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Riesige Auswahl: Computer, Handy, TV, Zubehör & mehr von Top-Marken Transfer beim führenden Marktplatz für Gebrauchtmaschinen kaufen. Nr 1: Mehr als 7 Millionen monatliche Besucher und 8.100 Verkäufer vertrauen uns bereit Open iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone. Right-click on the name of your iPhone, and choose Transfer Purchases. This will ensure all relevant media is in your iTunes library before the transfer to Android. Once the transfer is complete, connect your Android phone Transfer Data from Old iPhone to Android with Phone to Phone Tool PhoneTrans is a professional phone to phone transfer software, which is designed to help you achieve phone to phone data migration. It can transfer across iOS and Android phones & tablets, with auto-conversion of data to a compatible format

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You can also transfer contacts using the free My Contacts Backup app. Install it on your iPhone, launch it, tap Backup, and then email the backup file to an email account on your Android phone... Open SHAREit on your iPhone. Click Send on your iPhone, select the music files you wish to transfer and tap OK. Tap on Receive on your Android phone, grant the requested permissions and hit NEXT. Select on Connect non iOS devices on your iPhone

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  1. * Other three modes: Android to iOS, Android to Android, and iOS to iOS transfer. * Easy connection, one-click operation, and seamless migration. * Secure, fast, and reliable to use
  2. The Best Way To Transfer Data From iPhone to Android! With the adapter, you can transfer photos, videos, files, music, wallpaper and even automatically download any Android versions of free iOS apps you had on your old Apple phone. In the phone box, both Google and Samsung include a USB-A to USB-C adapter that allows you to connect an iPhone to.
  3. Transfer Photos, Video , audio , From Android to iPhoneHow_To_Share_Files_From_Android_To_iPhoneHi....Today I Will Show You How To Share Photos, videos , aud..
  4. WazzapMigrator is a data transfer wizard that allows users to transfer WhatsApp messages from an iPhone to an Android device in a convenient manner. It fully supports the Mac/Windows system and ensures a speedy transfer of data. This is another software that is used to transfer WhatsApp files
  5. iPhone to Android. Migrating from an iPhone to Android involves backing up all your data to your Google Drive before downloading it to your new phone. After tapping through the Terms and Conditions screens on your new phone, you'll be asked if you want to transfer your data
  6. Run Phone Transfer on your either Mac or PC's. Choose the green Phone to Phone Transfer option. Turn on USB debugging mode on Android device. Select your content to transfer

6 easy ways to transfer data from iPhone to Androi

To transfer data from iPhone to Android, below are the steps you need to follow. Connect your iPhone to your PC using the USB cable Open iTunes on your PC and select the Info tab Check the 'Sync Contact With' option and from the drop down menu, select the 'Google Contacts' optio Then, open the new iPhone, follow the instructions step by step to enter the App & Data window and click on the Move Data from Android option. Step 2: Connect the old Android to the new iPhone. Launch the app on Android phone, choose the button of Continue and then keep following the prompts Download and install iTunes, then connect your iPhone to the computer and use iTunes to sync that media to your iPhone. On a Mac: Download and install Android File Transfer, then connect your Android phone to the Mac and use Android File Transfer to copy the media from it In fact, if you are already using Google's services (Gmail, photos, music, etc.), then switching from iPhone to Android may be very simple. Even if you don't have a Google account, transferring digital identities from iPhone to Android is relatively easy. The first thing you want to transfer from iPhone to an Android phone may be your contacts

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Summary: To transfer the entire iPhone data to Samsung Galaxy A70 / A71, you need to migrate the data in iPhone, iTunes backup and icloud backup. Therefore, all possible files in IOS phone can be saved to Samsung Galaxy A70 / A71 smoothly. Because the source of iPhone, iTunes and icloud backup is different, the method of transferring data is different Transfer Files From Android to iPhone 1. WiFi File Transfer. Best for - Transfer files if both devices are on same WiFi network. WiFi File Transfer is a simple app which lets you transfer files using an FTP server. The app is developed for Android but you can use it on any device with a web browser Typically, you have to leave most of your data behind, especially if you're coming from an iPhone. Even when moving from Android to Android, Google's backup/restore feature isn't always the.

