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Injektor beim führenden Marktplatz für Gebrauchtmaschinen kaufen. Mehr als 200.000 Maschinen sofort verfügbar. Sofort kostenlos und ohne Anmeldung anfrage Alles für dein Zuhause. Bequem online shoppen. Inspirierende Daily-Sales From what iI understand Book time on an injector job is 30 hours a good machanic can do it in 8 to 10. as far as replacing all 8 the dealer was 100 % correct in telling you to do all 8. it is a long job and with the known probems with these injectors you could of went 30 miles and lost another injector had you only replaced the broken one and would have had to do the job again. now about them. How many labor hours does it take to replace the injectors on an 02 chevy duramax diesel? - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic How many mechanic hours does it take to replace a power booster and two lines for a chevy 2003 2500HD duramax diesel I need to replace the fuel injectors on my 2002 GMC 6.6 Duramax Diesel. I am a pretty good. 05 3500 ccdrw lly, complete lbz banks ram-air intake set-up with with super scoope, egr deleted profab intake elbow , diamond eye 4' duals , diamond eye down pipe and no kitty efi by full throttle customs , edge insight cts for gauges ,lbz mp. and fuildamper .pcv reroute,right and left side boost tubes, banks techi cooler ppe ported fitting , afe rear diff cover magtec trans pan ,does it ever.

Quoting from one source, the labor time for removing and replacing both covers is about 9.2 hours for severe service cases. While the math varies according to parts sourcing and local labor rates, my estimated price came out at about $3,000 for replacing all four injectors Guide to 6.6l Duramax Fuel Injector Repair, Replacement and Common Issues When it was released back in 2001, the 6.6L Duramax engine was considered the apogee of diesel engine design. The fact that the original design has not changed, but has only been improved upon, speaks for itself I need to change jobs, $980 for one injector!! I just all four injectors on the passengers side and start to finish it was less that 4 hours. So lets to the math $980-250 for the injector = $730 for labor divided by 4 hours =$182.5 per hour( actually the shop should be able to do it less that 4 hours. I have a 2012 3500 DRW GMC with 161k miles and the indirect injector is needing to be replaced as per a GM dealership. The labor hours they are quoting is 4.1 hours at 140.00 an hour. Is that reasonable? I did contact GMC for any goodwill assistance they might provide as there is a bulletin.. not sure of the labor time but I charge $50 an hour and flat rate it. I stay very busy at this rate so I feel it's pretty fair compared to $70sum at the dealership around the corner. I'd say the job pays 6-8 hrs so $300-$400ish + parts and tax. wdino7

Hello and thank you for using Just Answer the retail price on the pump is 1000 the labor is 6 hours so around 600 dollars the normal price should be 1600 plus ta

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The Duramax is like an onion because it has many layers of parts that need to be peeled away to get to the CP4.2 fuel-injection pump. Replacing the pump takes about 16 hours. Among the layers is the EGR system Hello !This video was created to show you the easiest way to remove th injection pump put of a 6.6 Duramax There is many videos that tell you to do a lot ext..

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What Breaks When - LB7 Duramax. Dead on, I have a 2001 Chevy 2500HD LB7. Replaced the water pump, fuel injectors, transmission line. 99% of the time I haul a Lance 845 camper Labor Time J7801 Injector, Fuel -- Diagnose & Replace 8.0 hrs* *Note: The labor time represents a reduction over the previously published time due to unnecessary steps in the repair procedure being eliminated, such as removing the radiator shroud and accessory drive belt. Also, the original add time to replace all injectors was overstated Unfortunately the best thing to do if you have this problem is to replace the whole set at once. Injector replacement on the LB7 truck is rather labor intensive and just changing one is usually not worth the risk for the labor costs. The new injectors available from us and others are updated and do not have the cracking issue 2001 - 2004.5 GMC / Chevrolet (injectors UNDER valve cover) BOSCH CP3 Fuel system with SOLENOID injectors.. Injector hold-down bolts: 37 lb-ft. Injector return-line bolts: 106 inch-lbs. Fuel return Banjo bolt to head: 12 lb-ft The labor associated with the Duramax, depending on what the repair is, can be intensive. Take for instance a blown headgasket repair, the labor for both headgaskets on a Duramax will be around 35 hours compared to a Ford 6.0L that takes around 22 hours. In this article: Cooling, Diagnostics, Diesel, Internal Engine, Turbochargin

