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Although fictional, any woman can take pointers from the dictator of taste with her fabulous fashion, witty language and driven personality. This is why Blair Waldorf is a good role model. 1. She dresses for success Blair's sassiness and classiness are definitely examples of her strongest qualities. It's what makes Blair Waldorf, Blair Waldorf. 9. She's not afraid of the cold-hard truth. Nothing stops Blair from being absolutely, brutally honest. She is not afraid to be herself, and no one will ever stop her from being that way. 10. She give the best advice Ever since discovering Gossip Girl (a drama about privileged NYC teens) on Netflix about a year ago, my life has been filled with irrational envy for one of the main (and fictional) characters, Blair Waldorf. Blair's actions give the impression that she is a power-hungry, conniving, class-A bitch — which, well, she is There are many people who think Blair Is a bad person, but honestly, she is the best. Everyone should strive to be a Blair Waldorf. Blair is a strong, independent woman with a style like no other. She always knows what she wants and will do anything and everything to get it

11 Reasons Why Blair Waldorf Is A Good Role Mode

If there's one true ice queen of the Upper East Side in Gossip Girl, it's Blair Waldorf. She starts out privileged and a bully, though she does have some oddly likable qualities. Perhaps it's her brazen attitude, or the fact she doesn't try to hide that she's high-key terrible to other people. At least she embraces what she is Blair Waldorf honestly had the best knack for style than any other character on TV in our generation. It's too hard to pick out just 10 favorites! She was the new Carrie Bradshaw. And I almost forgot, special thanks to Eric Daman who was the costume designer for Gossip Girl. You're awesome and we love you, Eric I hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe and like and mostly comment which character you wanna see in my YouTube channel ️ ・゚* BECAUSE HE FOUND OUT YOU WERE SATAN *・゚ https://www.instagram.com/bitchchile/ i made an instagram! MUSIC rainlord - throughou Blair Waldorf is the main character in all versions of the popular series Gossip Girl. Best friend to Serena van der Woodsen, and eventual wife to Chuck Bass, she's the tough but tender Queen B of the Manhattan social scene. And as the lead, she is given some of the best quotes and dialogue in the entire series

Blair Waldorf drops one of the best lines on the show when she calls her best friend Serena her sister. The quote, We're sisters. You're my family, what is you is me Blair Cornelia Waldorf (married name Bass) is one of the main characters of Gossip Girl, introduced in the original series of novels and also appearing as the lead in the television adaptation; she also appears in the comic adaptation. Described as a girl of extremes by creator Cecily von Ziegesar, she is a New York City socialite and a comical overachiever who possesses both snobbish and.

But listen up: under those headbands and venom, there's

Ten Reasons Why You Should Be More Like Blair Waldor

  1. Most people would be human disaster zones after searching the streets of Manhattan all night for their extremely inebriated hot mess of a best friend, but not Blair Waldorf. Even in a crisis.
  2. Blair Waldorf's personality-less boyfriend is actually an English Lord. Surprise, part two! Surprise, part two! English Lord's mom is the older, married woman that Nate is having an affair with
  3. Blair doesn't wear synthetic fibers, which is what those mall-friendly chains sell, so if you really want to be Blair, we say forget about it now and you have one choice: drop dead. Even so, here are Blair Waldorf's 20 Rules Of Fashion that every Gossip Girl fan should know
  4. Best Blair Waldorf Quotes. Pull up your luxury scarf, tighten the straps of your heels, and sit tight for some of the best of Queen B and her quotes. Blair Waldorf is the Queen Bee of the Upper East Side, and the main character of the series. Her iconic quote: Three words, eight letters, say it and I am yours is unforgettable
  5. Summary. Blair is the daughter of Harold and Eleanor Waldorf, respectively a successful lawyer and fashion designer.Her parents divorce, and her stepfathers include Roman Garrel and Cyrus Rose.After failing to build a future with Nate Archibald, Blair begins a relationship with Chuck Bass but later embarks in a failed marriage to Prince Louis Grimaldi throughout the duration of the series

