Schedule Of Charges - Current Account effective 1st October 2020 Download PDF; Schedule Of Charges - Privilege Savings Account effective 1st October 2020 Download PD

1) No charges be levied for collection of cheques deposited by DRDA, Farmers Cooperative Societies (bank's own sponsored), primary Agricultural Societies banking with us. 2) Cooperative banks may be extended remittance facilities under RBI Remittance Facilities Scheme - 1975 provided they agree to abide by the following (restricted to issue. Cheque Book Issuance Charges Make quick and easy cheque book requests. Cheque Book Charges. Cheque Book Charges Account Type; One Cheque Book Free per year (20 leaves). Cover arranged by Axis Bank for its customers under Digit Illness Group Insurance Policy (UIN GODHLGP20142V011920). Participation to group insurance is voluntary Mark good cheque Dispatched by The Bank: HK$200 per cheque (Plus drawee bank charges) Dispatched by customer: HK$60 per cheque: Stopped payment order: HK$100 per instruction HK$100 / US$13 / RMB80 per instruction (Through Corporate Internet Banking) Special-printed cheque: The Bank reserves the right to levy charges: Special-printed deposit slip Government charges apply. Cheques €0.50 stamp duty per cheque* Domestic Euro Bank Draft €0.50 Medallion Stamp Duty per draft. This is applied at point of sale. Debit Cards Government Stamp Duty will be charged at a rate of €0.12 per ATM transaction. Government Stamp Duty only applies to ATM transactions carried out within Irelan Walk-in customers can also purchase Allied Bankers Cheque (up to the limit as prescribed from time to time). Standard charges will be applicable on issuance of ABC in accordance with Schedule of Charges

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Cheques Bank cheques Issue fee - per cheque $12 Replacement fee - per cheque $20 Repurchase fee - per cheque $20 Cashing of cheques Customer Non-Customer NAB cheque $0 $51 Non-bank financial institution cheque cashed by member $3 $3 1 Fee is not charged if cheque is cashed at home branch. Deposit books Multicopy or agency credit $5 per ite Minimum Balance Required to open account by expatriates With/without cheques book facility: R500: Bank card: FREE: Cheque returned for insufficient funds: R500: Lost/ Replacement of Bank Card. R 50: Balances below specified amount i.e R200/-(without cheque book)& R500/-(with cheque book) R 50 p.m: Maintenance of Dormant a/c* No charge The State Bank of India (SBI) has announced various changes in the service charges which will effective from October 1. These service charges include number of free transactions per month via ATM, including both financial and non-financial transactions, issue of multi-city cheque books for savings bank account, stopping a payment instruction, revision of charges per month for non-maintenance.

1 (Annexure- I) General banking Service Charges (Excluding GST) Sr. No. Item Revised Charges ( w.e.f. 15.01.2019 ) 1. Issue of MICR Cheques - SB 25 Cheque leaves free in a year, and thereafter charges of Rs.3/- per cheque leaf Postage charge for cheque returned: i. Customer collect over the counter: No charge: ii. Image Return Document sent by registered mail: Min RM5.00: Request for Loan Redemption Statement: RM50.00 per account: Faxing of documents to customers: RM2.00 per page . Photocopy of old records/documents other than account statements. i) Archived at the. \n Bank charges on cheque return \n \n i. Cheque return for insufficient balance \n \n A cheque returned for lack of enough funds is too bad. Both banks are put to additional work when a cheque.

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  1. AED 50 per bank: AED 50 per bank: Miscellaneous Charges; Stop payment of cheque: AED 100 per cheque: AED100 per cheque: AED 50 per cheque: AED 50 per cheque: Stop payment of lost cheque book: AED 500 per cheque book: AED 500 per cheque book: AED 500 per cheque book: AED 500 per cheque book: Bank statement - Manual issuance: AED 100 per request.
  2. 50% of the above charges. i.e., SB with Cheque book 100/-, SB without Cheque book 50, CA 250/- Exempted Categories : No Frill Accounts, MNREGP Accounts, Social Security Pension Accounts, Government Accounts RGRHCL Accounts, Student Accounts, Basic Savings Bank Accounts & Death Claim Settlement Account
  3. Service charge: a)Authorised 3 rd Party - RM3 per cheque (on Payee) b)Non-authorised 3 rd Party - RM3 per cheque (on Payee) b) Third Party Cheque Encashment. RM2.00 per item (on drawer) Uncollected Cheque Books. RM30.00 per cheque book destroyed. DCHQS Appeal and Handling of DCHQS Special Account. Service charge of RM100.00 per appea
  4. imum Rs 500/- per cheque/instrument. c In case of collection of cheque through other Bank Other Bank's charges plus our charges as detailed in 1(a) above d Handling charges for return of cheques sent o

