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1200*1000mm Vented Top Anti-Slip Strip Euro Plastic Pallet

Pallet Dimensions Pallets should not exceed the standard size of 1000mm x 1200mm, and must be within the height and weight maximums for the size entered, as below. Pallet Length: 120cm / 1200mm / 1.2m / 48 Pallet Width: 100cm / 1000mm / 1.0m / 40 FULL PALLET Maximum Height: 180cm / 1800mm / 1.8m / 72 Maximum Weight: 1000kg HALF PALLET Euro pallet Dimensions: Length 1200 mmm (tolerance limit + 8/-5); Width 800mm (tolerance limit + 8/- 5x mm); Height 144mm (tolerance limit + 10/ - 0x mm). Weight: approximately 25kg. Workload: 1500kg with a constant load on the entire pallet The EUR/EPAL-pallet is 1,200 mm × 800 mm × 144 mm (47.2 in × 31.5 in × 5.7 in); it is a four-way pallet made of wood that is nailed with 78 special nails in a prescribed pattern. The weight of a EUR/EPAL-pallet (EPAL 1) is approx. 25 kg. Around 450-500 million EUR-pallets are in circulation

Height 144 mm (tolerance limit +10 / -0 x mm) Tunnel height (light opening between top and bottom board) 100mm (tolerance +4/0 mm) Weight approx. 25 kg Workload 1500 kg with constant load on the entire pallet Pallets Euro pallet. Height max. 2200 mm: 86 inches: Maximum pay load: 660 kg: 1455 lbs: Empty weight: 25 kg: 55 lbs: Thickness of the wood: 2 cm: An official Euro pallet is always marked using the abbreviations: EUR or DB. Block pallet. Although not an official EU sized pallet it is often used European Pallets or Euro Pallet Standard Pallet Size. The Euro pallet is a block pallet that has dimensions of 800mm by 1200mm. The pallet looks like a traditional American pallet, but it also has a box on top of the pallet that is designed to hold products in place. The general appearance of the pallet makes it look like a crude raft or boat.

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  1. 1/2 Branded markings of the European Pallet Association e.V.. 3 IPPC branded marking in accordance with the national plant protection rules (mandatory since 01/01/2010 for EPAL pallets). 4 Country code. 5 Registration number of the responsible Plant Protection Authority. 6 Method of treatment (heat treatment). 7 EPAL control staple (mandatory). 8 Repair nail (only present if the pallet is a.
  2. imize the use of floor space, so-called Pallet Wide containers exist. These non-standard containers have slightly more internal space. They are more common in Europe and can accommodate 24 or 30 Euro pallets
  3. Euro Pallet Specifications External dimensions. Outer dimensions of the wooden pallet are 1200 mm in length, 800 mm in width and 144 mm in height. It is a pallet with 4 way entrye, which can be handled with a forklift or a pallet truck by the 4 sides. Weight and Resistanc

The height of the pallet itself is usually around 144 mm., but there might be differences.. The weight each pallet can support depends on the type of material it is made of (wood, plastic, metal) and its dimensions. The typical weight capacity range is between 500kg and 2,000kg (1,100 lbs to 4,600 lbs), with plastic pallets typically maxing out at around 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs) of weight capacity. In the USA, pallets or skids can be custom-made and come in varying sizes. However, typically the standard shipping pallet sizes we encounter are: 42x48 and 48x48. The 42x42 and 40x40 pallets are also common pallet sizes for certain industries. There are also the Euro Pallets of pallets is 1,000 kg and the maximum height should not exceed 180 cm o The European (Euro-size) standard pallets which are 120 cm in length x 80 cm in width x 15 cm in height. The maximum weight that can be safely carried on a Euro-sized pallet is again 1,000kg with the maximum height

