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Kaufen Sie Smd bei Europas größtem Technik-Onlineshop Komponenten Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei SMT Troubleshooting will always be there. SMT is NOT ZERO-Defect soldering process. Problems will Occur, but Solutions are there. SMT (Surface Mount Technology), like other SMD Soldering and PCB assembly technology is not ZERO-Defect soldering process Troubleshooting Guide. Bridging Possible Causes: PCB Description SMD pads will contribute to coplanarity issue result-ing in poor gasketing during printer setup. Recommendations Highly recommended to remove solder mask between adjacent pads especially for fine-pitch components Possible Causes: Stencil Description Dirty stencil with paste.

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As components become smaller, so should your process windows. There was a time when a type II solder paste and chemically etched stencil were acceptable for almost all assemblies. Throughout the 1990's, type III paste and laser cut stencil became the norm. For those using micro-components today, a type I Guide to Troubleshooting PCBs. Printed circuit boards (PCBs) In hardware circles, the process of circuit board development — in which the various components that comprise a circuit are assembled into place — is known as PCB design. Printed Circuit Boards Solutions to this surface mount defect include 1) increasing the preheating temperature (following the recommended guidelines) so that the temperature differential between the two terminations is low at the time of reflow, 2) selecting components and PCBs with consistently solderable leads and pads, 3) ensurin Many manufacturers have also SMD code lists. The more certainty you have of the package type (or narrowed it down to a few packages) and you think you know what the part does, you can use a distributor search (such as Digikey, Mouser, or Octopart) to narrow down what the part is. This allows you to pull up a datasheet and check SMT (Surface Mount Technology), like other SMD Soldering and PCB assembly technology is not ZERO-Defect soldering process. There will always be some or the other defect in any Electronics PCB assembly in both Thru-Hole and SMT. Here I will discuss some of the most common faults and causes of SMT defects and possible solution and troubleshooting

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  1. Of the many problems caused by smaller and smaller components, solder bridging takes the top of the list. A solder bridge is formed when two points on the circuit board that should not be electrically connected are inadvertently connected by solder during PCB soldering
  2. Click here to see my website. http://tvrepairinfo.com Click here to find your TV repair part.http://bit.ly/ShopJimmy1Finding a shorted component on a power s..
  3. Dewetting of tinning at heel area of gullwing lead. The tinning has cracked, so that the copper underneath can corrode. The solderability of these components is jeopardized. Components which show such or a similar condition of their surface should not be used in production
  4. Chip Level Small Parts of a Mobile Phone. Chip level small parts of a mobile phone include small electronics components like capacitors, resistor, diode, coil, boost coil, coupler, regulator, transistors, are rarely or not tested for fault. Mainly SMD Components are used in Mobile Phone and Smartphones. In case there is any fault in the track of the Mobile Phone PCB then it is solved or fixed.
  5. Some electronic components are available at a discount, and others carry a premium. While surface mount technology has matured, it is constantly evolving as well with the introduction of new packages. The electronics industry is making progress every day in resolving the economic, technical, and standardization issues with surface mount components.. SMD are available as both active and passive.
  6. of testing and troubleshooting SMD components. With the use of only one hand this lightweight unit will quickly evaluate all types of SMD components. MEASURING INDUCTANCE, CAPACITANCE AND RESISTANCE The primary display shows the present reading. The secondary display (on top) shows the present reading of additional.

For surface mount components, some newer techniques are required. You should be well informed with the operation of testing and troubleshooting equipment. The selection of test equipment depends on the amount of service and the type of service Surface-mount electronic components are ubiquitous in production, but many hobbyists are still using old-style through-hole technology, sometimes exclusively — including me, until recently. Why. Next, we'll go into the details of these problems. 1. Tombstoning. As the picture shows on the left, tombstoning is a situation that the sheet components raise up on one side. If the surface tension of the two sides of the component is unbalanced, this defect will occur. To prevent this from happening, we can: increase time on active zone §Solderability of the components may be marginal. §Remedy: §Ask if customer tests incoming components and PCB pads for solderability. §If component solderability is marginal, the slightest inequality in placement on the pad or heat delivered to each pad may result in tombstoning. Components should be tested for solderability testing and troubleshooting process. Resistance, capacitance and inductancecan be measured with automatic selectionof the test parameters and range. An Efficient and Convenient Way to Test SMD Components Smart Tweezers™ LCR Meter and Component Identifier in a Pair of Tweezer