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Step 1. Connect your Android device to your computer with a USB cable and choose to use USB to Transfer files. Step 2. Go to This PC > [your device] > Internal shared storage and then you will see all the folders on your Android device Daten von einem Handy auf ein anderes übertragen, einschließlich Bilder, Videos, Kontakte. Übertragen Sie alles auf Ihr neues Handy. Unterstützt iOS, Android & Windows Phone

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How to switch from iPhone to Android with Smart Switch Update your iPhone's software as much as you can. Open iCloud on your iPhone and backup your data to the cloud. Download Samsung Smart Switch Broadly speaking, transferring your iPhone bookmarks to Android involves syncing your iPhone bookmarks to your iCloud account and merging the iCloud-stored bookmarks to Google Chrome or Firefox on.. Tick the Items That You Want to Transfer from iPhone to Android As you can see, seven of them are listed in the middle. And, if there are not such data, say call logs, the corresponding words will be grey. That is to say, you can not shift them

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Install iSMS2droid on your Android phone, open the app and tap on the Import Messages button. You'll be prompted to give the app certain permissions, which are required to make the transfer happen. For instance, you'll have to temporarily switch your default messaging application to iSMS2droid Syncios Data Transfer is the safest and quickest cross-platform data transfer tool that allows you to transfer data between iOS and iOS devices, iOS and Android devices Upon opening up the Phone Transfer software on your machine, you'll see a main interface like image below, and then choose the green Phone to Phone Transfer tab to get into data migration screen. Plug the two phones you wanted to transfer files in between using standard USB cables Transfer data from an iPhone to a Pixel You can copy your iPhone data, like texts, photos, music, contacts, apps, and calendars to a Pixel phone. Get tips on how to use your phone

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Connect your devices to the computer To transfer WhatsApp messages from iOS devices to another iOS device or Android devices, you can choose Transfer WhatsApp messages. Then connect your iOS devices or Android device to the computer. Once the program detects them, you will get the window as follows As Motorola doesn't support newer models like iPhone X, Moto G7, you can try other iOS-to-Android data transfer tool. DoTransis a useful program which enables you to transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, etc between devices running Android, iOS systems On your iPhone, tap Continue on the Move from Android Wait for a 10-digit or 6-digit code to appear. Enter the code on your Android phone and wait for the Transfer Data screen to appear. On your Android phone, select the content you wish to transfer and select Next. Wait for the transfer to be completed Search and open the Snapdrop.net website on both devices. Now on your iPhone, click on the phone icon and select an option. Choose ' Photo Library ' for Photos and Videos or choose ' Browse ' for other documents. It will open the Gallery or Files, so select the Photo, Video, or file that you want to share from iPhone to Android

Transfer files from iPhone to Android You will firstly need to import files from iPhone to the iPhone file manager app; Then visit iPhone file transfer URL address using the web browser on Android phone. Browse to the folders from iPhone and download files from iPhone to Android You can transfer any kind of files using the Shareit app including documents, songs, videos, images, and even Android apps. Step 4: Once you have selected what files to send and clicked on the. As I mentioned above, most Android OEMs do offer a native solution to transfer all kinds of data from an iPhone to Android. Mobiletrans has covered on that front as well. The software offers a built-in way to transfer all kinds of data such as contacts, text messages, Safari history, bookmarks, voice memos, notes, and even wallpapers How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Android Directly Step 1: Tap on Download to free download EelPhone WhatsApp Transfer in your Window or Mac, install it by following the installation guide. Launch it after installation, from the home interface of the tool, what we need is WhatsApp, click on it without hesitation

Tap An iPhone device. To copy your data, follow the on-screen instructions. To sync with your new phone, back up your iPhone and iCloud account to Google Drive. Learn how to back up iPhone data with Google Drive. To make sure you can get texts on your new phone, learn how to switch from iMessages to Messages Transfer iPhone data to Android As you can see, the data you can transfer are contacts, text messsages, music, photos and videos. Now, click Start Copy to do the job of data moving from iPhone to Android. Don't disconnect your phones in the whole process. Step 4. Transfer data from Android phone to iPhone All of your data will now be found within Contacts, Calendar and Google Photos. It's amazing how simple the entire data transfer process from iPhone to Android has become