How many labor hours does it take to replace the injectors

Duramax Injector Failures-Cause and Prevention LB7: Many LB7 owners have had injector issues. These issues tend to be VERY expensive. The design and labor costs dictate a complete set replacement in most cases. Anything less will almost certainly result in short term issues with the remaining units. While som The FICM (fuel injection control module), the fuel pressure regulator, or the injection pump. It's hard to pinpoint what the problem is without running more tests and the only way to run those tests is with the computer the dealership has. Just so you know your injectors are still under warranty until 100,000 miles Three fuel injectors will fail over time, so after 100,000 miles, it's a good idea to have them examined, if not replaced, just to be safe. Make sure your mechanic is checking the fuel injectors when your car is being maintained. How to Save Money on Fuel Injector Replacement. In most cases, we suggest leaving this replacement job to. DEF 97188463 LB7 Injector Sleeve for 2001-2004 Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra 6.6L Duramax with 94051259 Injector Sleeve O-ring(Set of 8) 3.8 out of 5 stars 14 $136.0 Whether you currently own a Duramax powered Silverado or Sierra, or you have considered purchasing a used GM diesel pickup, the question will cross your mind regarding what problems you may experience with the engine. All told, there are six different iterations of the Duramax: LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML, and L5P spanning from 2001 to the present day

Duramax Horsepower & Torque by Model Year The Duramax-Allison combination was first introduced for the 2001 model year, replacing the 440 lb-ft Detroit diesel with the 500 lb-ft LB7. Since then, the Duramax has undergone a variety of changes, modifications, and enhancements, all necessary in the progression and evolution of the engine Thank you Sarah. I picked it up today. The total cost for 8 injectors installed to include diagnostic work before hand was $6,951.70 That was with the injector cost reduced by $100 each and the labor hours cut by $10 per hour. Hopefully, I'll be trouble free for at least a couple more years Premature injector failure was a critical problem for the 2001 to 2004 model year Duramax LB7. GM corrected the problem with an updated injector design and even extended the warranty on the new injector design to 7 years/200,000 miles. If you are buying a used truck, be warned that not all engines have been retrofitted with the new injector design

Called Rudy's the other day after hearing about how great their service was, and supposed to be well known, to get price on labor for replacing all injectors in my 06 F350. Quoted price was $950. Said that it would be 10hrs of labor @ $95 per hour. Being new to the site I searched the forum and.. This LB7 kit of 2001-2004 6.6 Duramax injectors comes with 8 injectors, 8 glow plugs and 2 gasket sets. Browse more injector sets online from Dieselogic Labor Operation Description Labor Time. 4080558 Diagnose and Clean/Repair Complete Fuel System. Includes Engine Removal from Vehicle G -Van 21.0 Hours * C - Truck (2WD) 18.0 Hours * K -Truck (4WD) 20.0 Hours * *This is a unique labor operation for this PI use only. It will not be published in the Labor Time Guide

During this time the computer commands the fuel injectors to inject fuel after the cylinder has fired, forcing raw fuel into the DOC (Diesel Oxidizing Catalyst) where it is burned to elevate the temperature of the exhaust. This hot exhaust then flows into the DPF and burns the trapped soot. •Compression: 15.8: Fuel injectors regulate the amount of pressurized fuel used for each engine cycle. There is one injector per cylinder in an engine. How does the fuel injector work? Each time an intake stroke occurs in the engine, the vehicle's computer will send a signal to the fuel injectors, requesting they spray fuel.. Isuzu 7.8L stock replacement common rail injector by Alliant Power. Comes with the gaskets needed for installation and a 2 year/unlimited hour warranty. Each injector will also come with its own corresponding trim code if applicable. **We offer in house common rail injector testing. Ask us about how you can get your injectors tested for free!!* The Denso injector really help push the possibilities of this diesel to a different level. Research shows that these injectors are showing 20% more flow than the previous style found in the Duramax. The engineers at GM went back to using a solenoid injector style again to help make this possible High injector return rates. This is also an expensive, time consuming job so I recommend having a qualified mechanic diagnosis the problem if you are at this point.Cost for parts and labor will vary depending on model and year. Parts costs can vary from $2000.00 to $4000.00 and labor from $600.00 to $1500.00. To summariz