The following restrictions apply for size, weight and height for each definition: Full Pallets can be up to 2.2m high and weigh a maximum of 1,000kg (including the pallet) Light pallets can be up to 2.2m high and weigh a maximum of 750kg (including the pallet) Half pallets can be up to 1.1m high and weigh a maximum of 500kg (including the pallet In Europe the general length for International trailers, such as Tautliners, Euro liners, Mega, Box or Frigo is 13.6 metres Therefore each trailer will usually carry either 26 Standard Pallets or 33 Euro-Pallets single stacked. Height varies from 2.55 - 3.00 metres and the width is usually 2.45 metres. UK Standard Pallet Don't stack them so they hang out over the perimeter of the pallet itself. When you stack them, don't exceed 60 inches in height (or 5 feet) in total. This assures the pallet won't be overloaded and that forklift operators can operate with a standard clearance that's safe for your cargo Euro export pallets for transport to Europe. Other pallet types. There is also a wide variety of pallets made from other materials available in both standard and non-standard pallet sizes. While these pallets are not used as commonly as standard pallet sizes, they are useful for the specific applications each one is designed for Pallets must have the following measurements: 1200 mm x 1000 mm. For single pallets, the pallet height must not exceed 1.8 m (including the height of the pallet). For double-stacked pallets, the height must not exceed 3m (including the height of the pallets) and each pallet must not exceed 1.5m

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The euro pallet dimensions are 80×120 cm. The height of the EUR pallet is usually 144 cm. This number can however vary, as the pallet can reach a height up to 240 cm. Most trucks with an averagely sized trailer can carry up to 33 euro pallets before a full truckload is reached In a 20ft container you can load 11 EUR pallets or 9-10 UK standard pallets In a 40ft container you can load 23-24 EUR pallets or 20-21 UK standard pallets In a 13.6m standard trailer you can load 33 EUR pallets or 26 UK standard pallets Keep indoor pallet stacks half a metre away from any walls * Distance between stacks and walls can vary depending on the height of the stack. Fewer than 50 pallets - 7 metres, up to 200 pallets - 9 metres, over 200 pallets - 15 metres. At Plain Pallets, our secondhand wooden pallets come in a variety of different sizes and configurations Standard Euro Pallet Dimensions. European pallets, also known as EUR-pallets, Euro-pallets and EPAL-pallets, are the standard pallet size set forth by the European Pallet Association. The benefit to the European system is a the pallet for pallet exchange

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  1. • Stackable pallets are charged based on a multiple quantity of 2 (2, 4, 6, 8 pallets, etc.). • A pallet is stackable if the height of the pallet does not exceed 120 cm (incl. pallet) and the construction, packaging and / or fragility of the pallet makes it possible to stack other goods on top of it
  2. P9A Lower Deck Pallet (Equivalent to IATA Type 6) External Displacement: 242 cu ft/6.9 cu m Maximum Gross Weight: 7,000 lb/3,175 kg Maximum External Dimensions: (L x W x H) Contoured 125 x 60 x 63 317 cm x 152 cm x 160 cm . LD-11 (Equivalent to IATA Type 6) Internal Capacity: 242 cu ft/6.9 cu m Maximum Gross Weight: 7,000 lbs/3,176 k
  3. Stack height depends on the height, strength and stability of the unit loads, and the ability of the operator to see clearly. Only build taller stacks after detailed consultation with the..
  4. Recommended Euro pallet weight capacity or safe working load is 1500 kg, maximum weight limit is 4000 kg when stacking. Euro pallet height limit is? Pallet height in most cases must not exceed 1.8 m (including the height of the pallet). If pallets are double-stacked, the height must not exceed 3m (including the height of the pallets)
  5. OSHA addresses stacks of items, including pallets, in standard 1910.176(b), which states that storage of material shall not create a hazard, and that bags, containers, bundles, etc., stored in tiers shall be stacked, blocked, interlocked, and limited in height so that they are stable and secure against sliding or collapse
  6. In Europe the general length for International trailers, such as Tautliners, Euro liners, Mega, Box or Frigo is 13.6 metres Therefore each trailer will usually carry either 26 Standard Pallets or 33 Euro-Pallets single stacked Height varies from 2.55 - 3.00 metres and the width is usually 2.45 metre
  7. The 1200mm x 1000mm (39.37″ × 47.24″) pallet is better suited for export from Asia to Europe and the USA as these dimensions integrate nicely into European and US systems. Australian Pallet Sizes. The most common pallet size in Australia is 1165mm × 1165mm (45.87″ × 45.87″). It is also on the list of approved ISO Pallets