Reading time (words). Quality nozzles and feeders are the core of pick-and-place. In this article, Zachery Shook, Count On Tools, describes five major issues associated with improper nozzle maintenance and/or the use of poor quality nozzles in the SMT pick-and-place process.. No SMT equipment can place components accurately and run efficiently without quality nozzles and feeders This SMPS uses classic-style (through hole) components. The high voltage side is on the left of the dashed red line. This SMPS uses modern surface mount (SMD) components. Here, the controller uses SMD technology and is mounted on the bottom side. The large SMD diode is the low voltage rectifier. The high voltage side is above the dashed red line

Are the components soldered correctly? If an LED isn't lighting up, maybe the orientation of the LED is incorrect. Is your square-shaped device soldered so that Pin 1 is where it's supposed to be? Check for this early. Performing hours of troubleshooting to finally discover that a chip is on backwards is about as frustrating as it gets What is Surface Mount Technology? Put Simply - It is a type of electronic component package. Most electronic components can be divided into two categories - through hole (TH) and surface mount (SM). Through-hole components have been used for many years and are designed to be loaded on one side of a printed circuit board (PCB) and soldered on. tance in performing and troubleshooting the steps involved in the process of producing printed wiring assemblies incorporating surface mounting attachment of components. Each section contains a list of problems often observed during a specific part of the surface mount assembly pro-cess. The list of observed symptoms is matched by An SMD, or surface mounted device, is an electronic component that you would find on a board. An SMT, or surface mount technology, is the method of placing components (like an SMD) on the board. In electronic manufacturing services , the SMT process often works with SMDs, perhaps adding to the confusion

Likewise, equipment that can place components within plus or minus 2 or 3 thousandths (while suitable in its day) is no longer acceptable when placing 0201's or even 01005's. Ovens too are becoming more accurate as well. Cause Analysis of SMD Tombstone Troubleshooting in SMT Assembly by Bob YI October 15, 2018 SMT (Surface Mount Technology), like other SMD Soldering and PCB assembly technology is not ZERO-Defect soldering process. There will always be some or the other defect in any Electronics PCB assembly in both Thru-Hole and SMT. Here I will discuss some of the most common faults and causes of SMT defects and possible solution and troubleshooting Also, disconnecting the parts and rewiring each circuit can help troubleshoot. This will assist in narrowing down the problem. Keep in mind that two parts may be named similarly or look the same, but in reality they are not

Electronic components have a wide range of failure modes.These can be classified in various ways, such as by time or cause. Failures can be caused by excess temperature, excess current or voltage, ionizing radiation, mechanical shock, stress or impact, and many other causes.In semiconductor devices, problems in the device package may cause failures due to contamination, mechanical stress of. There is a standardization for the size of these components, i.e. package 0201 - 0.6 mm x 0.3 mm (0.02 x 0.01). The package size for the ceramic SMD capacitors follows the same package for SMD resistors. This makes it almost impossible to determine if it is a capacitor or a resistor by visualization Of these sizes, the 1812, and 1206 sizes are now only used for specialised components or ones requiring larger levels of power to be dissipated The 0603 and 0402 SMT sizes are the most widely used, although with miniaturisation moving forwards, 0201 and smaller SMD resistors and capacitors are being used increasingly Hello Friends, Here is the huge collection of Electronics Repairing Books PDF and Electronics repair material. So if you are interested then you can get any ebook PDF for free from here. After studying these ebooks you will be able to repair any type of electronic equipment Salvaging electronic components from old PCBs. Reflowing solder paste applied with a stencil between SMD components and a PCB. Shrinking heat-shrink to secure wire connections. Heating up and bending certain plastics (with the correct settings)