Therefore, it can help you perform an iPhone to iPhone data transfer, Android to Android data transfer, and even an iPhone to Android transfer. It can transfer all your data from the source to the target device in a single click. Supports the transfer of contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, notes, and other leading data types. On your iOS device, tap Continue and wait for a ten-digit or six-digit code to appear. Step 3 Enter the code on your Android device and select the content that you want to transfer and tap Next. Then follow the instructions to finish your data transferring. Notes: You should note that this method only for users who need to set up a new iPhone dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) Best photo transfer tool from Android to iOS 2019 Quick Data Transfer With dr.fone - Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) you get rid yourself of all the tedious processes and move on with your transfer quickly. The speed of the platform is the major reason why it is preferred to other data transfer means, and it ensures that you are able to move data from iPhone.

Key highlights of MobiKin Transfer for Mobile. Transfer data from iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, Android to Android, iPhone to iPhone. Supported data types: contacts, text messages, call logs, music, videos, photos, documents, apps, etc. Offer easy connections, simple clicks, quick transfer, and original file quality If you switch from iPhone to Android, you can use Coolmuster Mobile Transfer to transfer contacts, SMS, music, videos, photos and eBooks (PDFs and ePubs) from iPhone to Android directly with one click. The steps to navigate are similar as transferring files from Android to iPhone in Part 1 Step 1: Connect the devices to PC, connect both the device, the one you have data in your old iPhone and the New Realme Phone. Now open Android Switch on your computer and select option Switch from all available options. Get both of your device connected to your computer. Here for demonstration have taken Realme X2 and an iOS device iCloud to Android Transfer - Your Best Tool to Transfer iCloud Files to Android. To break the boundaries between iOS and Android and transfer iCloud data to Android phone or tablet, the iCloud to Android Transfer (Windows/Mac) is your best choice to realize it. With it, you can directly restore iCloud backup files to Android phone or tablets without any restrictions, including iCloud photos.

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How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone:- Congrats on your new iPhone purchase. You are interested to read this because you got a new iPhone or planning to get one or an enthusiast who learns everything. For people who tend to buy an iPhone think of the ways to Transfer data from Android to iPhone Transferring data from an Android smartphone to an iPhone can be accomplished in several ways and Apple lends a hand with the heavy lifting. Which way is best depends on how much and what type of data is being moved. For example, sending a few photos and videos is fairly straightforward, while transferring all data in order to transition from Android to iOS involves more steps

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  1. Find and tap 'Move data from Android' in order to initiate the transfer. If you had already set up the iPhone 8 then you need to erase the contents on your iPhone by going to Settings>find and tap General>look for Reset>tap Erase All Content & Settings
  2. You can also utilize SHAREit or Xender (or any of your favorite file transfer apps) to transfer files between an Android and iOS device.. With this method, you will have the ability to select every individual file to transfer. So, it is recommended to use file transfer apps unless you want a full migration.. We do not promote any specific file-sharing app - but if it matters to you, we.
  3. Transfer of Data From Android to iPhone. As you can see, transferring data from Android to iPhone is not that difficult, provided you have the know-how, and, of course, a USB cable. With a few simple strategic clicks, data is transferred and the problem is solved. Related Posts
  4. Firstly, set up your new iPhone or iPad until you reach the App & Data screen. Then click on the Move Data from Android option. In case, if you already have set up your iPhone as new, then you have to go to Settings — General — Reset —- Erase All Content and click settings to restart
  5. Also, it allows to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone, and Android to iPhone for only several times of click. Bulk transfer is supported. The WhatsApp chats and attachments (images, audios, emojis, files, etc) can be fully or partially transferred

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Apple makes transferring data from Android to iPhone easy with its Move to iOS app for Android devices, which is available in the Google Play store. This app pulls together all the data on your Android device—contacts, text messages, photos and videos, calendar, email accounts, website bookmarks—and then imports them to your new iPhone over. How to transfer data from Android to iPhone 11. Now, let's see the steps to transfer data from Android to iPhone 11. First, turn on the iPhone and follow on-screen prompts until you reach the Apps & Data screen. Second, select Move Data from Android. Third, on your Android phone, install the Move To iOS app from the Play Store and open it

