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  3. Find the best Free Jewelry Appraisal near you on Yelp - see all Free Jewelry Appraisal open now. Explore other popular Local Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers

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Contact a jewelry designer near you to design your own pieces. They can help you bring your designs to life and create custom pieces for yourself or someone else. Why hire professionals on Thumbtack Look out for the Institute's logo which IRVs incorporate into their valuations. Click here to find a list of all current IRVs listed in alphabetical order. If you have approached a valuer who has implied they are registered but you cannot find them on our list please let us know so that we can investigate the situation A jewelry and watch appraisal will answer these questions. At Jared, we host appraisal events at our stores so you can quickly and easily find out the value of your jewelry and get documentation. In an appraisal, a certified gemologist or appraisal expert will inspect your jewelry, diamonds and gemstones At www.62days.com, we offer every client a free, no obligation appraisal to let you know exactly how much we can offer you today should you wish to sell jewellery, sell watches, sell art or other valuables.. Our free appraisals are: Instant They are completed and submitted to you within 20 minutes.. Simple All you need to do is upload up to five detailed images of your item Custom jewelry prices can vary dramatically depending on the type of jewelry you want, the material you choose (gold, silver, platinum, etc.), the design and much more. To find out how much your custom jewelry will cost, request free cost estimates from jewelry designers near you

First things first. There should be no difference between a jewelry appraisal for insurance and any other type of jewelry appraisal. All too often, jewelers hear, I don't want to pay a lot for an appraisal. I only need it to get my jewelry insured. Shelling out your hard-earned cash for something intangible, that you will hopefully never use, is never fun. However, there is no point in. At Goldsmiths, we can arrange your valuation for you. Our experts examine your jewellery and provide a written valuation that acts a legal document you can use for insurance. We'll take digital photographs, note any distinguishing features and write a full description of each item Regardless of what you plan to do with the inherited jewelry, one of your priorities should be to determine its value, in part so you can insure it for the proper amount, if necessary.That means. The Standards of Jewelry Value. The standard of value establishes the dollar value of a jewelry item based on a set guideline. The same item of jewelry can have at least four different dollar values. For example, an item of jewelry can be valued at $3,000, $1,300, $800, and $300. All can be true and valid We got our jewlery valued for insurance purposes by a Jewllery shop of the old kind. Really small place in Cheltenham that been in the business for yonks. They send it to a valuer all insured (We reviewed the policy in details) and charge a percentage of the final value, so beware if your ring is worth a lot

The best way to determine the value of your ring is through a formal appraisal at a local jeweler near you, which I recommend for items valued at less than $1,000, or, if you expect the ring to be worth more than that sum, get a GIA or IGI certificate, which will cost you around $100 or less The Guild of Valuers & Jewellers is the UK's leading specialists in professional jewellery valuation & registration services. Following the recent guidelines set on the 4th January, our Valuation Centre will continue to operate through this period on reduced hours. For all enquiries, please email us at info@gvj.org.uk

Start your collectable, art and antiques valuation today and receive a report within 48-hours. Find out how much your things are worth for insurance, auction and information purposes. Start valuation. Jewellery, Gems, Clocks & Watches. Paintings, Drawings & Prints. Description The Guild of Valuers and Jewellers are the UK's leading specialist in independent jewellery valuation and registration services. Using your unique reference and through a dedicated and secure website you and your insurers can view your portfolio. They provide an unrivalled level of expertise which ranges from contemporary through to antique pieces Turquoise Jewelry and Turquoise Value Evaluation. Value of an Appraisel Service - If you think you have a piece of Turquoise Jewelry that may be valuable, it may be a very good idea to find out if it is.An appraiser works by the hour and to get an accurate appraisel on your item you must have a highly educated person that has been in this busines for many years

