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Compare profiles & prices of Frankfurt's best cleaners & try commitment free today! English speaking customer service. One-off and recurring bookings possible The short answer is unfortunately no, not all stains can be removed, and here are three reasons why. The longer a stain is left untreated, the less likely it is to be removed. When a spill first occurs, it sits on the surface of the fabric, but over time, that spill can start to react with the fabric causing the fabric to actually change colors If water alone doesn't remove the stain, make a cleaning solution with equal parts of white vinegar and dish detergent. Dip a clean cloth or cotton swab into the formula, and dab the stain. Remember to rotate the towel underneath as you work and replace with a dry towel when it is saturated Oily, greasy and fatty stains can be notoriously hard to remove at home, but not for a reputable dry cleaners. Cooking or motor oil, butter, petroleum jelly, certain skincare products such as lotion, hair care products and many food items fall in this category

Begin by blotting the stain with a clean, soft cloth to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Apply the appropriate cleaner with a cotton ball, cotton swab or soft cloth depending on the size of the stain. Continue to blot with a clean, white cloth. As you are blotting, you will notice the stain transferring to the cloth Wet stains go away with water, but dry cleaners, as the name suggests, have to work their way around, says Natalie Barrett, cleaning supervisor at Nifty Cleaning Services and a former dry.. Did you lean against the sink in the ladies' room? I have taken clothing back to the dry cleaner and said You didn't get out these stains, try again. I'm sure they know more secrets than we do. If the clothing is dry clean only, I would not try anything else. Well, maybe Woolite, if it is silk The dry cleaning process works very well in removing oil-based stains thanks to the chemical solvent. However, other types of stains are not always removed effectively. Accordingly, all garments are post spotted to look for remaining stains. The stains are treated with steam, water, or even a vacuum to remove any remaining traces Dry Cleaning. Expert Stain Removal. When you have a spot or stain it is best not to attempt to remove it yourself. It is always safe to blot a stain with a clean cloth or napkin, but you shouldn't rub the area. It is very helpful to let us know exactly what caused the stain. This allows our experts to use the proper procedure

Dry cleaning alone will not remove these stains. Depending on the fabric, an expert technician may be able to remove the stain but not always. If you know of the potential for such invisible stains, point them out to our garment care specialists so we can flush them out before cleaning the item and setting the stain In some cases, depending on the age of the stain, fabric color and fiber type, professional cleaners can use aqueous enzyme digester solutions to reduce or completely remove such stains. Kelchner Cleaners provides dry cleaning, cleaning services, and wedding gown preservation to people around Kutztown, Fleetwood, Topton, and Reading Even the most miraculous stain removers will have a harder time removing a stain that has been left to dry out before being treated. Blot —don't rub!—with a paper towel or clean white. In other words, stains cannot be removed through dry cleaning if:- · The stains are very old, are oxidized or are set in the fabric. · The fabrics are of a delicate nature that limits the degree of stain removal. · The dye in the fabric is soluble, meaning that it will be removed together with the stain

If the stain was on the dry side (grease, oil-base paint, tar, nail polish), it takes solvents or dry-side chemicals to remove the stain. In home laundry, most wet-type stains come out during the washing process With the right tools and methods, most stains can be removed from washable clothes. When a spill or stain happens, blot—do not rub—with a clean towel right away. If the garment is dry clean-only, then take it to a dry cleaner—do make sure you point the stain out to your cleaner and tell them what it is so they can treat it properly Dry Cleaning Solvents . Water is often called the universal solvent, but it doesn't really dissolve everything. Detergents and enzymes are used to lift greasy and protein-based stains. Yet, even though water can be the basis for a good all-purpose cleaner, it has one property that makes it undesirable for use on delicate fabrics and natural fibers

Ink stains can be one of the more difficult types of stains to tackle at home. If you get ink on a dry-clean only garment, do not attempt to remove this stain, you will need a great dry cleaning company. Ink can be water based, oil based or permanent. Water based inks are the easiest to remove Flush the area with steam. If at any point in the wet side stain removal, the stain is removed, flush the stain removal agents from the fabric, feather dry, apply levelling agent to the damp area and dry clean. At this point, if the stain still remains, bleach will be necessary. This should only be used as a last resort The key to at-home dry cleaning is steam. A powerful yet gentle way to remove bacteria and odors from clothes. No harsh chemicals of dry cleaning and no rough agitation of wet washing. Dryel's Fabric Protection Bag harnesses steam released from the cleaning cloth to clean clothes, protect colors, and restore shape. Learn more >>