How to Remove LB7 Duramax Fuel Injectors Step By Step Instructions LB7 Duramax Diesel 6.6L R&R Remove and Replace Working on any automobile engine can be intimidating, and that is the very reason why mechanics stay in business, However some tasks that seem intimidating are not actually that difficult if you have the right tools and the right. Introduced in 2001, the LB7 is the OG 6.6L Duramax. This engine is the base platform that today's 6.6L L5P Duramax is built off of. Spanning six different variations and nearly 20 years of production, the LB7 has certainly proved to be a reliable and durable platform

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The total cost to have a mechanic replace 8 injectors on an LLY Duramax can range from $3500 - $4500 CAD, depending on what other work is performed at the same time. The good news is LLY injectors are located outside the valve covers so the task is considerably easier and cheaper than on prior LB7 models The Duramax engine is an eight-cylinder diesel engine from General Motors that has been in production since 2001. General Motors uses it in larger trucks, such as the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 and 3500. The Duramax employs fuel injection to deliver fuel to the engine under very high pressure. The procedure for. GMC and Chevy Duramax LB7 6.6 Diesel Common Issues and Problems. If you have a 2001-2004 Duramax 6.6 LB7 diesel pickup or are looking to buy one, here are some common issues and problems we have run into in our shop Ray, blue smoke most of the time means its over fueling. Could be an injector or a few other things. Maybe a small piece of carbon is sticking an injector open a little. Is the LBZ a 1 or 2 engine. A 2 engine is a 04 and a 1/2 and same as used in a 05. The 1 is the early design. Different injector design

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Duramax LB7 injectors are also known to develop external leaks. Because of their location inside the engine this can result in dilution of the crankcase lubrication oil with diesel fuel. However cracked return fuel rails, improperly tightened return banjo connections, and in rare cases, a bad CP3 pump, can also cause the same symptom A common issue with the GM 6.6L LB7 Duramax engine is white smoke at idle. Worn and damaged injectors are often the cause however there are other causes and considerations that should be looked at prior to injector replacement. INJECTORS STUCK OPEN OR WITH EXCESSIVELY LEAKING NOZZLES DIANOSIS 1. Remove IGN 1 relay. 2 This is a customer's 2002 that he brought in because he thought it might need injectors. Let us know what you think! (THIS IS AN EXTREME EXAMPLE!!) LB7 powered (through 2004 Duramax) Chevys and GMCs all suffer from injector failure at some point in their service life. Many fail as early as 50k miles I'm a duramax enthusiast and yes the CP4 can cost more than $10,000 if it blows and sends metal through your injectors meaning they, the pump and lines all get replaced. Thinking about doing a CP3 swap myself before this happens to my truck as I've already voided the warranty by tuning it 2003 Duramax injectors. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. chuckster57 · Registered. Joined Apr 5, 2008 ·.

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Tepeng Fuel Injector Line Set Compatible with 2001-2004 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD/3500 GMC Sierra 2500 HD/3500 6.6L V8 LB7 Duramax Diesel,Replace part #97188723,97188722 2.3 out of 5 stars 7 $78.00 $ 78 . 0 Fuel injectors designed for Duramax diesel LB7 engines built between 2001 to 2004. Application . GM 2500HD and 3500 Duramax Silverado - Sierra 6.6L V8 Diesel TrucksEngines:LB7Years:2001, 2002, 2003, 200 Duramax 6.6L Fuel Injector Feed Pipe Cylinders 1 & 8 Dieselogic now offers new injection lines for the GM 6.6L Duramax LB7 engine used in model year 2001 - 2004.5 applications. On the LB7 engine, it is common for corrosion to occur around the line and nut area near the injector connector inlet

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  1. ants in low quality fuel. Most Chevy or GMC diesels have a deserved reputation for being long-lived workhorses and it's not hard to find one running strong with well over 200,000 miles
  2. Industrial Injection Disaster Kit with CP3 Conversion Kit (w/ Emissions Intact CP3) for 2011-2016 GM Duramax 6.6L LML (0) Reviews: Write first review Item #: 4G610
  3. Just had oil change on 2001 GMC Duramax, and they discovered diesel in oil pan. Took to shop and they stated that all 8 injectors needed to be replaced. This was my fathers truck and do not know if there were any extended warranties on the vehicle at time. The truck only has a little over 130,000 miles