How to Transfer Files from iPad to Android Phone? [6 Ways

  1. Part 2- Transfer data from iPhone to OnePlus Nord Using Android Switch.. Android Switch help transfer data from different devices, the best feature of this software is that its compatible with both iOS and Android. You can use it to transfer data from anyone of them. Let's check how to use Android Switch step by step to transfer data from iPhone to OnePlus Nord
  2. Useful Tips: How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone; Part 1: How to Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone After Setup. Apple has taken an extra step to increase the convenience of iPhone users when it comes to data and content sync from Android to iPhone. If you want to know how to move messages from Android to iPhone, then.
  3. The iPhone Line to Android Migrator software has been made to make the difficult process of data switching as easy as possible. In 5 steps, all your old iOS LINE messages will be on your new Android device, and you'll be ready to chat on the go again
  4. It is an easy way to transfer data from iPhone/Android to OnePlus or transfer data from Samsung to OnePlus 7. Here, follow the steps to transfer data or from old Android/iPhone data to new OnePlus Nord using Google Account. Step 1: On your old Android/iPhone tap on Settings icon > Google > Backup
  5. How to transfer WhatsAp data from Android to iPhone Using Backuptrans to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone quite simple, and you can do so by following the simple instructions below. Make sure your computer is running the latest version of iTunes
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  1. Transfer data from iPhone, Android, iOS, and Computer to Anywhere without any loss with FoneDog Phone Transfer. Such as photo, messages, contacts, music, etc. Free Download Hot Articles. 4 Quick Methods on How to Transfer Files to iPad without iTunes; How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone - 6 Best Ways.
  2. Transfer files from android phone to Iphone : The transfer of files can be done in two possible ways. wired; wireless. The first transfer includes the use of PC while the later can be done via WIFI and some third party apps
  3. Step 4: Once all these files are extracted, transfer them to the Android's internal memory using a data cable. Step 5: Download and install WazzapMigrator app on your Android. The app is.
  4. The easiest way to transfer data from iPhone to Android is to use the smart iPhone to android transfer tool, Dr fone ios data Switch.It enables you to easily transfer all data both in phone memory and cloud account, like iCloud, Exchange and others, text messages, video, photos and music from iPhone to Android phone or tablet

With Mobitrix, switching from an Android to an iPhone [and still getting to keep all your important WhatsApp memories] is possible, easy, and hassle-free. You'll find a myriad of third-party tools on the market that promise to make your WhatsApp data transfer from Android to iPhone so easy. But your data's safety and privacy are more important Transfer all data from Android to iPhone. If you need to move all the data from Android to iPhone with a single instrument, you should use the app Transfer to iOS ( Move to iOS ), developed by Apple. It is a free app that must be installed on the Android smartphone and used during the initialization phase of the iPhone , to transfer contacts. I finally managed to transfer the data from iPhone to my Android phone using the updated fix. Thank you very for your effort to help to solve the problem. I really appreciate your help and effort. Reply. nashi says: October 6, 2018 at 10:58 PM Solution. The Xperia Transfer 2 app can be used to transfer the data and content from your old iPhone® or Android™ smartphone to your new Xperia.. The Xperia Transfer 2 app isn't compatible at all with the older Xperia Transfer Mobile app. If your old Xperia phone has the Xperia Transfer Mobile app, you will need to download and install the Xperia Transfer 2 app in your old Xperia phone Step 8. After the WhatsApp data transfer from Android to iPhone is completed, click on the 'OK' button, and unplug your devices safely. Method 3: Manually. The above two methods can be used to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, or from iPhone to Android

In this guide, you will learn how to transfer from iPhone to Android. This guide offers several easy methods for carrying out the various common tasks associated with transferring from iPhone to. Copy files from the folders on Android device, to your desktop; Connect your iPhone to your computer, using a USB cable. Plug USB to a free USB port. Note: Do not unplug your Android device; Open iTunes and select device from the top left corner. Click the Apps tab, scroll down and click on file sharing; Select the app you want to transfer the. Transfer files from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone. Copy PC files to Android/iOS device or back up iPhone/Android data to computer with ease. Check and manage all kinds of data on your Android phone and iPhone. Work as a powerful Ringtone Maker and HEIC Converter Hold on! iPhone to Android music transfer is indeed tricky but it's not unfulfillable. Here we'll show you how to transfer songs from iPhone to Android phone with or without iTunes. Part 1: Transfer iPhone Music to Android without iTunes. Moving iPhone music to Android without iTunes is not that complicated as you imagine When you begin setting up a new Android device, rather than choosing to transfer from a Google Drive backup, tap the option to transfer data from your iPhone and then follow the on-screen instructions. Samsung device owners can also use the Smart Switch app, which offers its own Download Matching Apps option during the transfer process