The best mate. Move over Kendall and Gigi, the real power couple was and always will be Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen. Both equally as beautiful, stylish and powerful, who wouldn't. But the real reason for this addiction to Gossip Girl, in particular, was an interest that I had developed in Blair's character. Blair Waldorf is often hated by many for being the cruel Queen Bee who makes harsh remarks, is highly judgmental and opinionated and often looks down upon those who are not from the elite class of the society I'm not writing this story because I'm obsessed with Blair Waldorf, although I'm fairly certain I used to be.I'm writing it because Blair was pretty much my introduction to lingerie.When Gossip Girl first came out, I was in high school. I remember being so entranced by the show that I would wake up extra hour early to watch a new episode before I went to school in the morning. Blair Waldorf is a scheming teenager at her school where she has to be the Queen Bee. She makes sure that she has a following and that she dates the hottest guy - Chuck Bass, played by Ed Westwick. Her closest friend in the show is Serena van der Woodsen played by the immaculate Blake Lively

Iconic style moments dominated the Upper East Side, but it was Blair Waldorf, played by the stunning Leighton Meester, who was always one step ahead of the style pack. She was a classic beauty. The Waldorfs are a wealthy family that live in a penthouse on the Upper East Side.The members are Eleanor, Harold, and Blair Waldorf. Roman could also count as a member of the family as he is Harold's new life partner. However, only Blair and Eleanor live in the penthouse, as Harold divorced Eleanor to live with Roman in France. Eleanor got remarried to Cyrus Rose, who is a step-father to Blair Blair's mother is played by a different actress; the Waldorf apartment is a different set; the whole gang smokes a lot more weed. We see Nate and Chuck riding the bus, but they have drivers the. It is almost impossible to believe that it was 10 years back that we first saw Blair Waldorf being a sassy queen on screen. 10 years back we were blessed with the best show of all time. Gossip Girl has formed part of all of our lives at some point and has shaped us in so many different ways Also, she ends up with Chuck Bass, every girl's dream guy. I mean if a guy flies to Paris just to get me my favorite macarons, I would marry him immediately. Throughout the seasons, Blair had pretty relatable moments yet wise wisdom to her fellow fans including myself. Here are 5 reasons why Blair Waldorf will forever be my inspiration. 1

Never Settles - Blair never settles. She wants the best things in life because she knows she deserves them, and she will work hard and do all it takes to get those things Why Blair Waldorf is the best. Best Blair Waldorf Quotes To Live By, among others. This is because Blair Waldorf is all of us. Teen dramas are not known for their strong ties to the real world. In fact, I consider them to be more in the magical realism genre It just takes a glance on this outfit and no further explanation is needed why this sweetheart mini dress from Betty Page Collection is one of the best Blair Waldorf's outfit.Heading for her romantic escapade with Chuck in fun and flirty attire like this is totally apt for a trip like that..and we all agree on that REMEMBER: I STILL LOVE BLAIR, BUT ONLY WHEN SHES BUBBLY AND NICE. NOT WHEN SHE IS MEAN. I have the same question. For those who are saying that it's reasonable, just stop. I love Blair, but I will not excuse her mean intentions. She bullied people.. Blair Waldorf: If you have to ask, then you wouldn't understand. It's like shopping at Chanel; if you have to ask the price, you shouldn't be buying the dress. But sadly the best she could.

The most iconic being Blair Waldorf — queen of the Upper East Side — who was played by Leighton Meester. Even without her copy-cat minions or handsome (and powerful) boyfriend Chuck Bass — played.. People say that Leighton Meester was the only person meant to play Blair Waldorf — and, while that may be true, it wasn't the role she originally wanted. Best Actor nominee Steven Yeun. On that list, I noticed my best friend's neighboring college took the number one spot: Harvey Mudd College. My friend attends Scripps College, an all-girls college near Harvey Mudd. As my best friend, she, too, loves Gossip Girl. I talked to her about my quest for wealth and my longing to be Blair Waldorf Iconic style moments dominated the Upper East Side, but it was Blair Waldorf, played by the stunning Leighton Meester, who was always one step ahead of the style pack. She was a classic beauty with..