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Dry cleaners fail to remove stains, finds Which? Nine out of ten high street dry cleaners fail to completely remove stains without damaging, stretching or shrinking garments, a new survey by Which. If stain remains, dampen a clean, white cloth with a commercial dry-cleaning solvent' and apply to the spot. Press the cloth with your hand for a moment or two so the vapors of the solvent can dissolve the oily stain. Check to see if any stain is transferring to the cloth Stains require prompt and immediate treatment to ensure their successful removal. Sadly, hand washing may not be that effective when it comes to removing stains. It often leaves you with no choice but to try dry cleaning The stains on the sofa can spread germs and also foul smell. Now that you have read my article, I hope you have got an idea of how to clean the sofa stain effectively. For removing dry particles like bread crumbs, do not use water as too much water can damage the fabric. Use vacuum cleaner for that purpose

Remove Scuff Marks . Use a clean, soft cloth to gently rub the area and remove any dried-on surface stain. The cloth will also restore some of the texture to the nap. If the stain remains, gently rub the area with a pencil eraser or art gum eraser. As a last resort, use an emery nail file to gently rub the area If your garment is dry-clean only, hope is not lost - a professional dry cleaner can work wonders to save your important (and expensive) garments. First Defense - Take Preventative Measures. The best and cheapest way to combat sweat stains, of course, is to stop them from occurring in the first place How To: Remove a Red Wine Stain From Dry Cleaning Step 2 Remove residue With a dry cloth, gently remove any residue from the stain area. How To: Remove a Red Wine Stain From Dry Cleaning Step 3 Dab with diluted vinegar Make a solution of one part vinegar and two parts water. Dab solution onto spot with a cotton swab

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Dry cleaners are very effective in removing almost all types of stains that are not fully set-in or 'oxidized', in other words, once the stain has altered the actual fabric structure it is almost impossible to remove. An important tip for stain prevention is to never store clothing with stains or spills on it The general consensus is to take the item to the dry cleaners to have it professionally treated. This guide does contain a tip for attempting to remove the stain yourself. Care should be taken if you try this. This is a guide about how to remove a stain on a dry clean only garment

Spotter dilemma-Getting stubborn stains, spotters are ready to do its utmost to remove stains, but they have to avoid damage to the fabric in the dry cleaning process. Stubborn stains often require a combination of strong stain removing solutions and a significant amount of mechanical action for the Dry cleaners to get them removed Unfortunately for everyone, some stains are permanent. They simply become part of the fabric. Continued attempts to remove them will cause dye loss or fabric damage, known as chafing or fraying. Many stains are removed by the dry cleaning machine and require no additional effort from the cleaner. A group of stains, called stubborn stains, require the attention of a stain removal specialist Drycleaning is the use of solvents to remove soil and stains from fabric. It is called drycleaning because the solvents contain little or no water and do not penetrate the fibers as water does... From garment bags to removing stains, here are some commonly held dry cleaning myths that 20/20 busted. quicklist: 1title:Myth #1text: Myth: Club soda can help remove stains. The Truth: False It may take several applications to remove all of the stains. You may want to wrap a thin fabric like cheesecloth over the vacuum hose to vacuum the area afterward to remove any residue from the cleaning solution. Fabrics other than wool and silk that are dry clean only can also be gently washed and air dried if needed

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Simple green is a cleaning solution used by many for regular household cleaning tasks. However, it also works to remove set-in stains. Pour the liquid directly onto the stain and let it set for 15-20 minutes, adding more if necessary. Then wash your clothing on a cold water cycle, and air dry it Anyway, not only does it smell bad, but it has tan, brown, and black body soil stains. He brought it to a dry cleaner 2 years ago, but he says that did not help much. I hand washed it 3 times with detergent in hot water, and it helped a little, but the darkest stains (and the smell) remain Dry cleaners have a reputation for being the stain removal masters, but most will tell you that when it comes to removing urine stains & odours, traditional methods do not work. Chemical cleaning products (both household & professional) only encapsulate the uric acid crystals - leaving the stain & temporarily masking the odour Not to worry, removing these stains is an easy fix. If the stain is on an item of clothing or movable fabric, use a damp cloth and an iron to smooth out the stain. If the water stain is on your upholstery, use a water and vinegar solution to help lift the mark. Before you know it, your fabric will be back to normal I have just had my carpets dry cleaned by a professional cleaning company. He could not remove several staines because the carpet is old. I have a vax-machine so I had a go at the staines. The staines did not improve, but i got a lot of grit and muddy water out of the carpet. It was filthy