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  1. Our team of expert Guild Valuers regularly travel the country attending Valuation events in jewellers nationwide. To find an event near you Search our Valuation Event Calendar below. Appointments are made directly with the store and they will advise you of times available, the process for the day and valuation prices
  2. e the value of your jewelry for homeowner's insurance or estate tax valuation. You might also need to value your jewelry if you are getting a divorce or valuing your jewelry as collateral
  3. Having had no experience of using one of these postal gold traders we are unaware of their commendations to their customers but we would suggest you take a photograph of the pieces you're sending and write down a list of what the items are, eg hallmarked 9ct gold signet ring, hallmarked sterling silver charm bracelet with ten charms, 18 yellow neckclain stamped 9K, etc
  4. Most local jewelers in your community will offer an appraisal, even for free. This can be a good estimate of the replacement value of your jewelry, which can help you get it insured, and understand its value. A local appraisal usually is much, much higher than the actual resale price
  5. Nice article and review about Jewellery Valuations, very interesting and it's the truth. Nice post. chris keeley Says: July 5th, 2016 at 2:24 pm. selling diamond rings can be difficult for the seller as insurance valuations are far higher than the actual value of the diamond ring that is why you should get a valuation from a diamond broker

DROP OFF SERVICE We are pleased to announce our Jewellery and Watch Valuation drop off service. This service means you can drop off your precious jewellery items at our head office at the Birmingham Assay Office, Monday - Friday between 9 am and 12 pm. Insurance companies require jewellery valuations to be updated every 3 years The market assigns value to diamond jewelry according to their grading, so if you know your stone's 4 C's, you can get an estimated market value. Ultimately, a diamond grading report is the most transparent, accurate and objective tool you need to determine how the market values your diamond jewelry in a specific moment in time Jewellery can often be representative of its' owners and eras and most often are a symbol of status and personality. If you'd like to get aJewellery valuation from our online specialist, simply upload a photograph and tell us any other details you know about the item

When looking to get jewelry appraised, one might wonder how much will this jewelry appraisal cost? Well, there is no single answer. Some jewelers and appraisers charge by the hour, some may try to charge you a percentage of the final value. Hourly rates can range from $50-150 per hour The money I made paid for my flight to see my brother in Tennesse. My next box is already half full. A meal and drinks paid for I almost threw all the old costume jewellery and coins in the bin! We used the £67 for a meal and a few drinks. Alfie's day out We used the £85 to take our dog Alfie out for the day

Compare prices from as many sources as you can before selling your gold. 3. Get a value for your gold. Looking at the hallmarks and weighing your jewellery will help you to assess how much your items might be worth, based on current gold prices. You can also get a valuation from high street jewellers to give you a firm idea of what your gold is. The Value of a Diamond The Truth About Jewelry Appraisals How much is my diamond worth? This is a commonly asked question that GIA, EGL, or AGS etc. certificate reports do NOT include-the dollar value. This is why people often look to their jewelry appraisal for the value, however, appraisals are mostly done for insurance purposes and unfortunately, the truth is, you can NO How much can I sell my diamond ring for? Please excuse me now while I get a bit technical. Let's assume for the purposes of this exercise that the diamond ring cost the jewelry store 100 (currency isn't relevant here - only relative values matter). With a 25% profit percentage, that means the price you paid was 125 Values shown in this price guide reflect the actual selling price in the venue stated (in parenthesis after the value). Prices realized for similar collectible jewelry sold in other venues may be higher or lower depending on market fluctuations and geographical region GigaGünstig ist die beste Website, um Jewellery Jewelry zu vergleichen. Jetzt suchen und sparen

To our Valued Clients - We are closely monitoring COVID-19 and want to continue to provide excellent service to our clients. We can provide many of our services remotely, virtually, or in your home. Please contact us online, call us at 972-851-0009, or text us at 972-854-1344. We look forward to hearing from you National jewelry stores like Zales, Kay Jewelers, and Helzberg Diamonds offer in-store appraisals buy you will need to mail in your jewelry. You can get store credit but not cash. That's fine if you are looking to buy more jewelry, as your trade-in value will likely be higher than the cash value Along with a wide selection of new and used models for purchase, U.S. Coins and Jewelry is Houston's most trusted destination to sell vintage and contemporary watches at full market value. Schedule an appointment now or call us at (713) 597-6367 to talk to one of our appraisers Whether you need an appraisal for insurance purposes, need help with the valuation of an estate or want to determine the true value of your jewelry Deborah A. Villepigue GIA-GG, RMV, AGA, APPA, CGA, AGS-ICGA will make the process simple for you. Call The Jewelry Appraiser today at 516-365-0888 When jewelry is resold, it is generally sold as used jewelry in the wholesale market, not new jewelry in the retail market. This applies no matter how you resell your jewelry. To determine resale value, you need a specific resale appraisal, which will be an estimate of what a buyer will pay for your used piece in the wholesale market