  1. ations. An example of this is chip capacitors directly under through hole sockets for PGA's, PLCC and LCC packages. When possible, place all SMT components on the same side of the board and all through hole components on the component side (top)
  2. Surface mount components are supplied in a number of ways, the most common being tape/reel, tubes and trays. All machine manufacturers have feeders for this type of packaging but problems can arise when only small quantities of components are needed for small batches of assemblies. In this case components quite often are supplied in ways that.
  3. ations are free to flex back and forth with the board and effectively eli

the manufacture of surface mount assemblies, and are inherently very reliable. However, all Most problems in wave soldering can be overcome by reducing the solder bath temperature (to 235-245°C) and controlling the pre-heat of the components, the most obvious method for marking is to use a laser to 'write' on th In an electronic circuit, if the polarity is wrong, you can fry your components. A diode in your system will help to prevent problems. Diodes have a bar on the cathode (negative) side. 1 In order to safely repair or replace such components, a rework station must have more advanced features than a traditional SMD rework station. This includes machine vision like split vision optics, precision device placement and removal capability, and computer controlled thermal cycling

Handling small SMT components successfully requires tight process windows. For instance, the current process control for 0402-size components is Cpk (capability process index) greater than 1.5.. Advance Devices, Inc. provides an expert solution for identifying, measuring, testing, and troubleshooting surface mounted devices (SMD) and leaded two-terminal devices — a digital LCR meter in a set of tweezers. Smart Tweezers™ identify both marked and unmarked SMD-components with easy probing of all types of passive SMD and through-hole.

BASIC ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS MODEL ECK-10 Instruction Manual by Arthur F. Seymour MSEE It is the intention of this course to teach the fundamental operation of basic electronic components by comparison to drawings of equivalent mechanical parts. It must be understood that the mechanical circuits would operate muc If you'll be using surface-mount (SMD) components, the pads need to have enough space between them for the tool to fit. Check the Surface-Mount Package Compatibility guide to make sure

A simpler way of testing SMD Components Simplifying Component Testing and PCB Debugging Smart Tweezers are a hand held LCR meter that provides users with a simplified method of identifying and evaluation Surface Mount Devices and troubleshooting complex electronic systems I tried using a digital multimeter to find damaged components but did not find any. Whenever I take my damaged computer parts to the repair shop, the repair guy easily finds the faulty part with the same multimeter that I have and repairs it in less than 15 minutes but they charge a large fee so I am trying to do it by myself Surface Mount is Easy . Using SMD or surface mount components is often regarded as difficult and to be avoided at all costs - but that is a great waste. Not only are surface mount devices relatively easy to solder they also open up a world of sophisticated devices for you to use - from accelerometers to high performance microcontrollers SMB troubleshooting can be extremely complex. This article is not an exhaustive troubleshooting guide Instead, it is a short primer to understand the basics of how to effectively troubleshoot SMB. Tools and data collection. One key aspect of quality SMB troubleshooting is communicating the correct terminology Usually, an ESR meter can do all the job for you but when it comes to SMD components it doesn't come as handy as a smart tweezer. If you decide to go with ESR, you will be fine but the smart tweezer (Amazon link) is fun and a wonderful tool to have in your lab, in my opinion. The real problem with smart tweezers is, they are expensive

While SMD might look a bit scary in the beginning it's easily manageable when you stick with reasonably sized components and footprint types. On this kit, the smallest component has a 1206 (imperial) footprint, that is .12x0.06 inches or 3.2x1.6mm large SMD size code | SMD components size chart & SMD component size translation. Imperial code vs Metric code - what is the difference? SMD components sizes can be confusing if you don't know the different SMD sizes. 0201 imperial component sizes. 0201 metric component size. Free download SMD size chart Aha! that does look plausible. Thank you. The closest I found by looking through SMD lists was a dual fet, but both were n-channel. Trouble is I'm pushing the boundaries of my understanding of gate drive ccts: the main si8232* driver chip is good for 4a which i would have supposed was perfectly good for driving the big fets - So i don't understand what these little dual fet devices are there for Shop online INDE Quick SMD Rework Station, Weller Desoldering Station in India. 100% reliability @40% discount price. Find specifications, price, reviews and photos.100% after sales service, COD Delivery in India, Ex-stock, all spares for Weller Rework Station, Hakko Rework Station, Quick Rework Station, Desoldering stations available Compaq 17 LCD Monitor Troubleshooting and Repair-Shutdown After Sometime! What I did was resoldered all the components in the inverter area except the SMD components because SMD components rarely have dry joints. When I power On the LCD Monitor and hit it with the handle of the screw driver, the Monitor again went into shutdown..