Air dry, or dry on a no heat or fluff cycle. If the stain still does not lift after being washed twice, fill a large bowl or tub with cold water and place the garment in it. Allow the garment to soak in the bowl for two hours Sponge the stained area with a dry-cleaning solvent; let it air-dry. Soak the stain in a solution of one cup of liquid laundry detergent and a few drops of ammonia (Caution: Never mix chlorine bleach and ammonia - the resulting fumes are hazardous) for at least 30 minutes. Launder using liquid laundry detergent Place the garment on a paper towel with the stain side down. Apply a dry cleaning solvent such as Afta Cleaning Fluid to the stain, and change paper towels frequently as they pick up the oil stain. Spray the stain with a pre-soak cleanser such as Shout, and let stand for at least a half hour. Launder as usual following care label instructions Once the stain has been removed, you should be left with a damp spot that can dry into another stain if not dried properly. Take your hair dryer and dry the spot from a safe distance on the cool setting. Additional Tips: Do not apply water directly to the fabric; Do not use warm or hot air setting on your hair dryer; Use water and vinegar.

Bring in the garment or linen to Eve Dry Cleaners Adelaide. If the item is not valuable to you, wash it immediately. Place the stained fabric in the washing machine with laundry powder and use the highest temperature setting possible Quite often a dry cleaner will take valuable time and added expense by first cleaning a garment in their dry cleaning machine to remove these oily type stains and then laundering them, that is if they can be dry cleaned The truth is, dry cleaning is not actually dry; the clothes get wet, just not with water, but rather with perchloroethylene, or perc, the cleaning and degreasing solvent that's been used for decades. They're then cycled through large washing machines, much like the one you use at home If stain remains, apply amyl acetate and tamp again. Flush with the dry-cleaning solvent. If stain still persists, sponge with water, then apply a wet spotter and a few drops of white vinegar. (Do not use vinegar on cotton or linen.) Tamp again and apply a wet spotter and a few drops of ammonia. Flush with the dry-cleaning solvent and allow to dry

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Hang the garment to dry - do not dry in the dryer! This step is vitally important to removing grease. Your eyes will play tricks on you. While the item is wet, you'll be certain you don't see the grease stain any longer. But once it's dry, it can possibly 'reappear'! So please remember to hang dry Depending on the age of the stain and the type of fabric Jeeves can, at times, remove all traces of the stain. For severe cases, or on fragile fabrics, stain removal may not be possible. To prevent yellow stains for occurring, Jeeves recommends that prior to putting garments that have been worn away for the season, please clean them I have spoken with drycleaners about this problem. They replied that they do their best, but once a stain is set its very hard to remove, and there's no guarantees that they will be able to remove it. One tailor told me there are new products now,.. Spray lightly with water, do not blot this time; apply pad of paper towels and brick and allow to dry. If there is still some stain on the carpet and blotting is not removing it, then moisten the tufts in the stained area with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Let stand for on (1) hour. Blot and repeat until carpet is stain free

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  1. Do not rub with clean tissue after each application. Work carefully to release stain from edge to centre. Oily or greasy stains are best treated with solvents first which must be allowed to evaporate before any water-based treatments are subsequently carried out
  2. Wash in detergent in the hottest water safe for the fabric—very hot for cotton and linen, hand-hot for synthetics such as nylon, and just warm for woolens. If washing does not remove a grease stain, let the article dry. Sponge the stain with grease solvent. Air the garment to remove any solvent fumes
  3. Starting at the edges of the stain and working inward, dab on a solution of 1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent and 1 cup of water. Agitate or work the solution into the spot using the white cotton..
  4. Due to the nature of some fabrics, dry cleaning can only be done to safeguard against damage. Total removal of stains may not be possible if the dyes in the fabric are prone to bleeding since these dyes will be removed together with the stain. These type of dyes (those that easily bleed) have poor colourfastness
  5. Cleaning your dry erase board with a whiteboard cleaner every 2 or 3 days will help to keep it looking its best. Cleaners come in spray bottles or convenient disposable wipes. Regularly cleaning the board ensures that your dry erase ink doesn't sit on the board for too long, which can cause stains. You don't have to live with a messy whiteboard
  6. Once your stain has completely dried, you can try and remove some of it using a spoon or butter knife, however, do not expect to lift much. Apply a small amount of acetone to a clean cloth or cotton wool pad, and gently dap your superglue stain on both sides of your garment
  7. Stains happen to the best of us, and it always seems to happen on something that is not very easy to clean, such as dry clean only clothes. Ink is something that is typically a nightmare to remove and you must be especially careful when treating clothes that have special washing instructions