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The Surefire Stock Injectors we build and sell at Taylor Diesel are validated and calibrated on O.E.M. qualified test benches to ensure that the performance that you'll get with your new oem fuel injectors will be precisely the same as the injectors that came within your 2003 Dodge Ram with 5.9L Cummins when it was newly acquired Some customers of 2001-04 model year Chevrolet Silverado; GMC Sierra; 2003-04 Chevrolet Kodiak and GMC TopKick vehicles, equipped with a 6.6L Duramax Diesel (RPO LB7 - VIN Code 1) engine, may experience vehicle service engine soon (SES) light illumination, low engine power, hard start, and/or fuel in crankcase, requiring injector replacement. In order to meet tighter emission standards, GM ditched the tried and true Bosch CP3 injection pump on the LML Duramax. In its place sits the Bosch CP4.2, a pump that makes use of fewer internal parts but that creates higher injection pressure (up to 30,000 psi in the LML application)

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  1. LB7 Injection Pump Bosch CP3 Pump. Remanufactured 6.6L Duramax Fuel Injection Pumps for Bosch Common Rail injected engines. All 6.6L injection pump components are fully disassembled and housings completely cleaned and checked for cracks. All inner components are replaced with new or remanufactured components and then reassembled
  2. You may also like 01-15 6.6L Duramax OEM Fuel Filter Assembly with Primer Sale! $ 179.00 $ 134.95 PRODUCT CODE: 12642623 11-16 LML LGH 6.6L Duramax New Fuel Injector Line Set Sale! $ 259.00 $ 214.95 PRODUCT CODE: PFI-2355 11-16 6.6L LML Duramax OEM Fuel System Master Ki
  3. 2003 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6.6L Duramax 2003 Chevrolet 3500 with 6.6L Duramax 2004 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6.6L Duramax 2004 Chevrolet 3500 with 6.6L Duramax 2004.5 Chevrolet 2500HD with 6.6L Duramax We also offer injector system products, which you can find.
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  5. The water pump when out in my mother's '01 Chevy Duramax. I took a look under the hood and it doesn't seem too terrible-awful to get to. I looked it up on AllData and it tells me it's a six hour job. The step-by-step has me removing a fender well all other kinda doodads, but to me it looks like some hoses, the radiator shroud and a few other.
  6. ation could cause rapid part wear and pos­sible plugging of fuel injector nozzle tip holes. This in turn could lead to possible engine misfire
  7. The greatest problem is that if ANY rust gets into a new injector, it will be damaged and require repeat injector replacement which is a high labor operation on this engine. Replacing your injection lines with new Duramax fuel lines at time of injector replacement is very inexpensive insurance against a costly repeat failure. It is extremely.

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The balance rates only tell you so much. I had 1 injector that was borderline at 218k miles. Luckily I could reset and clear the code while still driving it. I would alway use manual when towing. My final straw was that Labor Day heat wave we had coming back from button willow up the grape vine. Truck got hot and was un happy 2001-2010 Duramax Torque Specifications Part Standard Metric A/C Compressor Bolt 37 lb ft 50 N•m Air Cleaner Outlet Duct Clamp 71 lb in 8 N•m Fuel Injection Pump Assembly to Cylinder Block Bolt 18 lb ft 25 N•m Fuel Injection Pump to Bracket Bolt 20 lb ft 28 N• The Duramax has a lot of sensors to make the fuel injection system work right, but at the end of the day, the only part that has to be controlled by a computer is the injectors. The fuel pump will work with the harness unplugged, but will have much shorter life The new upgrades to the LLY removed some of the common LB7 problems such as fuel injector and fuel pump failure. However, there are a number of new issues that have arisen due to the changes, and a number of shared problems with the LB7. Book labor time for the job is 40 hours which can easily eclipse $4k of labor alone with today's.