Blair Waldorf Quotes, Leighton Meester On Gossip Girl

Everyone has insecurities, even the Upper East Side's most powerful woman - Blair Waldorf. The thing that makes her so powerful though, is the fact that she is aware of her insecurities, she.. Blair Waldorf had some of the best, most New York-specific insults in history and wasn't afraid of putting her hangers-on, boyfriends, or best friends in their place, all while gracefully eating. Blair Waldorf, played by actress Leighton Meester, is Serena's best friend on Gossip Girl, and the Queen Bee of the Constance Billiard School for Girls. With a fashion designer for a mother, it's no surprise that Blair has amazing fashion sense and a true signature style Blair Waldorf is the main character of the novel Gossip Girl by Cecily Von Ziegesar. The TV version of the novel has called Blair the Queen B, played by actress Leighton Meester. Leighton has also received real-life media attention for her popular wardrobe. The role of Blair Waldorf is often compared with Joan Collins for he

Tweed Is Timeless | Blair Waldorf's Best Style | Gossip

Blair Waldorf's confidence was one of the many things that made her so spectacular. Yet, when she was with Chuck, Blair always faded into the background. In a moment of honesty, Blair admitted to. - Blair grabbed him by his collar and led the way, stomping up the stairs, while Seth trudged silently behind her. She closed the door behind them and slumped immediately onto her bed, dejected

Some of Blair's outfit choices can be a bit extravagant for, say, a Friday morning, but there is no denying. Blair Waldorf has the best wardrobe known to fictional characters—and always the bag and shoes to match 24 Best Blair Waldorf Quotes of All Time By Nina Barnes • Akron Contributor October 7, 2017 at 9:00am It's hard to believe we first met the iconic Serena Van Der Woodson, the obnoxious Dan Humphrey, the best ever Doroda, the annoying Jenny Humphrey, the beautiful Nate Archibald, the perfect Chuck Bass, and the Queen Blair Waldorf 10 years.

Blair Waldorf is queen (Picture: Giphy) Blair was scheming, bitchy, and mean - and unashamed about it. However, her heart was in the right place and she would do anything to protect her family. We all know that Blair Waldorf had an affinity for the finer things in life. Sarah Flint shoes fit the bill since they're made in Italy with the highest quality craftsmanship, comparable to other familiar luxury brands. Furthermore, Sarah Flint shoe designs are classy, polished, feminine, and stand the test of time Basically, I am obsessed with Blair Waldorf. From her style to her lifestyle she is my spirit animal. For those of you who haven't watched Gossip Girl (if thats you, you need to fix that asap) here are 4 reasons why you basically want to have Blair's life The Politician Season 2 Has Gossip Girl-Level Fashion Worthy of Blair Waldorf's Approva Blair is the embodiment of grace and class, which why we should all have a little Blair Waldorf in our system. If grace isn't something you have prepared in your card deck, it's okay. Blair is more than just poise and good posture, she's on that who-run-the-world-girls! programme too

Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf are getting married you guys

5 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Want To Be Like Blair Waldor

  1. (I'm only on season 3 in my rewatch, so I might forget things). Well, not everything. Blair lost out on her early entry (and entry at all) to her desired ivy league school (Yale) because she bullied a teacher to try and get a higher grade on an as..
  2. Blair's guilty of making a fashion faux-pas on more than one occasion, but her worst one has to be this ensemble. In season two, episode 10, Blair Waldorf tries to sabotage her mother's new relationship with Cyrus Rose, played by Wallace Shawn
  3. Blair Waldorf is a legend in the life of every 20-something. Okay, every Gossip Girl-watching 20-something, which is still a lot of people.Queen B's reign started from the Upper East Side and reached everywhere else, because she was just that good
  4. It's been many years since Gossip Girl went off the airwaves, but that doesn't mean Blair Waldorf's epithets of wisdom aren't as relevant today as they were then. Bow down to Blair Waldorf.