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We pride ourselves on our expertise and understanding of the fine jewelry, gemstone, rare coin, silver flatware, antique and high-end watch markets. With over 40 years combined experience, New England Gem Appraisals, LLC is committed to providing world-class services with personal attention, sensitivity and confidentiality for our clients How much can I sell my diamond ring for? Please excuse me now while I get a bit technical. Let's assume for the purposes of this exercise that the diamond ring cost the jewelry store 100 (currency isn't relevant here - only relative values matter). With a 25% profit percentage, that means the price you paid was 125

Selling your jewelry is not an everyday experience. We'll help you enjoy the adventure and learn some new skills. We buy gold, diamonds, and jewelry, and we have for some time. Our expert buyers will teach you some tips to get the most for your unwanted jewelry. One very positive side effect of selling jewelry is you will learn how to evaluate jewelry. You will become a very wise jewelry buyer. Selling Jewellery at Vintage Cash Cow. If you are looking for a hassle-free and no-obligation way to sell your unwanted Jewellery for cash, look no further than Vintage Cash Cow. We buy a range of Jewellery styles and types, such as gold Jewellery, silver Jewellery and many more. Here's how you can get guaranteed cash for Jewellery: 1 Get Cash for Gold in USA and get 3x more cash than competitors. We buy gold in any form like coins, jewelry, gold watches or even scrap or broken gold. Additional insurance is available for items valued up to $100,000.00. Get Paid More Cash! You can also sell us your Sterling Silver Jewelry, Flatware & Serving Pieces. If you have some. Of course, if you want, you can have your jewellery valued in person by visiting our office in Hatton Garden. For your convenience, our experts can also come to your house or office to do the valuation. Picture Upload Guideline. When taking pictures, ensure they are good quality, in focus and on a white background.. Most costume jewelry is bought by weight. For instance, like gold, silver, or platinum jewelry. But it is not worth much. However, certain early manufacturers pieces in which are signed can be of value. Most pieces signed by companies such as Avon, Trifari, Sarah Coventry, Coro, and others have little to no resale value. But are bought by weight

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The monetary value of jewelry is all over the place. Things we might think are so valuable can be worth mere dollars, and others that look like a simple chain are worth thousands. If you've ever picked up a piece of jewelry off the ground or scored an incredible looking gem at a garage sale, you probably know that feeling of excitement. Jewelry Buyers. When it comes to selecting a jewelry buyer, there are so many ways to get it wrong. And getting it wrong means less money than the value, or even feeling uncomfortable with the buying process, which leaves a lingering feeling of regret over the whole transaction. Getting it right is so much better! You get the highest market value

If you've decided how you want to sell your costume jewellery, now's the time to put the theory into practice. If you'd like to see how you can get cash for your costume jewellery instantly with an expert quotation from 62days, simply upload your item now for a quick, free online quote Art and antique appraisal near me. In addition to providing a fast and affordable resource for art appraisal online, we've also created the Internet's largest directory of art and antique appraisers near your home.Using the tool above, you can search for an appraiser by city, state or zip code

Example: I wanted to get rid of an old engagement ring. I knew the ring was appraised for $2000 and I had the GIA certification with me. The guy (a jeweler) offered me $200, I said no way! Then he told me $400 and I said OK just because I wanted to get rid of it, but still it wasn't a fair offer. Good luc Many insurers do not ask for valuations below an agreed value but our advice is to obtain valuations for all significant items. Smaller pieces can be grouped together and an overall value allocated. Without a valuation, insurers often use claims management specialists to try to find the value of jewellery after it has gone - an unsatisfactory.