Transfer Data from Old iPhone/Android to iPhone XR/XS/XS Max. Check this guide to learn how to transfer data including contacts, SMS, music, photos, videos from old iPhone and Android phone like Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Moto, Google Pixel to the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR via Phone Switch with easy steps Transfer data to new iPhone: How to transfer your data to your new iPhone using macOS Mojave and older. Make sure you're running the most recent version of iTunes. Plug your old iPhone into your Mac or Windows PC. Launch iTunes. Click on the iPhone icon in the menu bar when it appears Transfer files from VLC to Android. Choose the Local Network option from the navigation menu. After both PC and mobile devices are connected to the same network, you will find your PC's name appears under the Share folders field Part 3: Transfer Android Data to iPhone with iOS ToolKit. The iOS ToolKit is a pretty efficient transfer tool that you can transfer data from an Android phone to iPhone in a very simply way.The program consolidates all the data on your Android device—contacts, text messages, photos, videos,.

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8 essential Android to iOS file-transfer tips Here are eight ways Android and iPhone/iOS users can share files with each other, including online and off-line services, apps, and storage products How to Easily Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Via Wifi. If you are looking for how to easily and quickly transfer photos, videos, contacts, music, and other files from an iPhone to android phone and vice versa via wifi, this article will be useful to you Comparing the 6 top Android to iPhone transfer apps. Last Updated : 3rd February 2021 | Author: Wide Angle Software Dev Team Introduction. Transferring data like Messages, Contacts, Photos from an Android to an iPhone can be extremely difficult - even to the point where some people don't bother and just start afresh when switching to an iPhone To transfer your data to iPhone, you'll have to download an Android app called Move to iOS. It's very kind of Apple to develop an app to make it easier to ditch your Android.

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  1. The data transfer from your Android phone happens during initial iPhone setup. If you already set up your iPhone, you can always erase your iPhone and start over. If you just set it up today, it.
  2. Apple 's own iCloud synchronization service can also come in handy for transferring contacts from an iPhone to an Android smartphone.To do this, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and then select 'iCloud' from account options. Now select contacts to sync your contacts with the iCloud account
  3. The most common reason why you might need to transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone is that you are making the big switch. Perhaps your Android phone is nearing the end of its useful life or maybe you just want to change things up in your life, tech-wise
  4. Note: You can choose to Clear data before copy in your Android device to make sure enough space to save iPhone contents. Step 3. Transfer iPhone Contents to Android. All iPhone contents including Contact, SMS, Videos, Music and Photos are allowed to switch to Android phone with the one-click transfer program. (1) Switch iPhone Contacts to Android
  5. As the name suggests, ApowerManager is a file management tool available for both Android and iOS device. You can use this app to copy files from Android to iPhone 12 or restore and backup data. Some of the contents that you can transfer using this app are photos, music, contacts, messages, notes, apps, books, and others. Follow the guide below.

Under the Android to iPhone Transfer software,it is very easy for you to transfer Android phone data to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Here I would like to recommend a fastest solution to transfer all data from android phone to iOS 9 iPhone 6S, iPhone 6, including photos, music, documents, contacts, videos. Easy and simple Step 4: Select files and transfer from iPhone to Android. On the computer screen, go to the list of files located in the middle panel and pick the data you want to transfer by checking them. Click on 'Start Copy' to begin the transfer. You can clear the data in the Android phone by clicking on 'Clear data before copying' Click that icon to connect your iPhone with Android. Once connected, choose the files you want to move and click Send to transfer files from iPhone to Android. After the transfer is completed, you can check the transferred record and file on both devices by hitting the icon at the top right corner. ApowerManage No matter what causes the phone replacement, you can now transfer most Android files to your new iPhone without a hitch. Here are 4 powerful methods to transfer different kinds of data, including contacts, photos, messages, apps, and more. Before Switching from Android to iPhone. Planning to switch from an Android phone to an iPhone One of the biggest fears of grabbing a new phone can be the dilemma of data transferring. While Android does a great job of contacts and some user data retention, it's not a quick fix for things.