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  1. The two most numerous today are the American Grocers Manufacturers' Association pallet of 40x48 (1016x1219mm) and the European 800x1200mm EUR 1. In the UK a metric approximation to the American pallet (1000x1200mm) was eventually designated the EUR 2. There is some logic to these sizes
  2. imum 12 cm, which ensures appropriate air circulation in the container. 1 layer 23 Euro-pallets sized 800 x 1200 mm or 20 industrial pallets sized 1000 x 1200 mm Restrictions - weight limits for containers in road transport in Polan
  3. Pallet dimensions vary by country and CHEP's list of wood pallet dimensions makes it easy to understand your pallet needs. From standard US pallets, Euro pallets, half pallets, or plastic pallets, learn how CHEP can quickly supply the right shipping pallet size wherever your business operates
  4. Pallets Maximum pallet weight1 1,000 kg Pallets not accepted Maximum pallet piece dimensions (L x W x H)1 120 x 120 x 160 cm Pallets not accepted Maximum number of pallets 10 Pallets not accepted 2DHL Express accepts shipments up to 1,000 kg, containing pieces up to 300 cm in length. Individual pieces weighing more than 70 kg must be eithe
  5. Weight and height: Total weight of the pallet must not exceed 1,500 lb. Single pallets must not be higher than 72 inches, including the height of the pallet, unless a single unit is taller than 72 inches

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If the europallet is used solely for the purpose of storing goods without moving them, then its carrying capacity may reach even 4000 kg. The maximum height of a load on the pallet is 220 cm. When stacking goods on the pallet, the weight should be laid out evenly taking into account the load capacity of the pallet total working unit load limit for each pallet beam level; total working unit load limit for each bay; maximum distance from the base plate level to the first beam level and maximum distance between adjacent beam levels; There should always be some way of determining the weight of each unit load being placed into the racking. See figure 1 for an. weighing more than 70 kg larger than 2.4 m x 1.2 m x 1.5 m Ship with a pallet You can also use a pallet for smaller or lighter shipments

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The most common pallet size is 40 x 48 (i.e. the American pallet size). European pallets measure 40 x 47 approximately (i.e Euro-pallet). Australian pallets are 46 x 46 approximately. Pallet wide containers are designed to load in more number of European pallets in the container A standard pallet is 47.25″ long, 39 3/8″ wide and 5.75″ tall. Wood Pallet Sizes (Charts) Below is a set of pallet size tables that set out all the various measurements for different pallets including ISO standard pallets followed by North American, European and Australian pallets 25 pallets: 30 pallets: 27 pallets: 33 pallets: Container 40' standard: Container 40' palletwide 2.5m: Container 45' standard: Container 45' palletwide 2.5m: 21 pallets: 24 pallets: 24 pallets: 26 pallets height: 2900 mm height: 2720 mm capacity 91,07m3 europallet (1200mm x 800mm) 34 iso pallet (1200mm x 1000mm) 26 ratings max. gross weight: 34000 kgs tare weight: 4410 kgs max. payload: 29590 kgs • CAPACITY TO HANDLE 34 EURO PALLETS • OPTIONAL SELF-CLEANING WATERBORNE PAINT • MAXIMUM LOADING DOOR HEIGHT

Standard Pallet Height For Shipping. The standard pallet height for shipping is 144mm in the EU (6.5 inches in the US). Air freight has very specific height requirements for pallets as does other forms of transportation, so typically regardless of the width and length the height does not change. GMA pallets are always 6.5 inches high, while. These pallets, which are commonly used in European countries, also come in a few variations. The EURO 2 measures 1,200 mm wide by 1,000 mm long. A EURO 3 pallet flips those dimensions. Its width is 1,000 mm while its length is 1,200 mm. There are three varieties of EURO 3 pallets Once a pallet has been loaded, the pallet height limit is another area to consider when you're obtaining quotes. For a UK standard pallet, the maximum pallet height should not exceed the pallet height limit of 220cm when fully loaded, and the same goes for Euro pallets