Definitive Proof That Blair Waldorf Is The Most Iconic

@jimscreechiie LMAOOOOO BEY IDK WHY I NOTICED THA Sadly most of the blogs all over my best friend, the Internet, are dedicated to the greatness of Blair Waldorf! Don't get me wrong I love Blair, but I think Serena van der Woodsen is given the raw end of the deal when it comes to appreciation! That's why I have listed down 5 reasons why Serena van der Woodsen kicks Blair's ass, because.

Aug 20, 2016 - Has someone gotten one over on her? This look doesn't quite cop to that, but it alludes to a plan of attack already forming if so A variety of blouses are needed by Blair Waldorf, like the air itself. Please put on a blazer over a fashionable blouse with a clear accent on pockets of a sea or gray shade. The second one. Another permanent resident of the wardrobe Blair Waldorf is the notorious hairband Here are Blair Waldorf outfits you can recreate to look as cute and stylish as her. Cute Floral Dress Blair's summer dresses are some of her best looks. This dress, in particular, is one that always catches everyone's eye. It has a bright and vibrant floral pattern. She has on a pink belt to cinch in her waist Blair starts nasty rumors about Serena and turns her into a school outcast. Eventually, Blair finds out boyfriend Nate Archibald slept with Serena right after sophomore year, hence why Serena felt the need to escape to boarding school and not come back for a year before she was kicked out for returning late in the beginning of the school year

Aug 20, 2016 - Pin for Later: Why Blair Waldorf Is the Queen Bee of GIFs Does anyone look this amazing drinking Champagne?. Article from popsugar.com. Why Blair Waldorf Is the Queen Bee of GIFs. The Best Fashion Moments on Gossip Girl. From Blair Waldorf's preppy, posh look to Jenny Humphrey's rocker chick evolution, TV's favorite Upper East Siders have some serious style In this conversation. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested user

Another episode, another set-up for the Gossip Girl finale

Gossip Girl: 15 Times Blair Was Better Than Serena TheThing

Leighton Meester turns 30 on Saturday, and though Gossip Girl is over, her legacy as Blair Waldorf lives on — primarily in her timeless style and sassy reaction GIFs. Blair's eye rolls are like. Best reconciliation: Blair and Chuck on the Dan setup Chuck manned up and pledged himself to Blair and her baby and got her to agree to leave Louis. Chuck: ''Just because Louis is the father of. In season 3 Blair explains to Vanessa that generations of breeding and wealth had to come together to produce me this implies that Blair has some old family money on both her mom's and dad's sides of the family. Also her mom's clothes sell at Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel, both are very high end luxury clothing stores

NJBCfan THIS is why I love Blair Waldorf 3! Kaleigh77 Hahahahhah.... Love Blair. She is SO hilarious! H2o-girl23 Haha Love Blair always! :) 3. ForeverChair I love B 3 . pmjjsgirl Damn Blair is the best! and touche Thats why everyone whos anyone loves Blair freaken waldorf! KissOfDoom Blair is a legend lol Before she was set to attend The Royal International Air Tattoo show in England, we have a feeling that Kate Middleton watched an episode or two of Gossip Girl. To see what we mean, all you need. Blair Waldorf has been listed as one of the Media and drama good articles under the good article criteria. If you can improve it further, please do so. but the article's main contributers will know best. AstroCog 18:48, 29 October 2011 (UTC) It is broad in its coverage WHY BLAIR IS THE BEST CHARACTER. Firstly, Blair is an absolute queen! I wish I was like her and I honestly relate to her on so many levels. She's a strong independent woman who doesn't take shit from anyone. While, she can be insensitive, cruel, self centred and immature, I believe that her back story and character development completely. Blair Waldorf is the lead character of Gossip Girl. She is an overachiever who comes of as cold and snobbish, but she also has an extremely sensitive side as well. Throughout the show and novels, she says some things that everyone can relate to and should live by. So, check out some of the best Blair Waldorf quotes we should all live by! 1