Besides, in cases where cheques deposited are returned unpaid, the charge has been raised to Rs 200 per instance from the Rs 100 earlier. The revision in chequebook and cheque return charges is applicable only to non-managed resident savings and salary customers effective December 1, 2017, read the bank notice Posting your cheques. You can use the post to deposit cheques into your current account, credit card account or savings account with a sort code and account number. We can't accept cheques for mortgage or loan payments in the post. If you have a paying-in slip, complete it and send it with the cheque

Service charges - Credit, Foreign Exchange and other General Services(Non-Credit/Non-FX) Service charges w.e.f 01.06.2021 - Credit, Foreign Exchange and other General Services(Non-Credit/Non-FX) Service charges for obtaining Credit Information Reports from CIBIL/EXPERIAN Database - Rs. 34 for report from CIBIL database and Rs. 3 No. There is no charge for that. Will the bank charge me if the cheque that I issued is returned? For SGD Cheques and USD (Local Clearing), outward return cheque due to Insufficient Funds, Effects Not Cleared & Not Arranged For will be charged $40 per cheque and a charge for incidental overdraft (OD) interest of a minimum of $20 A cashier's check is the best solution that offers convenience, safety, and reliability as the instrument

The charges towards a cheque bounce vary from one bank to another, depending on factors such as the reason and nature of cheque bounce. Here are the charges levied by State Bank of India, ICICI. The dishonour of an issued cheque or cheque bounce is when a cheque presented at the bank cannot be processed for various reasons. Before we go to the penalty charged by most popular Indian banks. Note: Over & above the charges proposed, the applicable GST to be loaded while levying the Service Charges. Annexure-I General banking Sr. No. Item Revised Charges w.e.f. 01.01.2021 1 Issue of MICR Cheques - SB 25 Cheque leaves free in a year, and thereafter charges of Rs.4/- per cheque leaf. 2 Issue of MICR Cheques-CD/CC/O Paying in cheques over the quantity of £0.60 20 in a single calendar month. This charge is per cheque, for the entire amount of cheques paid in over one calendar month. For example, if 21 cheques were paid in the charge would be £12.60. Refused cheque - inwards £5.00 Bacs Bureau initial fees Initial set-up fee £100.0

The term 'bank cheque' describes a cheque that is issued by a bank. The law generally treats bank cheques in the same manner as ordinary cheques. Although some people regard bank cheques as equivalent to cash, there are certain circumstances where a bank cheque may not be paid. To clarify the position, NAB, as a member of the Australian Bankers. AED 50 + Correspondent bank charges. Cheque drawn on other countries. AED 50 + Courier + Correspondent bank charges. Cheque sent directly to the drawee bank for collection. AED 100 + Courier + Correspondent bank charges. Outward clearing cheque return charge. Free. Cheque drawn on us with no sufficient funds. AED 100 + Central Bank charges (as. Demand Draft/ Banker's Cheque Payable at Branch Locations 1/1000 (Min 50 Max 5000) NIL Charges NIL Charges Payable at Non- branch Locations FCY TT-Corr. Bank Charges not borne by beneficiary^ TRANSACTION BANKING PRICING GUIDE Stop payment charges SGD 40 Returned cheques SGD 50 Cheque book SGD 5 Cheque image retrieval Clearing date within one year SGD 20 Between one to three years SGD 30 More than three years SGD 50 Foreign currency Cheque-related Charges Service Charges With GST Cheques deposited, returned unpaid - Local. Rs. 60/- for every Rs. 25,000/- and part there of maximum upto Rs. 1,200/- Cheques drawn on us, returned unpaid. Rs. 250/- per cheque ECS Return. Rs. 250/- per ECS Bill Purchase Commission. Rs. 6/- for every Rs. 1,000/- and part there of minimum Rs. 60/- Stop payment of Cheque

Unlike a cheque, a banker's draft is prepaid and issued by a bank. In other words, you give your bank an amount of money and they issue you with a draft for that amount, which you can then give to the person you're paying. The following information relates to cheques and bankers' drafts drawn on UK banks bank and the Bank reserves the right to withdraw these offers. • AMB requirement will be Rs. 2,500 for select locations as specified by YES BANK from time to time • In case of non maintenance of product level AMB, customer will be liable to pay following charges for the transactions done during that month. 1

5. Bank of Ireland Finance Fees and Charges These fees are applicable to Bank of Ireland Finance products. Documentation fees will be applied at time of account opening, other fees are applicable for services supplied during the currency of the agreement. 6. Electronic Banking Fees and Charges These fees and charges are applied when you use. Service charge: a)Authorised 3 rd Party - RM3 per cheque (on Payee) b)Non-authorised 3 rd Party - RM3 per cheque (on Payee) b) Third Party Cheque Encashment. RM2.00 per item (on drawer) Uncollected Cheque Books. RM30.00 per cheque book destroyed. DCHQS Appeal and Handling of DCHQS Special Account. Service charge of RM100.00 per appea