pallet size - pallet dimension specified by stringer or stringerboard length, followed by top deckboard length and overall pallet height. For panel deck block pallets, it is the length, width, and overall pallet height. panel - a wood based structural panel, either plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) A pallet is a flat structure that is used for shipping and transport. Pallets allow commercial goods and shipping containers to be shipped in a stable fashion by giving them support so pallet jacks, forklifts, front loaders and other jacking devices can lift them. Pallets allow for efficiencies in storage and handling PALLET 1 BG 6 HOURS (411) - delivery within 6 hours of the order, made before 12:00. For areas with a Speedy pallet office. The service is available for palletized shipments with maximum weight of 1200 kg and maximum height 220 cm The European pallet was standardized in 1961 under the auspices of the International Union of Railways. As early pallets were used mostly in the railway industry, the standardization of sizes swept most other industries in Europe soon thereafter. Many European industries smartly utilized what is known as the European Pallet Pool, an agreement. 1. Leave adequate space between pallet loads. NFPA requires 6 horizontal flue space between loads. A 92 beam allows for two pallets with 6 between them and 3 between each pallet and the frames on either side. 2. respond to an estimated average of 1,210 fires in Make sure your pallets and loads are the right size for the depth of.

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  1. There are five different standard definitions for pallets: All of them have the same base size, which is 1m wide by 1.2m deep and Goods must not be bigger than this base. You are also permitted to ship on a standard 'Euro pallet' which is 1m wide by 0.8m deep. Pallets must not exceed 1,000kg in weight
  2. Pallet Weight and Size Definitions. A Full Pallet is up to 1200kg (maximum dimensions - 120 x 120 x 220cm) A Half Pallet is up to 600kg (maximum dimensions - 120 x 120 x 120cm) A Quarter Pallet is up to 300kg (maximum dimensions - 120 x 120 x 80cm
  3. Lowered fork height: 75/85mm; Maximum fork lifting height: 190/200mm; Unladen weight: 59.5kgs; Nylon wheel hand pallet jacks are more durable when compared to poly wheel equivalents. They are best suited to common warehouse applications, where loads are being transported across standard concrete or hard floors on a daily basis
  4. You can send pallets of different sizes, standard or oversized, but please be advised that the height limit is 160 cm. Also, air freight services offer a door to door option, included in the shipping cost. Can I ship both pallets and parcels by air freight? Yes, air freight services can handle both pallets and parcels
  5. The challenge: Construction of a new warehouse to store furniture transport trolleys and EUR pallets. Implementation: Consultation, planning, supply and assembly. Project details: Pallet racking to a height of 6,500 mm. Approx. 2,400 EUR-pallet spaces Approx. 1800 transport trolley spaces Special features: Various shelf depths and adjustable shelf heights for a frequentl

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  1. Wooden pallet collar for Euro pallet size, folds diagonally, with 4 hinges, effective height 200 mm Price / items (Plus VAT
  2. For international shipments, the maximum weight of a pallet may vary by destination or origin. Freight shipments over 4,400 pounds require prior authorization. Pickup or drop-off must be scheduled for each UPS Worldwide Express Freight shipment using the UPS package shipping system, ups.com or by calling 1-800-782-7892
  3. The Euro Pallet came into being in the 1960s after development by the combined railways of the European Nations (at that time consisting of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland). The International Union of Railways commissioned a common standard for a pallet to optimise the loading and unloading of railcars thus the Euro Pallet.
  4. Pallets and drums must be vertically aligned in the stack, and drums must not overhang pallet edges. Four-high: Four-high stacking (sixteen drums, four per pallet) is only recommended if conditions are ideal and all other factors have been considered. A single negative factor will limit the stack height to less than four-high

Minimum Fork Height: 85mm Maximum Fork Height: 200mm Size of Fork: 160mm X 60mm Overall Fork Width: 550mm Fork Length: 1150mm Gap between forks: 230mm Suitable for Euro Pallets. Supplied with double PU wheels as standard. Integral pump body, with all major rotating points equipped with oil free self-lubricating bearings or injection nozzles Max Pallet Height: This height caveat is based on freight forwarding height build restriction for lower deck aircraft pallet build. You can plan for higher if using an industry leading freight forwarder. Pallets that are travelling by road and sea can be built higher but you should consider the health and safety aspects of building tall pallets