Gossip Girl: Blair's 10 Best Dresses, Ranked ScreenRan

Best Answer: BLAIR The crossword clue ___ Waldorf, the so-called Queen B on Gossip Girl published 1 time/s and has 1 unique answer/s on our system. Possible Answers From Our DataBase: BLAIR Blair Waldorf won our hearts during her reign as the Queen Bee on Gossip Girl. We loved her for her conniving schemes, witty one-liners, and of course her iconic sense of style. Amongst all the things it was known for, Gossip Girl was praised for its unparalleled fashion If Blair Waldorf were a piece of clothing, she would definitely be a floral dress. Out of all her outfits in the series, the floral dress was amongst the styles she wore most often, so I decided. Well, uh, she's best friends with this girl, Blair Waldorf, who is basically everything I hate about the Upper East Side distilled into one 95-pound, doe-eyed, bonmot-tossing, label-whoring package of girly evil. — Dan, to Rufus Humphrey. (1x06) The relationship between Blair and Dan, also known as Dair, is the friendship and romantic relationship between Blair Waldorf and Dan.

Justice for Blair Waldorf

Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf were actually the best couple on Alright, allow me to redirect your attention to exhibit A for why Dan and Blair had the best relationship on Gossip Girl: 1. Dan. High Class Satire or, Why I Love Blair Waldorf. Posted on November 8, 2014 by achalaupendran. I love the trashy TV series Gossip Girl. To be specific, I love Blair Waldorf, one of the five main characters on the show. She has a near-perfect GPA, impressive internships and recommendations and, maybe best of all, an intensely passionate and. Blair Waldorf proves that it is totally acceptable (if not necessary) to coordinate your two best accessories - your shoes and your handbag. Though there is a difference between pairing and having your shoes and handbag made from the same spool of fabric, be sure to use complementing shades and fabrics rather than exact matching. 5 Ladies and gentlemen, on the day of Leighton Meester's birth, we need to talk about Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf. On paper, Blair was everything that audiences have been conditioned to hate Now after that ode to the fearsome Blair Waldorf, let's take a look at five of her best quotes on love and life. 1 Be the Engine that Drives your Destiny. Blair taught us that real queens make things happen, and they don't use destiny as an excuse to sit back and wait for things to flourish. They don't have time to wait

Blair Waldorf's Best Looks in Gossip Gir

But the best way to get motivated is by watching Gossip Girl. We learn a lot from Blake Lively and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. That's why I have brought you a few of Blair Waldorf's famous dialogues that will help you deal with the rough phase of your life. Take a look. 1. Don't use destiny as an excuse. sheknows.com. 2 Blair has a strong personality, wisdom beyond her years and looks to kill for, so why wouldn't we want to fill in her shoes? She is Blair Waldorf after all. 1 Her Planning Skills Are Phenomenal. For such a young lady, Blair Waldorf was amazing at organizing events for some of the most important people

Blair finds out what she needs to know to impress before interviews and what connections she to forge. I love that Little J admired Blair instead of Serena because she saw the effort that Blair made to have the best life she could. I liked that while Blair was spoiled it was Serena that acted entitled Blair Waldorf Bedroom: Bedding Blair has the most luxurious bedding made of silk! I love her bedroom overall, but the silk bedding is especially intriguing. I have a website where you can buy best product of quilt at best price in India, Please click here Shopping Online. Reply Delete. Replies. Reply. Grace August 3, 2016 at 1:29 AM

I wish that I could be Blair Waldorf, at least for a day. She has a take-no-prisoners attitude and it shows; she gets what she wants and is both feared and respected for that. Her softer side shows through the life advice she gives to best friend Serena Van der Woodsen and in her on-again, off-again romance with Chuck Bass (who I want to hate. At the end of season one, Chuck blew Blair off for Amelia (Lydia Hearst), using his best pick-up line on her: I'm Chuck Bass. (S1) (S1) Before she had Dan, Vanessa had his secret half-brother. A comprehensive database of blair waldorf quizzes online, test your knowledge with blair waldorf quiz questions. Our online blair waldorf trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top blair waldorf quizzes