Never try cleaning chiffon that says, dry clean only unless you are willing to lose the garment should the stain not come out. Silk chiffon usually requires dry cleaning. Do not mix stain-removing products together. The reaction could damage the fabric. Some cleaning processes could have an effect on the colorfastness of the fabric To use hairspray, spray a liberal amount over your stain and wait for it to completely dry. Once it has dried, used a soft-bristled brush, such as a toothbrush, to scrub at your stain. When you notice the colour begin to fade, flush out the hairspray with cold water, and continue with the usual stain removal process Dry carpet cleaning systems do work well, but when you're in need of a deep rejuvenation, it's usually not powerful enough of a process to revitalize and disinfect a carpet. Dry carpet cleaners can inject chemicals that leave residues on carpet fibers or scents that trigger allergies in some homeowners, and it's just another thing to. If you happen to have rubbing alcohol but not a stain-remover, try dabbing (don't rub!) a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the stain using a cotton ball, let sit, and then launder as usual. For hair spray, spray the stained area and let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse and place in the washing machine The stain wasn't there when the customer brought it in and the dry cleaner did not put the stain on the garment. Yes, it was the case of the invisible stain. One of the more common and problematic stains that occurs with garment care is the stain that seems to show up all by itself

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  1. How to Remove Excess Stain From Wood That Is Dry. Staining wood is a complex process because different pieces of wood absorb stains at different rates. Because of the inconsistency in absorption.
  2. To remove your stains quickly, the following should be considered: as much as possible we scrape the inner layers of the jacket; we use only clean and white cloth or cotton pads; wipe the dirt first with a dry cloth, then with a damp one; cleaning is done from the edge of the stain, while moving to the cente
  3. For mild stains, a simple baking soda paste would do the work. For stubborn stains, you need to put a pinch of baking soda, some apple cider vinegar, and ammonia in about 2 liters of warm water. Put on gloves while you are working with the mixture and make sure to wipe the area dry with a clean cloth once the stain is gone. 11. Soak Hair Dye Stain

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Do the scrubbing in back and forth motions. Press the scrub brush firmly down on the soiled area to help work the peroxide solution and baking soda deep into the urine stain. Finally, dry the affected area of the carpet using a paper towel. Make sure to dry the stain as much as possible to remove any leftover solution on the carpet Use the stain remover to clean stains. The stain remover that comes with dry cleaning kits is the same as stain remover that you buy separately at the store Apply it according to the instructions it came with. If you're concerned that the stain remover may leave a mark on your clothing, do a spot test in a discreet place to make sure it's safe to use How to remove stains. If your cashmere item is tailored or structured - such as a blazer, coat, or suit - spot treat it first. Wet a stain bar and gently work into the affected area. Remove the soap and dirt using a wet lint-free cleaning cloth (dampen if needed) and repeat the process until the stain lifts out. Dry flat Spray stain removers alone didn't lift wine stains. The 24-hour stain (right) was particularly tough. Brian Bennett/CNET In my tests, I found that one cleaning wasn't enough Take it to a professional dry cleaner, or use an at-home dry cleaning system like Dryel. You should also perform a spot test before applying stain removers or detergents to delicate fabrics

Saddle soap was created to remove tough stains from saddles, and often works with ink. Use it sparingly to remove tough stains. If that does not work, then professional consultation is needed. Oils & Grease. Oil and grease are pretty standard on leather jackets. You can use baby powder or cornstarch to dry out the stain before cleaning Tip. For regular maintenance, clean Formica using a soft cloth and mild cleaner, such as dish soap. Wash the surface and rinse with cool water. Do not soak the laminate or use abrasive cleaners Enzymatic cleaners are the most effective way to remove urine stains and smell, but be sure to conduct a spot test on a non-visible area of the mattress before applying it to the affected area. If your enzyme cleaner does not discolor your mattress, carefully follow the cleaning tips listed on the product