Pallets. Pallet goods that are shipped with us must fit on a EUR pallet (full pallets, half pallets, quarter pallets or special pallets). Full pallet Weight: 35-1,000 kg Length: max. 120 cm Width: max. 80 cm Height: max. 220 cm within Sweden, max. 200 cm to Denmark, Norway, Finland and the rest of Europe. Half pallet Weight: 35-500 kg Length. On the below picture you can find two options showing how to fit maximum amount of euro pallets in a 40 ft container. If you want to load your 40 ft standard container with euro pallet, you should choose 24 euro pallets loading plan. 24 euro pallets fit in a 40 ft container without any problem and you will have some extra free space UK pallet size and Euro pallet size are usually the same, standardised dimensions: once the pallet measures within 120(cm) x 100(cm) x 220(cm) it is being classed as a standard pallet in the UK and Europe. Within standard UK and euro pallet dimensions, you can book a half, quarter or full pallet, depending on your needs This Euro Pallet Lift was required to elevate a standard pallet (1200 x 1000 x 1800mm High) from a ground floor level onto a mezzanine floor at a height of 4010mm. This particular Euro Pallet Lift had a 'Z' loading configuration so that the pallet was loaded at the front and unloaded at the back of the machine at the upper level 2500kg / 550mm x 1150mm STANDARD PALLET TRUCK WITH NYLON WHEELS EURO PT-04N pallet truck is manufactured to be compatible with Euro, UK and Chep pallets. It is supplied with a channel reinforced frame, German pump unit and tandem rollers as standar

Added Stack height symbol calculation Added Pallet under-hang limit Clarified slipsheet and non-standard pallet use and approval Revised SPAF Section Updated pallet load height limit Added Section 6.13 - Secondary Packaging Guidelines Updated table of contents Added hyperlink to Xerox.com J June 2011 Modified max pallet load height section 6. The maximum height of euro pallets with a load is 1.8 m. Standard pallets . The most commonly used types are EUR and FIN pallets, as described before. Here are more details: Standard pallet sizes in inches and millimeters . 1000 mm is converted as 39.37 inches. Here are some of them: Euro pallet (EUR-pallet) - 800x1200x145m

Euro Pallet (1200mm x 800mm) Fully Loaded Pallet Details: Dimensions (Height, Width, Depth) Weight; Orientation; Type of Racking: Standard Adjustable Pallet Racking; Narrow Aisle Racking; Drive In Racking; It is recommended that each rack is fitted with a load notice that clearly indicates the maximum loading of your racking ½ or ¼ pallets can always be delivered on one full Euro pallet The maximum height (incl. pallet timber) is 105 cm (CCG1) or 195 cm (CCG2). There is a maximum height of 180 cm including pallet timber for pallets delivered to specific warehouse facilities, especially Penny Markt GmbH Overall height 4m Internal length 13.62m Internal width 2.48m Internal height 2.65m front, 2.75m rear Tare 7,100kg Design gross weight 41,000kg Capacity 33 Euro pallets/26 UK standard pallets 87m3 Tautliners These are similar to the Euroliners, with sliding roofs, sliding curtains and solid rear doors but do not have side gates or side boards Chep Pallet Weight Limit Shenita Reinders May 5, 2018 Shipping pallets chep australia chep updates european pallet design wooden pallet 1200 x 1000 mm nz blue pallet 1200 x 1000 mm che A Refrigerated container, also referred to as Reefer is an intermodal shipping container used for the transportation of temperature sensitive cargo such as food items (meat, ice-cream, fruit etc) as well as non-food items, for instance flowers, pharmaceuticals and other products that require a constant chilled or frozen temperature for the duration of the transit