In 1997, Isuzu Motors Ltd. and General Motors created DMAX Ltd., a joint venture for producing diesel engines. The Duramax 6600 was the first engine that came into fruition after this relationship. The LB7 Duramax Engine had some issues that appeared not too long after initial release. GM extended the warranty on the injectors to 200,000 miles due to failures that were widespread. Changing the injectors on the LB7 Duramax was a little time consuming since they were located under the valve cover 2003-2004 5.9L; 2004.5-2007 5.9L; 2007.5-2018 6.7L Over time, LLY Duramax injectors can become worn and start to work less efficiently due to nozzle seat micro finish imperfections, nozzle hole erosion, coking volume deficiencies, clogging and contaminants. When your 6.6L Duramax injectors start to get old and not working as well, it may be. How much does it cost to replace injectors on LB7? The total cost to have a mechanic replace 8 injectors on an LB7 Duramax can range from $4000 - $5000 CAD, depending on what other work is performed at the same time. What year Duramax has injector problems? The LB7 Duramax built from 2001 - 2004.5 is known for injector failure Step 1: Install the new injectors into the throttle body. Install the injector retainer bracket and screw the bolts down hand tight. Tighten the retainer bracket bolts 1/8 turn from the center to the outside. Step 2: Hook up the harness to the fuel injectors. Install the air cleaner housing and element onto the top of the throttle body

Written By: Lawrence LT Tolman. 2003 marked the first year of a new body style pickup for Dodge, and to go along with its new looks, a new engine could also be found under the hood, and the major difference between it and the earlier 5.9 liter Cummins engine (and its Achilles heel) was the addition of common-rail fuel injection When the leak down occurs, the engine has to spin over for an excessive period of time in order to re-prime the injection system. Crank Time. A normal crank time in a common-rail injection system is usually around three to five seconds. This is how long it will take the common-rail pump to build fuel pressure to the threshold

If paying out of pocket at a dealer, the total cost of parts and labor can exceed $10,000. The only consolation a Duramax guy might have as he reads his invoice, is in addition to the LML, the 6.7-liter Powerstroke is also powered by the Bosch CP4 injection pump and it too has a reputation of grenading itself. Ain't Nobody Got Time for Tha Significant savings on part cost isn't the only benefit; if you're willing to replace your fuel injectors on your own, you'll also save with costly labor expenses, too! Depending on your car's year, make and model, the labor cost can range from just over $100.00 to around $400.00 Injectors for 6.6l Duramax Diesel are Known to Suffer from These Issues The most common issues 6.6l Duramax fuel injector repair experts often point out is air getting stuck in the fuel lines and fuel starvation.The design of the filter housing is the cause, as Duramax does not utilize a pump General Motors has extended the Duramax 6600 fuel injector warranty coverage for owners of all 2001, 2002 & 2003 model-year Chevrolet and GMC Duramax 6600 equipped pickup trucks and 2003 medium-duty trucks.Issued 10/10/2006, GM Document ID#1866141 & recently #04039B indicates that additional injector warranty coverage is now available for a period of 7 years from the date the vehicle was. First of all, you need to check something before the injector. Check for power on the supply side. The pcm grounds the injector and commands it to fire by the quad driver in the pcm. If the pcm continually grounds the other side, the injector will be on all the time. Verify this before replacing any more injectors

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Features:Cleans Injector Bore and Injector SeatFits 6.0L/6.4L and 6.7L Powerstroke, Duramax Engines and More (see below)Application Note:2003-2016 Ford 4.5L, 6.0L, 6.4L, 6.7L Powerstroke Engines2003-2014 Navistar VT365, VT275, MaxxForce 5 and 72001-2016 GM 6.6L Duramax BD-Power 1076655 33% Injector Nozzle Set 24603 1.0 At the time of its introduction in 2001, the LB7 Duramax was considered the most advanced diesel engine to be used by any OEM in the light duty truck market. The revolutionary V8 diesel used aluminum cylinder heads and a common rail fuel injection system with a high pressure CP3 injection pump that made everyone a skeptic Welcome to the InjectorsDirect.com eBay store. We specialize in Duramax, Cummins, and Power Stroke diesel fuel injectors. We carry OEM new, remanufactured, & refurbished injectors. We guarantee the best parts at the best prices, and the best service! We also buy extra cores, call for more info Your opinion as an independent 387 bucks labor to change a PSD injector a fair price, to low, to high or average? 2002 F250 7.3L PSD, bought new now at 249K miles, 4R100 Auto, Crew Cab, Short Bed, ITP Regulated Fuel Return system, ITP head to head SS oil cross over, Hutch in tank mod, AIH Delet The owner keeps it well maintained, but his concern about the longevity of the 6.6L Duramax LML engine's CP4.2 high-pressure fuel-injection pump finally needs to be addressed