The penalty charges for cheque outward return are close to Rs.300 for most banks, while charges for cheque inward return are about Rs.100. The penalty charges vary from one bank to another, and are different for different account types. Premium accounts usually have higher penalty charges. Check with the individual banks for more details STOP CHEQUE NOTICE Stop Payment Fee (Set up) $5.00 Stop Cheque Notice $5.00 per cheque Stop Payment Notice $5.00 per cheque Fee description Amount SPECIAL ANSWER FEE Drawn on our bank $20.00 per cheque Drawn on other banks $20.00 per cheque BANK CHEQUES Issued at customers request $10.00 Replacement bank cheque $10.00 Repurchase bank cheque $20.0 (Plus: Foreign bank charges) Charge HK$50 per cheque HK$60 per cheque (Plus: HK$300 payable to Clearing House of HKAB) HK$10 per cheque Bulk Cheque / Cash / Coins Deposit Service Bulk Cheque Deposit - Per customer per day - Up to 30 pieces - Over 30 piece E) a) ISSUE OF AD ON CHEQUE BOOK Rs. 3.54 per cheque where operations in the account exceed 50 per month i) Ad- on printing charges ('Printing of Logo, A/c Payee, Not Over Rs.' in black and white.) Rs. 0.30 paise per cheque. ii) Printing of above details in colour Rs. 1.18 per cheque Uncollected and destroyed cheque books (more than 90 days) QR 1 per cheque leaf (QR 25 for 25 leaf cheque book) Similar to cheque book cost/pricing: 95: Cancellation of manager's cheque: QR 50: 96: Fees collection for Embassy of Pakistan: QR 5 per transaction: Eleventh : EBanking Services (Personal) 9

Then standard charges Cheque leaves issuance Free limit - per month. Std charges - ₹ 2 per leaf 100 leaves free; then standard charges 150/1 lac MAB Physical statement charge ₹ 25 per month Standard charges Standard charges Standard charges Standard charges ATM cash withdrawal at other bank ATM (India Courier/handling charges of RM5.00 per cheque book delivered to customer. No charges if cheque book collected at branch: Special Cheques - Printing Charges: Actual cost, plus taxes (if any) to be borne by customer Exempted for Government A/C special cheques: For Non-Individual Accounts only Transaction Charge for Contra Payments Note: The above service charges are in addition to the Correspondent Bank/Clearing Bank charges to be charged at actual Cancellation Charges Rs 200 Post Dated Cheque Holding Charges Rs 200 Post Dated Cheque Swap Charges Rs 200 Cleared overseas USD: 50 Cleared Overseas- Reject USD 5

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One-day clearing at the Kenya Bankers automated clearing house to hasten payment transactions. Nairobi, 31 July 2013 - The Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) today announced new cheque processing timelines, which will result in a one day reduction in the time it takes for banks to process interbank cheques. The move will benefit bank customers by speeding up their cheque payment transactions. 0.25% commission (minimum QAR 50 plus other bank charges) Foreign Currency Cheques Purchase (If paid in QAR) QAR 50 plus other banks charges Foreign Currency Cheques Purchase (If paid in Foreign Currency Notes - subject to availability) 1% commission (minimum QAR 75 plus other bank

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Beneficiary bank charges may still apply. Charges Our - Correspondent bank fee . This is charged by BNZ in lieu of any overseas correspondent charges for processing the international payment. This fee will be added to your International Payment Issue fee (and appears as one fee on your statement). Beneficiary bank charges may still apply The outstation cheque collected through another bank - Commission on 50:50 basis, i.e, Remitting bank to charge 50% & Collecting bank to charge 50% of the applicable rate 4) Saving A/c- Cheque Book charges Individual A/c- 20 cheques free during the year, there after Rs. 2/- per leaf. Society A/c - 50 cheques free during the year, there after Rs.2/- per leaf. 5) Current A/c - Cheque Book charges Fincare Small Finance Bank never asks for confidential information such as PIN and OTP from customers. Please do not share personal information with anyone. Fincare Small Finance Bank does not solicit, collect or request for payment of cash for its services or products For those looking for an alternative to bank cheques, money orders are usually issued and payable at a bank or post office and offer a more secure option than sending cash in the mail. For a standard money order up to $5000, Australia Post charges $8.95, which is lower than what many banks charge for a bank cheque