European (Euro-size) standard pallets are 120 cm long, 80 cm wide and 15 cm high. The maximum weight that can be safely carried on a Euro-sized pallet is 1,000 kg and the maximum height is not to exceed 180 cm A 40' container can hold up to 20 standard 48″ x 40″ pallets, 22 standard 42″ x 42″ pallets, 10 standard 48″ x 48″ pallets, 21 standard EUR2 European pallets, or 24 EURO European pallets and can be loaded to a maximum payload of 44,500 lbs. (20,865 kg). 40-Foot High Cube Container The unwritten maximum height of the packed Euro pallet is 1.8 m, which can, of course, depend on the properties of the goods/packages. 3. The goods must be attached to the pallet in a way that assures their stability until reaching the destinatio

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How much weight the pallet will need to carry during transport. A bit to us about the intended application for the reusable pallet. To place an export pallet order with us or track down additional information regarding international regulations, please contact us at 727.319.2300 or sales@reusabletranspack.com These pallets conform to standard pallet sizes developed by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA). Standard GMA sized pallet dimensions are 48″ x 40″, and can hold up to 4,600 lbs. This size pallets are often called GMA pallets. The GMA pallet's typically weighs 37 lbs., and its height is 6 ½ tall. The deck boards measure 3 ½.

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If you need long or wide pallet collars and dividers we are able to produce any non standard size. With a custom collar you can fit any pallet. Pallet collar height is restricted only by hinge lenght which can vary from 100 to 400 mm The height of each storage level, measured from the floor to the top side of each beam. Beam pitches for Dexion pallet racking are 76.2mm (3 inches) for MK3 Speedlock or 50mm for Dexion P90, therefore beams can only be located at these intervals. E.g. if you have 3 beam levels we need to know the exact heights of each beam

Don-Bur 'Wedge' Double Deck trailers provide operators with full height loading on both decks, capable of achieving deck clearances of up to 1928mm (6' 4) and a 52 UK pallet capacity on all types Pallet collars can be manufactured to fit any size of pallet. They can also be stencilled with your company name or logo or painted in any colour to suit your requirements. As pallets collars are manufactured from Kiln Dried Heat Treated timber they comply with the ISPM 15 regulations

EURO pallet type Dimensions (W × L × D) ISO pallet alternative EUR EUR 1 31.50 in × 47.24 in × 5.71 in ISO1, same size as EUR. The pallet weight is 20 - 25 kg. Weight of a load: 2490 kg. EUR 2 47.24 in × 39.37 in × 5.67 in ISO2. The pallet weight is 33 kg. Weight of a load: 1470 kg. EUR 3 39.37 in × 47.24 in × 5.67 i Pallet calculation. How many cartons fit on a pallet? Free callulator to find out the number of packages on one pallet. Calculate an optimal utilization of the pallet. Note the maximum weight per pallet. By Euro-Pallet it is 1000kg

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Pallet LPR, new or repaired, is in accordance with the standards applicable to the wooden pallets. They are unitarily checked in every rotation, and where necessary, restorations according to clearly specified requirements. Specifications LENGTH (L) : 1200 ±10 mm WIDTH (W) : 1000 ±10 mm HEIGHT (H): 162 ±10 m 1500 (EUR pallet) Number of programs: 0: Maximum wrapping height (mm): depending on operator: Pallets size LxW (mm): 1200x800: Pallet's height reading: no: Turntable speed regulation Soft START: no (contactor) Pre-stretching device: no: Turntable speed (rpm): 10: Turntable load (kg): 1200: Machine dimensions LxW (mm): 2350x1490: Operating. Flatbed (FL) Carrier Dimensions See More Info. Length: 48 feet Height: 8'6 (102) Maximum Lading Weight: 46-48,000 lbs Can contain 24 unstacked GMA Pallets (48 x 40 The RHA has confirmed it would like to see a reduced maximum pallet weight applied to tail-lift deliveries right across the road haulage sector - not just among pallet networks.. Commenting on the decision by pallet network Palletline to limit the maximum weight of pallets it takes for tail-lift delivery to 750kg from October, and on more general consideration of the problem since by the.