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  1. Many sources, including the Kiplinger article mentioned above, suggest that you should aim to get 90 to 95% of the spot price when selling gold and silver bars or coins, and 70 to 80% of melt value for jewelry and other items. Find the Melt Value of Your Items. Buyers weigh gold and silver using troy ounces, which are equivalent to 31.1 grams
  2. Sell my jewellery near me or online. Whether you are searching online 'sell jewellery near me', 'How to sell my jewellery online' or 'sell jewellery in London', The Luxury Hut will always be the best place to sell second hand jewelleryin London, be it is online or via appointment
  3. Muthoot Gold Point is one of the leading old gold jewelry buyers, offers you safe and 100% transparent process to sell gold online for cashin India including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad & Vijayawada. Get cash for gold instantly Exchange Gold for Cash Free Purity Testing of Gold

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A battery change service can be performed by a local repair shop or jeweler near you. You should note though that this will void the warranty on the watch if you are still under coverage. Changing the battery on a Fossil watch looks like an easy enough task to perform on your own, but you should let a pro do it Myth: You can use an appraisal or detailed description that was done when the ring was purchased five years ago. Truth: Jewelry values fluctuate. To ensure your ring's covered for the right amount, use a value determined within the past 2 years. Now that you know if and when you need an appraisal, let's dive into what your appraisal needs to. You can sell diamond items of all kind to WP Diamonds from the most expensive engagement rings to the smallest diamond jewellery. As diamond ring buyer specialists, we value all diamonds and can find a home for any diamond. We purchase branded jewellery, from brands such as Tiffany and Cartier and all luxury watch brands Diamonds may be forever, but they don't necessarily need to be forever with the same person. There are many reasons to sell a diamond ring - a change in life circumstances, an upgrade of an original engagement ring, passing on a family heirloom, or something else entirely... But whatever the reason is, it's a certainty that you want to know how to sell your diamond ring for the most money

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Valuers for Jewellery, Gold, Silverware and Antiques. Free Valuations and Sales Advice. Vernon has in excess of one hundred five star reviews, plus an expansive archive of thank you letters and press coverage spanning 50 years, a selection of which is available to view on this site or at Vernon's office However, in the early 1940's, jewelry designers began using sterling silver as a substitute and made due with existing stock, along with stones of Lucite and other plastics. Inspired by Old Hollywood jewelry, costume jewelry emerged as a more affordable way to wear pieces as elaborate as those worn by Hollywood's elite Learn More About Me. Welcome to Adirondack Girl @ Heart; I'm so glad you stopped by. If you love vintage and antiques, then you've come to the right place. Stay a while and read about my vintage finds, check out my free price guides, and consider subscribing to get full access to my Member Library

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Shop Walmart.com for Every Day Low Prices. Free Shipping on Orders $35+ or Pickup In-Store and get a Pickup Discount. Open a Walmart Credit Card to Save Even More To find the value of antique cameo jewelry, first determine if it is made of conch shell or resin. If it is made of conch, it is valuable, so check the design on the front to determine if it was made before or after the 1900s. Check the mount's metal for gold or silver marks. Research the value of a comparable cameo on an online auction site or. Highest paying Gold and Silver Buyer nationwide. Offering refiner rates to the public. Refer and Receive $50. Buyers of watches, diamonds, jewelry, sterling flatware. 24 hour turnaround, free overnight insured shipping, registered with Department of Consumer Affairs. Call us toll free at 877-977-GOLD I headed over and worked with the team there who bought all the coins from me for a fair value. Rather with trying to deal with finding a private buyer this was the way to go! Thank you team Jensen! Aaron VanSledright; I recently went into Jensen's hoping to sell some of my gold jewelry

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Discover auction houses near me. Find auctions near an area on a map. Then browse auction catalogs from thousands of auctioneers to bid live online on art, antiques, jewelry, and collectibles When upgrading jewelry or looking to make extra cash, a Resale Appraisal determines the Fair Market Value of the jewelry for the purposes of valuing the jewelry with the intention of it being resold. The jewelry can then be resold again in the trade, or may be sold directly to an end consumer