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  1. Most dry cleaners can remove all you have mentioned, if you ask them to remove those stains then they will be able to concentrate on those stains and they will not be missed if they are not brought to the cleaners attention then I am afraid they will go untouched and you will still have stains on your clothes, so don't forget to mention you have stains and tell the exactly what stains you are.
  2. Do not treat garment while wearing. Use the precision stain grabbing nubs of OxiClean™ MaxForce™ Gel Stick to break apart and remove stains. Read the clothing label. Do not use OxiClean™ Gel Stick if your item is wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather or fabrics labeled dry-clean only. Test on a small inconspicuous area first
  3. Check the stain after the laundry cycle is complete. If the stain has been removed, dry the garment as directed on the care label. Do not dry clothes if the stain is still there. Hot air sets stains, making them difficult -- if not impossible -- to remove. If necessary, air dry the garment, and then try other stain removal methods

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  1. The problem I had was I did NOT remove the stain from the kitchen table so the stain never soaked into the wood hence the table felt wet. I ultimately had to remove the stain (which literally sat on top of the wood) then re apply the stain the right way and it turned out amazing
  2. Dry cleaning is necessary to protect fabrics that would be damaged by the heat or water of your traditional washer and dryer and to remove stains that are not removed by a wet cleaning process, such as grease and oil
  3. stain is still evident, do not dryer dry. The heat of drying makes the stain more permanent. Before starting on the stain, test stain removal agents on a seam or hidden area of the garment to be sure they do not affect the color or fi nish of the fabric. Avoid excessive rubbing unless the fab-ric is tough and durable. Rubbing ca

Remove stains using a homemade dry-spotting solution. Scrape as much of the stain off as you can using your fingernail. Next, create a dry-spotting solution using 1 part coconut or mineral oil and 8 parts dry cleaning solvent. Apply the dry-spotting solution to the stain, wait a few minutes, then blot it off using a clean cloth Dry cleaning is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a solvent other than water.. Dry cleaning still involves liquid, but clothes are instead soaked in a water-free liquid solvent, tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene), known in the industry as perc, which is the most widely used solvent. Alternative solvents are 1-bromopropane and petroleum spirits When it comes to versatile cleaners, you can't get more versatile than vinegar. The slight acid in vinegar is a stain treating master on even the toughest of stains. This method is very effect on most non-grease stains, working about 75-90% of the time. It will work best on stains that haven't dyed the material like ink or mustard. For this. Squeeze the lemon juice directly onto the stain and pour salt over the stain. Gently rub the lemon juice and salt into the stain, then rinse with water. Repeat until the stain has faded or completely disappeared. Hang your shirt to dry

Clean the surface free of dirt with soapy water and dry with a cloth or paper towels. Take steps to ensure that chemical stain remover does not splash or spill onto other surfaces. If removing stain from furniture, place it on top of a drop cloth and remove or tape over hinges and other metal hardware Unfortunately, when I attempted to clean one such accident on the upholstered ottoman in my living room I ended up making the damage worse. After dabbing it with water, not only did it not remove the original stain, but left a big round water stain. I was horrified. As it turns out you can't use regular water on light upholstery

5. Dry Cleaning Sweat-Stained Hats. Some sweat-stained hats can be damaged with water-based cleaning methods. Felt hats, top hats and fedoras, for example, do not take well to water. It's not recommended to dry clean top hats or fedoras. Hats made of felt, like cowboy hats, can be dry cleaned to remove salty sweat stains Do not machine dry the garment if the oil stain remains - the dry heat will 'set' the stain into the fabric and will be very difficult to remove. Removing oil stains from clothes through dry cleaning. For dry clean only garments, first pre-treat fresh oil stains using baby powder or cornstarch, as before Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the general soap and water solution, and wet the stain with the mixture. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes. Every five minutes, blot the area with a clean towel and rewet the stain. Finally, rinse the stain by sponging it with clean water and blotting it dry washing check the stain - if still there repeat washing. If stain is gone then dry as usual. If it is a dry clean only item DO NOT DRY IN DRYER the item wil