2003 Chevy: a reasonable estimate to replace an injector pum

Diesel fuel injectors require replacement after every 100,000 miles. However, issues such as clogs, dirt, leaks, and even corrosion can force you to visit a repair shop before completing the 100,000 miles. Besides, fuel systems can become faulty due to prolonged periods of sitting with fuel inside the tank. Not every repair shop in town can.. The water pump on my 2001 GMC LB7 Duramax had been leaking for some time - we'll discuss the exact symptoms in a moment. I knew the pump had to be replaced, so I began accumulating the information I needed to do the job correctly. (or LB7 injector cup seal leak), should compression pressure find its way into the cooling system. As mentioned. 6.6 Duramax: LLY. The LLY debuted in 2004, and was produced until the end of 2005. It featured many of the same components as the LB7, but with some improvements. The valve covers were modified to allow easier and cheaper repair to the fuel injectors. Unfortunately the LLY featured a few new emissions components which diesel lovers seem to hate #04039B: Special Coverage Adjustment - Injectors-Replace - (Nov 19, 2007) Subject: 04039B - Special Policy Adjustment - Injector - Replace Models: 2001-2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2001-2004 GMC Sierra 2003-2004 Chevrolet Kodiak 2003-2004 GMC TopKick Equipped with 6.6L Duramax Diesel (RPO LB7 - VIN Code 1) Engin 2017-2019 6.6L GM Duramax L5P Lift Pumps | Injection Pumps | Injectors. Model year 2017 marked some major changes for the Duramax fuel system. Finally, they forewent the status quo that had been hovering over this engine since 2001 with the only major change occurring in the 2011 model years with the LML engine

Duramax LLY Head Gasket Fix - Diesel Worl

Details about 2004.5-2005 Duramax LLY Fuel Injectors Full Set - BOSCH ® OEM New. 2003-2004.5 Cummins 5.9 Injectors Full Set - Refurbished. $849.99. Free shipping. NO LABOR, DOWN TIME, TOWING, TRAVEL, LODGING OR ANY OTHER EXPENSE IS COVERED. IN THE EVENT YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THESE TERMS, YOU MAY PROMPTLY RETURN THE PRODUCT AS PROVIDED. Chevy Duramax Diesel Fuel Injector Line for use in Cylinder 7 and/or Cylinder 2. Dieselogic now offers new injection lines for the GM 6.6L Duramax LB7 engine used in model year 2001 - 2004.5 applications. On the LB7 engine, it is common for corrosion to occur around the line and nut area near the injector connector inlet The Duramax LB7 Injector Puller kit is designed to work on 2001 to 2004 LB7 Duramax Diesel engines. Over time carbon forms around the injector tip ans sleeve. Factory pullers pull at and angle causing the injector to bind in the sleeve. This partially pulls or loosens the injector sleeve leaving the sleeve in the head requiring additional.

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Defective parts in material and workmanship; Labor costs for removal & reinstallation of affected parts*; Unlimited miles/kilometers/hours on installed parts within the first 24-months after commencement of part warranty period for G2.8, HEUI, and 6.4L Injectors installed in Ford applications on or after January 1, 2016 Unlimited miles/kilometers/hours on installed parts within the first 13. GM extended the warranty on the injectors to 200,000 miles due to failures that were widespread. Changing the injectors on the LB7 Duramax was a little time consuming since they were located under the valve cover. Air bubbles in the fuel lines turned out to be the cause for the premature failure of the injectors

These are Refurbished & tested 6.0 injectors, that were removed from a running engine. They are cleaned externally in an ultrasonic tank, the tips are then polished. Each injector is Individually tested on a state of the art test stand to ensure that they meet OEM specifications. Each test includes system leak test, purge, idle speed test, mid load test, and full load test The test is pretty intrusive into the motor and by the time they finish the test, all that's left to replace the injectors is remove one bolt on each one and pop them out. The b!tch part is that if the truck passes the test (injectors are ok), you have to pay for it and it's quite a bit of labor (pretty much the same as replacing the injectors) Torque Diesel Motorsport - Stage 1 Performance Injector for 2001-2004 LB7 6.6L Duramax. These are the cleanest burning performance injectors on the market made with OE parts by OE trained technicians on OE equipment and have a 15-Month Unlimited-Mile Warranty to back it up. Big Bang Injectors

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