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Cash For Gold is the best way to sell gold, jewelry & coins for cash. Get the most for your gold with a risk-free appraisal from SellYourGold.com! (888) 465-3860 My Accoun Email a picture of your jewelry; we can estimate the repair price for you. We do all kinds of repairs and restoration to Native American jewelry. Have you lost an earring? We can turn one earring into a pendant, ring, or bracelet for you. Better yet, we can duplicate your earring! Check out these duplicates from our shop

From the second I met Michael I felt at ease purchasing my ring from MG Jewellery. Knowing that it's a large purchase the no nonsense explanation helped me understand what I was getting and educating me through it all. My fiancé loves her ring and I can't recommend his services enough! Richard, Melbourn ABOUT WP DIAMONDS. WP Diamonds can offer more money for your diamonds, jewelry, luxury watches and bags than pawnbrokers or jewelers. Unlike auctions, there are no fees associated with selling your jewelry and you receive all of the money you are quoted. With an A+ rating from the BBB, our service is fast and highly secure. The entire process can take as little as 24 hours from receiving your. Having to get a secured loan on your jewelry isn't the most ideal situation... but Diamond Banc has made the whole... process effortless, fast, and secure. Jordan was there to help me through the whole process by answering all of my questions clearly and immediately. For example, if you have an asset with a liquid wholesale value of. Jewelry is another shocker. You have 50 cents to $2; when I have my crazy jewelry day at the flea market, my sections range from $1-$5. But I actually only sell about 1-2% of my jewelry as I do tend to hold on to my jewelry a little sometimes. And shoes; I am lucky to get $3 a pair out there

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What We Loan On. Diamond Banc is a trusted industry leader offering online short-term jewelry equity loans for people who use their jewelry as collateral. Get A Loan On Fine Jewelry Designer pieces by Tiffany & Co., Cartier, David Yurman, Graff, Harry Winston, etc., or high-value fine jewelry of any type The employees all greeted me even the ones that was not assisting me. The employee helping me was determined to find a frog for my garden bracelet. My bracelet is a flower garden. My husband and son always bought cut roses for me. So one Mother's day I told them I I wanted a Pandora bracelet and to buy flowers because they last longer With extensive knowledge in buying, selling and appraising diamonds, fine jewelry, estate jewelry, gold and watches, we are Nashville's Trusted Source for buying diamond engagement rings, designer fine jewelry, and luxury watches like Rolex and Patek Phillipe. Our team of professionals provides an experience that cannot be matched by any. If you're unsure, your best bet is to take your jewelry to a reputable expert who can assess its value and suggest options for selling it. Erik Hoyer co-owns EJ's Auction & Consignment in.

Most smart phones produce fairly clear photos, but if you want to get the best photos here are some helpful tips if using a standard camera. Use the macro feature (not zoom) and set the jewelry against a light background. Natural light is best, so try photographing your pieces near a window You can obtain an agreed cash value policy from some insurers that usually comes with very high premiums, in many cases making these policies unreasonable for most insured's. This type of policy will pay out the appraised value as the settlement on a claim

This will give you a ballpark idea about what you can get for your set. Some silver sets are sound per piece (indicated by pp by the price), while complete sets may actually be sold as one lot. Another way of learning the current market value of your pieces is to take them to an appraiser While I think it's 100% right that my Aunt Susan inherited the jewelry I can't help but feel upset that different pieces are going to other members of the family without even offering me the. Rubin also notes that a piece of jewelry won't sell anywhere near an appraised value for insurance purposes either. Those appraised values are based on the retail cost of replacing the item, and. Your new piercing can come from our branded selection of JoJo Siwa, Frozen or you can pick from our high-quality cubic zirconia, diamond, and titanium collections. While you're there, take a peek through our huge range of fashion & tech accessories, beauty, hair looks, jewelry, and more of the hottest trends you love