XOXO, GossipGirl — to Blair Waldorf's iconic three words, eight letters. Say it and I'm yours. Although most millennials fall on a spectrum from I transferred to Columbia so I. A selection of today's best stories to keep you in the know. Get early access; gossip girl blair waldorf. Ahead of the Gossip Girl reboot, let's remember why the original show is problematic. Advaita Chaudhari Our Team Trending on The Tempest Style. Blair Waldorf made Gossip Girl a show to watch, not for the storylines, but for the clothes she wore. Aside from the wide array of hideous headbands, Blair accomplished what may seem impossible for a lot of women. She was classy and appropriately dressed, but still had great sex appeal and sophistication

7 Reasons 'Gossip Girl's Blair & Chuck Are Still The Best

Feb 13, 2012 - Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is everyone's favorite mean girl. She's a girl of extremes, Serena Van Der Woodsen 's frienemy, Manhattan f.. Who designed the wedding dress for Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester)? The CW just confirmed to InStyle.com that the designer is none other than Vera Wang!The gown is a piece from the. While Gossip Girl fans may have hoped that Blake Lively and Leighton Meester were truly best friends in real life, it turns out that the dynamic between the two stars was very different from the.

Gossip Girl: 5 Times We Felt Bad For Blair (& 5 We Hated Her

INFPs have compassionate and idealistic personalities, which Dorota always used for better or worse — in the case of Blair, mainly for worse. INTJ: Eleanor Waldorf. Eleanor is a mysterious creature But out of all the characters on the hit TV show, Blair Waldorf has the best style of all. via GIPHY. Nothing could touch Blair Waldorf's sophisticated and girly aesthetic. In a time where.

10 Of Blair Waldorf 's Most Magnificent Fashion Moments On

Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. Blair Waldorf. Men die of boredom, psychological conflict and disease. They do not die of hard work. David Ogilvy. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. Colin Powell. We all know that Blair Waldorf is the style icon in Gossip Girl and her style is ah-dored by many of us. Blair Waldorf, played by actress Leighton Meester, is Gossip Girl's mean girl. She has a gorgeous Preppy, classic and Polished style and always knows what to wear in any occasion. Maybe Blair's secret stylis Explore Blair's clearance sale to find exactly what you're looking for at jaw-dropping prices. Shop our clearance sale online for rock bottom prices on stylish women's clothing and fashion pieces, classic men's clothes and accessories, and home goods to complete your home's décor. Discover all of our clearance sale deals today

12 Ways Serena van der Woodsen Was The Worst

Why Blair Waldorf is the best character in gossip girl

A fan once snuck onto the set at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and was mistaken for an extra. 50. The location that was used for Constance Billard is actually the Museum of the City of New York Though her methods weren't always the nicest, Blair Waldorf made the girls around her want to be her - dawning the birth of 'minions', or followers. There are people who follow and there are people who lead. Blair Waldorf: is a leader. Charge your way to the front of the pack and forge ahead into your future

Who is your favourite character from Gossip Girl and whyWhy Do Headbands Slip Off? How To Wear One & Stay Comfortable

Blair Waldorf : I'm very stressed, and with you and Serena down my throat, I can hardly think straight, never mind keep food down. Eleanor Waldorf : Maybe you just need to take a little break, visit your father Thea Johnson, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen had the world underneath their heels - well, the world that mattered. New York's Upper East Side was their playground, a haven of filthy rich, spoiled rotten children with overflowing trust funds and ambiguous morality Blair is caught off-guard - and not in a good way - by a surprise guest at her birthday party. Having had enough of Chuck and Blair's games, Serena and Nate decide to plan an intervention. Director: Joe Lazarov | Stars: Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford. Votes: 51 With more than 19,000 reviews, a 4.4 out of 5 rating on the site, and a #1 Best Seller badge, this skirt would definitely get Blair Waldorf's seal of approval The following is a list of characters for The CW teen television drama series, Gossip Girl.The show is based on the popular book series of the same name, written by author Cecily von Ziegesar.The series features nine regular characters and follows the storylines of several high school students, who attend the fictional preparatory school, Constance Saint Jude: Blair Waldorf Melo (Leighton. Serena and Blair have an iconic photoshoot in these dresses. The CW One of the best scenes of season one had to be the iconic matching photo shoot that Serena and Blair do in their Eleanor Waldorf (really ghost designer Abigail Lorick) dresses in front of the Plaza hotel

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