We are here to solve your SMT dilemmas, problems and questions and all things SMT. What is the question today? Jim Well, it's in the area of pick and place. It comes from P.R. Is there a general minimum spacing requirement or should we apply SMD components to comply with the majority of the SMT pick and place systems on the market troubleshooting to identify the root cause of failure. measurements of the components. Combine with the U1732B SMD tweezer, SMD-type component measurement can be easily made. By connecting to a power adapter, the LCR meter will operate like a benchtop without having to worry about the battery life Surface mount technology changes rapidly. However, trends can be identified. This book includes my observations of industry trends. By understanding these trends, you will gain a fuller appreciation of the components described in this book. They will begin to take on a life of their own and will become more meaningful to you than just names on. As [George] was building up his SMD inventory, he came across a few clever solutions. The first was a binder sold by Adafruit (and others) that holds strips of cut tape SMD components. [George.

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4.7.1 Surface Mount Pad Repair, Epoxy Method R, F, C Medium A D 4.7.2 Surface Mount Pad Repair, Film Adhesive Method R, F, C High A C 5.0 PLATED HOLE PROCEDURES 5.1 Plated Hole Repair, No Inner Layer Connection R, F, W, C High I C 5.2 Plated Hole Repair, Double Wall Method R, F, W, C Medium A D 5.3 Plated Hole Repair, Inner Layer Connection R. 1. Easy-to-Assemble Fun DIY SMD Components Soldering Kit:--This product comes to you is Component Kit needs to be installed. It is specially designed for the SMD soldering training/competition. It consists of Practice Area & Actual Combat Area. It can turn into a water lamp LED display project after completing the installation and supplying.

Storage of SMD packages in these dry cabinets should be limited to a maximum time per Table 7-1. If the time limit is exceeded they should be baked according to Table 4-2 to restore the floor life. Dry Cabinet at 5% RH SMD packages not sealed in a MBB may be placed in a dry atmosphere cabinet, maintained at not greater than 5% RH Smd components remove and inserting use smd re work station. Bga components remove and inserting use bga re work station. Bios Edit and flashing Dead boot repair Dead mobile data recovery iphone unlocking Checking and troubleshooting by Digital ocelloscope (Dso) Microscope uses and troubleshooting Dead Hdd harddisk Data recovery and so. On.

Full List of Command Prompt Commands; Command: Description: Append: The append command can be used by programs to open files in another directory as if they were located in the current directory. The append command is available in MS-DOS as well as in all 32-bit versions of Windows. The append command is not available in 64-bit versions of Windows. Ar For most of the SMD components, it requires a minimum quantity to process SMT assembly, or extra parts to cover possible attrition during assembly process, so there is a minimum order quantity required. When the quantity of the components you required does not reach the minimum quantity, it will charge the fixed fee as the minimum Qty required

Make sure you've got all the components you need. Remember, SMD resistors are marked, capacitors are not so be sure to correctly identify the caps by writing on the tape immediately after you cut it off the reel. If you've just got a Digikey bag, make sure the correct components make it back into the correct bag. Through-hole components: 1 x. Premium Stations. Premium Stations range include different solutions from Nano Stations, for soldering and rework of SMD components requiring the highest precision, to Heavy Duty Station for soldering applications requiring high amount of power, as well as Hot Air Stations and Preheaters.. It also comprises Stations based on the JBC Modular System of two tools and four tools specifically.