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Bank remains out of fund. (iii) Cheque amount Rs. 1 crore and above Rs.700/- + interest @ MCLR + 4% for number of days Bank remains out of fund. B. Other Reasons - Rs.200/- per instrument C. Cheque return charges shall be levied only in cases where the customer is at fault and is responsible for such returns. A list of objections where customer i Transaction Decline Charge (at Non HDFC Bank ATM's) Rs. 25: Stop Payment Charges : Particular cheque: Rs.50/- (FREE through Net Banking and Phone Banking*) Range of cheques: Rs.100/- (FREE through Net Banking and Phone Banking*) Account Closure: Up to 14 days: No Charge: 15 days to 6 months: Rs.100/-More than 6 months: No Charge Cheque/ NACH* return charges-Outward Cheque return charges - Collection Page 6 Direct Debit Return charges Charges displayed above are subject to GST and Kerala Flood Cess, wherever applicable *NACH Return Charges waived for PM-KMY and PM-SYM Rs.25+other bank charges Rs.35/- Rs.50/-Charges (modified on 30.07.2019) Cheques Bills Rs.1.5/1000. Charges; 1: USD cheques drawn on local clearing participating banks: Free: 2: Other currency cheques and USD cheques drawn on non-participating banks. (For cheques drawn on non-participating banks, minimum cheque amount is USD300 for USD cheques and EUR300 for EUR cheques) Credit to Payee's SGD Account: S$10 per cheque + agent fee (if. It can mean that your cheque could take many weeks to clear and you'll probably have to pay extra charges. How are foreign cheques paid? When you submit a cheque made out in a foreign currency, there are two possible ways the bank may process it. The cheque will be handled either by negotiation or by collection. Payments by negotiatio

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  1. Issue of Bankers Cheque Bankers payment: 30000: 24.00: Cancellation of Bankers Cheques: 20000: 15.00: Stop payment of Cheque: Current/OD Account: 30000: 24.00: Saving.
  2. Also, no bank should refuse to offer the products to its customers or decline to accept outstation cheques deposited by its customers for collection, RBI said in an approach paper for rationalisation of service charges on electronic payment and cheque clearing
  3. Loose cash counting charges @Rs.50/- per bundle (ie. 1000 pieces). Fake note detection & Contingency Charges (which include note counting & sorting) @Rs.50/- per bundle (ie. 1000 pieces). Cheque pick up with beat cash is free. When only cheque pick up is requested on call basis an amount of Rs. 60/- per call will be charged from customers
  4. Cancellation Charges Rs 200 Post Dated Cheque Holding Charges Rs 200 Post Dated Cheque Swap Charges Rs 200 Cleared overseas USD 50 Note: The above service charges are in addition to the Correspondent Bank/Clearing Bank charges to be charged at actua
  5. Free (Charges applicable if correspondent bank charges on NBL) 4. Credit to Customer account (FCY) Free (Charges applicable if correspondent bank charges on NBL) 5. Follow up by Swift on remittance at customer's Request: NPR 750 per message (Plus other bank charges if any and Swift charges Rs.1000) 2.4. Return in Inward Remittance : 1. NP

Account closure charges (if closed within one year) AED 100 Bank statements Regular statements Free monthly Duplicate statements (outside the agreed cycle) AED 25 pm Term deposit AED 10,000 Clearing cheques Cheque book issuance of 25 leaves - AED 25 per cheque book Stop payment AED 50 per cheque Cheques photocopy AED 10 (less than 1 year) AED. Monthly service charge Cheque Debits In-branch transactions - includes withdrawals, deposits, bill payments and transfers done over the counter $25.00 for bal < $50,000 $7.00 per debit entry $14.00 $10.00 $12.00 Savings Accounts cont'd Purchase at local merchant RBC Student Banking Monthly service charge $15.00 (includes 5 FREE cheque trans GST is not included and is not payable in respect of any fees and charges in this book unless otherwise stated. You can get further information about our fees and charges by visiting any one of our branches, Business Banking Centres or our website www.boq.com.au or by phoning us on 1300 55 72 72 Other Fees and Charges DEPOSIT BOOK FEE: Personal Account-small Business Accounts-A5 size: Free $8.00 per book: DUPLICATE: Cheque Book 50 leaves 100 leaves 200 leaves (stamp duty only) $2.00 $4.00 $8.00: DISHONOUR FEE: Outward Dishonour: $25.00 per item: SPECIAL ANSWER FEE: Cheque Drawn on Own Bank Cheque Drawn on Other Banks: $10.00 per cheque. Schedule of Charges (Urdu) (July to December) Schedule of Charges (English) (January to June) Schedule of Charges (Urdu) (January to June) 2019 . We are pleased to announce the launch of our new digital banking platforms, tailored to suit your needs. Click Here to get started

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  1. imum charge will be Rs. 100 and the..
  2. The above charges will be all exclusive. No additional charges such as Courier Charges, out of pocket expenses (plus taxes) should be levied from the customer. 2. For outstation cheques collected through another bank: Commission on 50:50 basis, i.e. remitting bank to charge 50% & collecting bank to charge 50% of the applicable rate
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