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Transfer files from Android to Android, Android to iPhone, or from iPhone to Android. Move PC files to Android/iOS device or back up iPhone/Android data to computer with ease. Check and manage all kinds of data on your Android phone and iPhone. Work as a powerful Ringtone Maker and HEIC Converter 3 Steps to move data from Android to iPhone XS: Step 1 : Run PanFone Android to iOS Data Transfer on your computer and navigate to Transfer mode to bring up the phone to phone transfer panel.. Install and launch this phone to phone data transfer tool on computer, three modules on the program homepage will pop up automatically Transfer Data from Android to iPhone. In the middle of the two phones, you can find a section called Select Content to Copy with a list of file types and a Start Copy button at the bottom. To transfer content from Android phone to iPhone, you have to select the file type first, then one-click to transfer selected file types from Android to iPhone Method 1. Transfer All Data from iPhone to Android in 1 Click The easiest way to transfer data from iPhone to Android is to use the smart iPhone to Android transfer tool, Wondershare MobileTrans or Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac. It enables you to easily transfer all contact both in phone memory and cloud account, like iCloud, Exchange and.

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Email Chat feature on WhatsApp is very useful.It enables users to make a copy of the chats by transferring WhatsApp chats from iPhone or Android phone to email. Comparing with the Back-Up feature on WhatsApp, Email Chat is more flexible. Users can store just the chosen chats, moreover, they can share the chats with others if they like or print out their chat history Make sure your iPhone has enough storage to store all contents from your Android phone. Connect both devices to power sources and WiFi. Download and install Move to iOS app on Android phone. This app allows you to transfer contacts, photos, messengers, and more to iPhone without a hitch. Steps To Transfer Data From Android To iPhone SE (2020 Hi, @Nickeylynn. We are happy to help you switch your iPhone files to your Android. Download the AT&T Mobile Transfer App to transfer contacts, photos, videos, and more to a new phone. We hope this is helpful to you, if you need further assistance please let us know Follow these easy steps and make the iPhone to Android transfer easily: . Launch wondershare TunesGo Connect both devices. Choose the option Phone to Phone transfer. Select the target device (Android) as the option and click on Next.; Select all the media contents that are intended to be transferred and hit the option Transfer. During the transfer process you are kept updated. The software detects both Android and iPhone smartphones Step 4: Click 'Transfer' After that, the tool will then start on extracting WhatsApp data on your Android and transfer it to your iPhone. Wait for the process to be over before unplugging your devices

How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Android Quickly

Users also have the flexibility to selectively transfer data from Android to iPhone. Selective Backup and Restore Data. If you perform the iPhone backup using iTunes on PC or Mac, it won't offer the option to selectively choose the data to add in the backup file. Instead, iTunes will perform the full iPhone data backup Android to iOS Transfer - One Stop Solution to Transfer Data from Android to iOS Devices . Android to iOS Transfer - Transfer music, photos, videos, contacts, SMS between two mobiles (both Android and iPhone are supported)

Step 3: Transfer data from Android to iPhone. Select whichever data you need to transfer. If you want to transfer contacts only, check the Contacts option and click Start Copy option. You can see the percentage of data getting transferred on the dialogue box that gets opened once the transfer begins. Do not disconnect any of your devices. Here's everything you need to know about transferring files from iPhone or Android to PC. How to Transfer Files from a Smartphone to PC. You can transfer files from your smartphone to a PC via email by simply attaching the file or document to a new email, and sending it to yourself.. However, if your file is larger than 25MB (or beyond the attachment limit of your specific email service.

Method 1: Use a Desktop App to Copy Files from Android to iPhone After Setup. By using the application called MobileTransfer App, you can easily transfer all the data from the old Android phone to the new iPhone whenever you want. You can use it even if you've already setup your iPhone How to transfer text messages from Android to iPhone. There's good news and bad news when it comes to transferring your text messages from Android to iPhone. As long as you're setting up your iPhone for the first time, using the Move to iOS app will transfer all of your messages over just fine

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