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  1. As you can see from the photo, this board is all surface-mount. I put this off for two years because, frankly, I was a little scared of working with such small parts. I had actually built a couple of other small kits that used surface mount components, including a dummy load from Third Planet Solar , but those part were a lot bigger than the.
  2. at 1 h cycle period). Sensitive SMD constructions such as chips with ball grid array mounting or multilayer chip capacitors (MLCC) are often a major issue due to their flex cracking problems. This paper describes the real behavior of deformation at temperature cycling and PCB bending of chip components (body size 0603). By using th
  3. To identify a particular SMD device, first identify the package style and note the ID code printed on the device. Now look up the code in the alphanumeric listing which forms the main part of this book by clicking on the first character shown in the left -menu. Unfortunately, each device code is not necessarily unique
  4. Supply dead, fuse not blown - bad startup circuit (open startup resistors), open fusable resistors (due to shorted semiconductors), bad controller components. Supply mostly dead or takes a long time to come alive. There may be an LED flashing but the equipment doesn't respond to power button (or takes awhile) - bad electrolytic capacitors
  5. 7.3.2 Soldering Surface Mount Chip Components, Hot Gas Method Method Procedure covers soldering of surface mount chip components on circuit board assemblies using a hot gas method. Conformance Level: Medium | Minimum Skill Level: Intermediat

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  1. Basic Troubleshooting 1. Most circuit problems are due to incorrect assembly, always double check that your circuit exactly matches the drawing for it. 2. Be sure that parts with positive or negative markings are positioned as shown in the drawings. 3. Be sure that all connections are securely fastened. 4
  2. The Problem: The reason that the turn signals suddenly stop working after LED or SMD bulbs are installed has to do with the load put on the signal flasher relay. In many vehicles, the signal flasher is a thermal flasher design. This type of signal flasher relay work by heating up with the current for the bulbs passes through the relay
  3. Back to Troubleshooting Table of Contents. Tools, Test Equipment, and Other Stuff Hand Tools Invest in good tools. If you are into garage sales, you can often pick up excellent well maintained tools very inexpensively but be selective - there is a lot of junk out there

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Anchoring surface mount components (SMD package) to PCBs is a challenge. All too often, different thermal coefficients lead to an expansion misalignment of the materials used, resulting in loss of efficiency. The problem can be especially severe for electronics headed for space As a result, surface mount technology, SMT was born, and the use of SMT components rose very rapidly as their advantages were seen and realised. Concept of surface mount technology: a typical passive component . Today surface mount technology is the main technology used for PCB assembly within electronics manufacturing SURFACE MOUNT TECHNOLOGY (SMT) GULL-WING/L LEADED PACKAGES (cont.) ACCEPTABLE. SIDE JOINT FILLET (D) The side joint fillet (D) shall be present, equal to the lead width (W) plus the heel fillet, or equal to a minimum of 75% of lead length (L) plus the heel fillet, whichever is less, and exhibit complete wetting and a positive contour

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Place all the surface mount components and placed the Board on the Hot Plate. Turn On the hot plate and wait until the Solder paste melts and take out the board immediately after melt-down of solder paste. The Solder paste melts somewhere around 180 degree Celsius to 220 degree Celsius and this process took me around three minutes to complete. In the case of a PCB design, tombstoning is typically a surface mount passive component, like a resistor or a capacitor, that partially lifts from a pad on one end. As your component stands on end like it's rising from the dead, it ends up looking like a tombstone in the graveyard of what is now a defunct PCB design with an open circuit CDP Micro Tweezers Station. It uses AM120 Adjustable Micro Tweezers for fast and precise SMD rework. The best solution for soldering and rework of SMD components such as chips, small/medium SOP components and dual line components Dry Tower Automated SMD Storage System Smart factory component storage & Material Logistics. Automating the SMD warehouse did not only improve the basic process reliability, reduce the amount of manual activities and speed up our production processes, it also enabled us to monitor the process of component drying, which means a clear economic.