How many pallets fit on a truck: in a 24, 40, 45, 48, 53

You can fit 10 euro pallets (80cmx120cm) in a 20ft reefer container. How many standard pallets can be fitted in a 20 ft reefer container? You can fit 9 standard pallets (100cmx120cm) in a 20ft reefer container. 40' Standard Reefer Container: This container has the 11,563mm internal length, 2,294mm internal width and 2,161mm internal height. Wooden pallet frames from TREYER are a very flexible packaging solution, perfectly suited for storage purposes and transport packaging. Alongside the standard design in a Euro pallet format with a height of 200 mm, the length, width, height and hinge design of pallet frames can be individually adapted - enabling flexible special solutions for safe transport Euro Pallet Dimensions 1200mm x 800mm x 144mm; Weight Rated to 1.5 Tonnes; Also known as the EUR-pallet EPAL-pallet—is the standard European Pallet as specified by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). It is a four-way pallet made of wood that is nailed with 78 special nails in a prescribed pattern. The weight of a Euro Pallet is approx. 25 kg Stack up to 50 pallets in 8 feet! No nails to worry about. 1,200 x 800 mm most common pallet size in European markets

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Pallet shapes and sizes The footprint sizes of a standard pallet are 1.2 by 1.0 metres. (we accept smaller pallets, provided they can lifted by an FLT truck) The height of the pallet and its weight will have a bearingRead more Pallet shapes and sizes 20 years of experience 1.500.000 pallets sold per year CEE region coverage Permanent stock WOOD PRODUCTS EUR-EPAL pallets Quality: New and Used Size: 800 x 1.200 x 144 mm Loading capacity: 1500 kg Production according to: UIC-435-2 Material poplar and pinewood Other specification: Heat treatment (ISPM 15) EURO-pallets produced by EPAL licensed manufacturers are inspecte Choose from our selection of pallets, stackable pallets, plastic spill-control pallets, and more. In stock and ready to ship

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Select Pallet for a single piece shipment that weighs more than 70 kg (150 lbs.) and is placed on a shipping pallet, or for multi-piece shipments where every individual piece is over 70 kg (150 lbs.) and placed on a pallet. Each element should be placed on a Euro pallet and should not exceed the following dimensions: Width: 80cm; Length: 120cm; Height: 200cm; with a maximum weight of 1000 kg A 40' Pallet Wide container can hold 30 Euro-pallets in one tier (5 more than an standard 40') or 24 Standard Pallets in one tier (3 more than a standard 40') Internal length 12.0

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120 ÷ 40 = 3 pallets will be needed for this order. Practice 2: You receive a packing order for 280 cases of item #102. The case dimensions for this item are 13 L x 10.5 W x 15 H. The maximum pallet height for the truck delivering this order is 6.5 feet. a. What is the total number of cases you can fit on one layer of a 48 x 40. Models incorporate either polystyrene or VIP's, water or PCM coolants in single or double configurations, in 3 different sizes (narrow bodied aircraft, half height, full height).CoolPall™ Flex is designed to ensure maximum protection and ease of pack out through the use of common components Our Pallet Collars are a quick and versatile means of creating strong transport containers using standard pallets. Advantages of Pallet Collars: ISPM 15 compliant; Height tailored to your requirements - use one or multiples to achieve various heights; Suitable for block stacking to fully optimise for load spac FHG IPP Logipal pallets always remain the property of FHG IPP Logipal. Rating 1500 kg maximum uniformly distributed and properly racked. Not to exceed 6000 kg when stacking loaded pallets. Water based paint that complies with the relevant European legislation. Controlled range of quality softwood timber. Painted in FHG IPP LOGIPAL brick brown

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Minimum Fork Height: 85mm Maximum Fork Height: 200mm Size of Fork: 160mm X 60mm Overall Fork Width: 540mm Fork Length: 1150mm Suitable for Euro Pallets Top quality pallet truck with a slow lowering hand control, 3 position lever, providing fingertip control. Grease fittings are fitted at key points Euro pallet box. Manufactured in-house from 200KT/BC flute corrugated cardboard. Used with euro sized pallets. Three part product consisting of a base, cap and sleeve. Designed for international shipping. 1200mm x 1050mm x 800mm

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