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  1. Use an eyedropper to place several drops of the solution directly on the stain. Follow-up by applying a few drops of ammonia on the stain. Use a dry cloth to blot the site which will absorb the liquid and lift the stain. Moisten a clean cloth with cool water and dab on the site to remove any traces of the solution
  2. Give the garment a final water rinse to remove both the stain and the solvent. If you can, immediately wash it, either in a laundry machine or by taking it in for dry cleaning. Some stains can be removed simply by a wash or a dry cleaning, but it's best to apply the specific treatment as well
  3. Rinse the stain with cold water. Wet a cloth and apply a drop of Dawn. Dab at the area with the cloth. Work the Dawn around with your fingers
  4. erals. Before throwing your stained bras out, try cleaning them with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, dish detergent, lemon juice, or color-safe bleach to remove the stains
  5. For solid stains, such as wax, remove as much of the solid as possible with a table knife before treating. Avoid rubbing delicate fabrics. Take dry-clean-only fabrics to the dry-cleaner as soon as possible, and be sure to give the cleaner as many details as possible. Be patient! Some stains take a while to remove
  6. To successfully remove coffee stains, it is best to treat them immediately. Pants that require dry cleaning only should be cleaned with specific materials to avoid ruining the fabric. It's generally easy to remove the coffee stain yourself, rather than having the pants dry cleaned
  7. Blot stain dry with a clean, dry paper towel or cloth. You may notice the stain color transferring to your blotting towel; this is a good sign as the stain is being lifted out of the carpet fibers. Repeat cleaning and blotting steps until stain is gone

To prevent stains from setting in, remember to soak the garment in cold water as soon as possible. When it comes to removing stains, it's usually best to use cold water if you're not sure about the stain type. However, for greasy stains, you'll want to use warm water Lightly mist liquid onto the stain (do not over wet the carpet). Then gently dab with a clean dry towel. Repeat until the stain has gone and make sure you dry the area well. Dish washing liquid is alkaline (has a high Ph) so it brings the stain back to neutral

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AlbaChem® PSR II Powdered Dry Cleaning Fluid. The first time I was trying to remove a tea stain from off white linen. The brush was far too brutal for the fabric. It took about 80% of the stain out, but left the fabric rough. The second time I used it I decided to forgo using the brush. When I went to spray, the can leaked onto the wood of. Suits do vary in ease of care, from something casual without much extra construction, to a fully fashioned (lining, shoulder pads) jacket, the type of garment that benefits from professional care. If you do take the suit to the dry cleaners, be sure to show them the stains so they can pretreat them appropriately before dry cleaning These 6 tips can help remove dried blood from fabric. Cleaning a fresh blood stain is always preferable to a dried one. Usually, a quick rinse or soak with cold water will do the trick before the stain sets in. But many times, blood will set long before you even know there is a stain. Don't Clean Large Blood Stains on Your Ow Allow the liquid soap to sit on the stains from 30 minutes to overnight. Related post: How to Clean Greasy Range Hood Filters 4. Wash and Dry as Usual. Add the stained clothing to the wash, following the instructions on the garment tag for water temperature, wash cycle, and the dryer

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Treat the stain as soon as possible - a dried stain will be much more difficult to remove. Gently blot the marked area with a paper towel or clean cotton wool to draw out as much of the stain as possible This will help remove any remaining stains in addition to any invisible fat from the milk still attached to the carpet fibres. Step 5: If stain remains and you do not have Electro 3 carpet stain remover, mix one tablespoon of ammonia with two cups of warm water. Using the ammonia solution, sponge onto the stain and blot dry Yellow sweat stains and stubborn sweat smells will bow to the deodorizing and stain fighting power of OxiClean™ Odor Blasters™. Here's how: Read the clothing label. Do not use OxiClean™ with Odor Blasters™ if your item is silk, a silk blend, wool, a wool blend, leather, or labeled dry clean only Start by soaking your garment in the vinegar-water solution above for 30 minutes and wringing it dry. Next, instead of scrubbing the stain with detergent, make a super stain-fighting paste by. Rub the sponge on the water stains using a circular motion to clean away the deposits. Continue to dip the sponge into the cleaner and scrub the surface until the stain is gone. Rinse the glass thoroughly with warm water and dry it with a paper towel. Here is How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Glass Shower Doors with Vinega

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