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Microwave components companies have spent a considerable amount of time developing and perfecting ICs for RF oscillator circuits. These components tend to have quite low phase noise and are typically surface-mount components, especially when designed to operate at high frequencies SMD/SMT Capacitor Kits. The Super SMT Capacitor Kits™ contain 1206/0805/0603/0402 COG, NPO, X7R, X5R,Y5V materials, values from 0.5pF to 22uF surface mount capacitor. Totally around 100 values in one Super SMT Component Enclosure. For each value, you have the choice of 20pcs/value, 50pcs/value, 100pcs/value or 200pcs/value capacitor kits One of [NE555]'s boards from the 90s. Over on twitter [NE555] has been posting beautiful SMD prototypes.. Back in the 90s when surface mount components gained widespread adoption, the quick and.

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SMD Nixie Clock: Background:I initially wanted to build something because I was looking for a project to do, and finally wanted to do a project with SMD components. The considerably smaller size of the SMD components would allow me to make smaller PCBs, and open up Pick up mode! using a second empty syringe (included) you can pick SMD components straight from the tape for faster and easier board assembly: Small footprint, just 9x7cm. Compatible with external switches Once the machine has placed the components, the natural tackiness of the solder paste holds the components in place while the board is transferred to an oven. When the solder paste is melted, reflowed, and then cooled, permanent solder joints are created at each component, completing the population of the board's surface mount components


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True - up to a point - but it does depend on the actual pitch of SMD the manufacturer has chosen. I've hand-built quite a lot of SMT boards - I'm ok down to 1206 pitch components, but those are relatively large by modern SMT standards. There are smaller that really are beyond me. Martin (G8FXC You can use them to pick up and measure SMD components quickly and reliably, even for parts down to sizes of 01005 (0.4 x 0.2mm). Thanks to the ultra precise tips, you can easily reach the component under test without touching the adjacent components during in-circuit troubleshooting even in a very crowded area

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Soldering Surface Mount Components Introduction Soldering is the process of using a metal alloy with a low melting temperature (solder) to fuse the electrical contacts of a component to the pads of a circuit board. Proper soldering maximizes the strength and conductivity of the connection. Poor soldering can result in weak connections SMT: Surface Mount Technology Active & Fine Pitch Components. 2.2 Active components: Also the lower package thickness compounds the thermal problems and therefore the boards should be suitably designed to allow good thermal conductivity through heat spreaders if necessary. Placement and inspection accuracies required will be more demanding. good solder bond between surface mount device (SMD) and substrate since the solder provides the thermal path from the chip. A good bond is less subject to thermal fatiguing and will result in improved device reliability. The most economic method of soldering is a process in which all different components are soldere

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Innovative All-In-One Design: The DT71 is a brand new tweezer style digital tester, saving you time by allowing you to quickly test components before installation. Multi-Functional: Not only is it a LCR meter for SMD components, but it can also be used as an ESR meter. Recessed Control Button: Designed for comfort in mind, simply tap the top of the controller and you can switch between features For a start, there are plasma training manuals and troubleshooting guides for Sony and LG's model 60PY2DR, 50PY2DR, 50PX4DR and more. 53 type of plasma tv service manuals, LG Service Bulletin and Other Related Repair Information and other bonuses. IC's, SMD components & etc. Website you can order online to buy Plasma TV cheap & useful spare. Surface Mount vs. Through Hole. Earlier I referred to how the equivalent circuits assume that we're using surface-mount components. Through-hole components are by no means unsuitable for RF, but it's important to understand that surface-mount packaging is inherently superior when you're working with high-frequency signals Advance Devices, Inc. | 39 followers on LinkedIn. Advance Devices, Inc. provides an expert solution for identifying, measuring, testing, and troubleshooting surface mounted devices (SMD) and. PCB Troubleshooting . Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are a mass of insulators and copper traces that connect densely packed components to create a modern circuit. Troubleshooting PCBs is often a challenge, with factors such as size, number of layers, signal analysis, and types of components playing a large role Troubleshooting Guide for End-User Experience Monitoring *in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2----Content. Design Time. SAP Note 1638655 lists the patch levels for J2EE software components that fix the problem. Current SMD Upgrade status does not allow trace collection

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