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You can often contact the jewelry store ahead of time to schedule an appointment to have your jewelry appraised in front of you. Another option is to go to an independent diamond jewelry appraiser. If you bought your jewelry from a diamond company, you may be able to get a complimentary jewelry appraisal along with your purchase I use a product called Tarnish-Me-Not on all my jewelry and I can shower, workout, clean, etc. while wearing them. It's a patented jewelry spray that prevents tarnishing and it works great on silver pieces primarily the ones I used to have to get polished or cleaned by a professional

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  1. How can I get my collection appraised? There are many reasons to get your collection appraised—for insurance, legal, tax, charitable, or estate-planning purposes, or simply to get a third-party assessment of its value. A good place to start is ValueMyStuff, an affordable online appraisal service. Here are some other appraisal tips
  2. You can find out when the next coin show in your area by going here. PROS. Lots of dealers and experts in 1 place to get multiple opinions or appraisals; If you have a rare coin, you can also get these graded at these coin shows; CONS. Only happen periodically from a couple of weeks to a couple of month
  3. Southwest Jewelry Buyers is Arizona's #1 place to sell jewelry, diamonds, gold, silver and more. A+ Rated by the BBB. Call today - 480.773.800
  4. ing each watch and jewellery piece with the utmost care and attention, we appreciate the sentimental value your item holds. Carrying out repairs sent directly to the workshop, we also assist the teams located within our stores. It is so easy to get your watch repaired at In Time

They can also honor your warranty providing you have had any unauthorized companies (like a jewelry store) work on it. Information They Need to Service the Watch Information you will need to provide when sending are your contact info, email address, case back number, serial number, and a description of the problem Antique Appraisers Auctioneers is a trusted source in the antique business. Our team are the go-to local antique appraisers & we also buy antiques at the best prices.We have been offering probate and estate appraisals for over 40 years in the New York, Connecticut & New England Area. Whether you're buying or selling, purchasing online or at an auction, we can help

However, any reputable auction house can appraise Tiffany merchandise, usually for a fee. We do offer Retail Price Updates, which are provided solely for the purpose of advising your insurer of Tiffany & Co.'s U.S. retail price for new merchandise matching or most nearly equivalent to your item, in case the item is lost, stolen, or damaged Having to sell jewelry on your own can be very difficult, and a quick paycheck from the pawn shop is very likely going to be a better deal. In addition to jewelry, many things like phones, electronics, home and garden tools, and video games can be good to sell at a pawn shop Of course, if you sell it to a retailer you're unlikely to get the top price as they will need to make some profit. However, being armed with this sort of information can help you push up your price and get a fairer deal. More than the melt-down value Quite often, jewellery is sold according to the value of the stones and the metals Discover Pandora's unique selection of jewelry including charms, rings, bracelets, and necklaces to match your personality. Craft your signature style with elegant and timeless Pandora jewelry

Get a real offer on your car in under 2 minutes. We will buy your car even if you don't buy from us. Offers are good for seven days, giving you time to trade or sell your car, or shop around From New York to Los Angeles, Ohio to Texas, our services are not limited by location. We can serve you anywhere in the United States with Free Standard Shipping. Meaning you can get the highest quality in watch repair without restrictions. Solving The Watch Repair Near Me Proble Find out what your car is worth at KBB.com, the Trusted Resource for used car values. Get the Kelley Blue Book Value for your used car or trade-in vehicle, find tools to help you with buying or. Most people who have gold to sell don't really know the true melt down value of their gold. Using the above calculations gives you that knowledge. At Used Jewelry Buyer, our job is to educate you with information so you can make right selling decision. For more information, Contact Us today at (314) 974-6699 or visit our store in St. Charles, MO Adam is a stand up guy. He went out of his way to help me, even though there was nothing in it for him. I actually got choked up when he called me back just to make me feel better about an issue I was having and he found answers for me. Wow. I will forever bring all of my business to him. Honest, kind and professional. Can't ask for more They made it so easy to get rid of jewelry and treasures I never wear anymore. The kit came to my door very quickly and they even called me to see if I had any questions or concerns. - Natalie B. My experience with Sellyourgold began with easy to follow directions, quick drop-off for mailing since it came with prepaid stickers and packaging.

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